SIP Front End Bundler for WooCommerce


The revolutionary WooCommerce plugin that can increase your conversion rate and boost your revenue per customer at the same time

SIP Front End Bundler for WooCommerce is the only full-featured front end bundle maker for WooCommerce
with a modern look and powerful features.

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Bundles are a great way to increase revenue for your store. However, most bundle plugins require you to predefine the items in the bundle and the discounts applied to them. These are saved as new products in WooCommerce.

But what if the visitor want a different kind of bundle? Or maybe a different quantity per product?

Wouldn’t be better to let them choose the items and quantities they want to bundle while you set up rules on how offers are applied? That’s exactly how the SIP Front End Bundler for WooCommerce work.

How can SIP Front End Bundler for WooCoomerce help you increase revenue?

The plugin is packaged with the following features:

  • Let visitors make their own customized bundle. SIP Front End Bundler for WooCoomerce is different from other bundle plugins in that it lets your customers customize their own bundles. You only have to select what items might be included together with with rules on how offers are applied. Let your customers decide the rest!
  • Real-time offer and price display as customer add items. Customers love offers, and with this plugin they won’t get enough of them. Display big, bold and juicy offers instantly as customers keep adding products to the bundle.
  • Shop from one place, any place. Unlike other bundle plugins, with SIP Front End Bundler for WooCommerce you can embed the bundle selection in any page you want. You can display the SIP Front End Bundler for WooCommerce right from the sales page. Not only it gives you more freedom to customize, you will increase your conversion rate by saving customer having to click and scroll back and forth.
  • Optimised For Mobile. We have adapted the plugin for mobile devices.
  • Offer rules based on cart value.
  • Many more features. One click to add/remove products, Out of stock notifications, bypass cart after selection, etc.

Get the PRO version – Even more features!

This plugin it’s a free edition of the plugin SIP Front End Bundler for WooCommerce. Although the free version
is full-featured and you can create unlimited amazing bundles, the PRO version provides more features:

2 extra awesome designs

Product variation selection from the bundler

Product quantity selection

Make offers based on quantities of a certain product or total products rather than cart value

Define minimum and maximum products to be bought per bundle

Customize messages shown with each offer

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Once the plugin is installed and activated, click on the icon “SIP Plugins” that will appear in the left hand side menu.

Once you create your bundles, you can display them with the shortcode [sip_front_end_bundler id=”1″] (Where ‘1’ is the ID of the bundle you want to display) in any post or page.

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Install and activate the plugin.
You will find ‘SIP Plugins’ menu in your WordPress admin panel.

Usage is explained in the plugin backend.


Does the plugin create a new product type bundle?

No, this plugin works with existing products without creating new ones.

How does the bundler create offers?

This plugin create coupons automatically based on rules you define.

What is a customer creates a bundle and then remove products from the cart, will the offer still apply?

No, we have made the bundler in a way that does not allow to use coupons unless the rules you set are satisfied, even if the user attempts to modify the cart after the bundle have been selected.

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Contributors & Developers

“SIP Front End Bundler for WooCommerce” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.



1.1.0 – 06/20/2018

  • Fixed Checkout url redirect

1.0.9 – 04/29/2017

  • Fixed jQuery cookie function error

1.0.8 – 03/08/2016

  • Fixed jQuery cookie function error

1.0.7 – 08/27/2016

  • Added multi site support

1.0.6 – 08/18/2016

  • Fixed price after discount

1.0.5 – 07/13/2016

  • Fixed coupon error notices in cart
  • Fixed allow float value

1.0.4 – 06/26/2016

in bundler
* Added Bundler selection is now saved through cookies
* Fixed error notices in cart
* Fixed bundler z-index

1.0.3 – 05/31/2016

  • Added notice if coupon is not enabled in settings

1.0.2 – 03/18/2016

  • Updated SIP panel to version 1.0.3

1.0.1 – 12/04/2015

  • Fixed error notices in admin section


  • Initial release