Sina Extension for Elementor


This is an extension for Elementor page builder. It will extend the Elementor and increase web page building experience. It has 35+ useful & high-quality widgets. Which you may use for easy & fast make the page & display your content far better way.

Use of Sina Templates


  • 36 free elements.
  • Options panel for enable/disable elements.
  • Easy to use
  • Details Customisation ability
  • 100+ Fully Responsive predefined Blocks & Pages.
  • Free Support through the forum & in our support desk.

What can you do by this plugin?

You can make unlimited design without coding knowledge.
See demo


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  1. Accordion: Use accordion for display FAQ or custom content that you want.
  2. Banner Slider: Add an animated text or image slider into your web page.
  3. Blogpost: Show your blog posts with grid, masonry or list.
  4. Brand Carousel: Display clients logo in a carousel.
  5. Contact Form: Use contact form with lots of style.
  6. Content Box: Display services or custom content that you want.
  7. Content Slider: You can slide any content with that. Also can sliding any template. Enjoy!
  8. Countdown: Add countdown timer into your web page.
  9. Counter: Show number with animate counting.
  10. Dynamic Button: Add a button as a static or dynamic (page, category, tag or post formate).
  11. Fancy Text: Use animated text with 45+ animation effects.
  12. Flip Box: Show animated Flip Box to highlight any content on your web page.
  13. Google Map: Add Google map with API key into the web page.
  14. Image Differ: Compare two images for seeing the difference between before and after. Also you can use vertical & horizontal orientation.
  15. Login Form: Add an attractive & custom login form anywhere into your web page.
  16. MailChimp: Add MailChimp form for subscribing the users.
  17. Modal Box: Display any template (which made by the Elementor) into a modal box with 45+ animation effects.
  18. News Ticker: Show scrolling post or news title.
  19. Particle Layer: Use particle layer with lots of style, layout & more.
  20. Piechart: Works the same as the Counter, but with a circle.
  21. Portfolio: Display your works just by few clicks.
  22. Posts Carousel: Latest posts display into a carousel as full width or grid.
  23. Posts Tab: Show your latest posts in a tab.
  24. Pricing: Add pricing for display your services rate.
  25. Product Zoomer: Add multiple images of product for zoom in.
  26. Progressbar: Display progress bars with different styles.
  27. Review Carousel: Show what others said about your brand.
  28. Search Form: Display search form for searching the users.
  29. Social Icons: Add your social icons like Facebook / Twitter etc.
  30. Table: Use table for showing your expected data.
  31. Team: Add your team members just a few clicks.
  32. Title: Use title, subtitle & description anywhere into your web page.
  33. Transform: Display content by transforming in the different dimensions.
  34. User Counter: Display how many users registered.
  35. Video: Show a video in a popup.
  36. Visit Counter: Display how many users visit the page.

Cool things are coming soon…


  1. Chart: Display your company statistics within a chart (bar, pie, line etc.)
  2. Hover Image: Show an image with attractive hover effects.
  3. Image Accordion: Display content and images with a new way!
  4. Image Marker: Mention or highlight specific area of an image.
  5. Offcanvas Bar: Show your expected content into a offcanvas sidebar.
  6. Register Form: Add a register form anywhere into your web page.
  7. Section Navigation: To navigate the sections within a page add the fixed navigation.
  8. Tab: Display any content within a tab that you want.
  9. Testimonial: Show the testimonials into an interactive carousel.
  10. Toggle Content: Display any content within a toggle tab.


  1. Colors Animation: Comming Soon
  2. Content Protection: Comming Soon
  3. Reading Progressbar: Comming Soon



Note: This is an extension for Elementor. So make sure you have Elementor ( installed.

  1. Upload the plugin folder to the /wp-content/plugin/ directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress
  3. You can type “Sina” on your element tabs within Elementor editor and all the available elements will appear.
  4. Also, you can see them under the category “Sina Extension” on your element/widget list.


Can I use the plugin without Elementor Page Builder?

No. You can’t use without Elementor since it’s an extension for Elementor.

Can I use it free?

Yes. It’s totally free.


September 1, 2019
In the meantime, I use this plugin on several sites. It works smooth and perfect. Okay, I do not use all of the many features, but those one I use work without any problems with the themes OceanWP, Astra, Sydney and Neve. They are 100 % responsive and do not slow down the page speed on my sites. It is the best Extension-Bundle for Elementor I found out there. Thank you for developing!
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Contributors & Developers

“Sina Extension for Elementor” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.



3.1.9 – 15-01-2020

  • Added: Auto show option to Modal Box
  • Improved

3.1.8 – 07-01-2020

  • Improved

3.1.7 – 24-12-2019

  • Added: Inline editing re-implemented to some widgets

3.1.6 – 05-12-2019

  • Improved: Tooltip
  • Fixed: Some css issue

3.1.5 – 25-11-2019

  • Added: Some options to some widgets
  • Added: Dynamic content to all the widgets

3.1.4 – 07-11-2019

  • Added: Some options to Blogpost
  • Added: Some options to Pricing
  • Added: Some option to Modal Box
  • Added: Icofont (2000+ icons)

3.1.3 – 28-10-2019

  • Added: Some options to Portfolio
  • Added: Icon option to Progressbar
  • Added: Number gradient option to Counter
  • Added: Number gradient option to Piechart

3.1.2 – 20-10-2019

  • Added: Sorting options to Table
  • Added: Background hover effects to Some widgets
  • Added: Some options to Some widgets
  • Fixed: Some minor issue

3.1.1 – 12-10-2019

  • Added: Multi-color options to Accordion & Countdown
  • Added: Some options to Blogpost & all the form fields

3.1.0 – 04-10-2019

  • New: Login Form
  • New: Image Differ
  • Added: Some blocks to library
  • Changed: Enable/Disable options panel UI
  • Fixed: Some minor issue

3.0.10 – 08-09-2019

  • Added: Tooltip option to Banner Slider & Particle Layer Buttons
  • Added: Translate option to Transform
  • Added: Animation Speed option to Modal Box

3.0.9 – 25-08-2019

  • Fixed: Widgets enable/disable issue

3.0.8 – 23-08-2019

  • Fixed: Some minor issues

3.0.7 – 23-08-2019

  • Added: Some option to Content Slider
  • Added: Some option to All buttons
  • Added: Animation option for Slider & Carousel

3.0.6 – 20-08-2019

  • Added: Animation option to Slider & Carousel
  • Added: Center option to Slider & Carousel
  • Added: Link option to Flip Box
  • Improved

3.0.5 – 16-08-2019

  • Added: Read More to Blogpost
  • Added: Button to Content Box
  • Added: Some option to Video

3.0.4 – 12-08-2019

  • Added: Some option to Portfolio
  • Added: Some option to Particle Layer
  • Added: Some option to Social Icons
  • Improved

3.0.3 – 10-08-2019

  • Added: Some option to Fancy Text
  • Added: Some option to Posts Tab
  • Added: Some option to Product Zoomer
  • Added: Some option to Title
  • Improved

3.0.2 – 08-08-2019

  • Added: Some option to Content Box
  • Added: Some option to Flip Box
  • Added: Some option to Progress bar
  • Added: Some option to Team
  • Added: Some option to Transform
  • Added: Some option to Video
  • Improved

3.0.1 – 05-08-2019

  • Added: Some option to Content Box
  • Added: Some option to Accordion
  • Added: Some option to Counter
  • Added: Some option to Dynamic Button

3.0.0 – 30-07-2019

  • New: Template options
  • Added: More options to Slider & Carousel navigation
  • Changed: Banner Slider & Particle Layer structure
  • Changed: Core functionality rewrite
  • Improved

2.3.1 – 11-07-2019

  • Added: Post excerpt & post content to Posts Carousel
  • Added: Show item option to Brand Carousel
  • Added: Title span to Title for multi-color title
  • Added: Background option to Pricing
  • Improved: Content Box & Pricing effects option
  • Optimized

2.3.0 – 1-07-2019

  • New: Dynamic Button
  • New: Social Icons
  • Added: Lots of options to some widgets
  • Added: MailChimp API key option
  • Fixed: Some issues
  • Removed: MailChimp link option & jquery.ajaxchimp.min.js
  • Improved & optimized
    NOTE: It’s a major release of this plugin. Some widgets has been changed. So, please review your site after update.

2.2.2 – 22-06-2019

  • Fixed: Piechart browser issue
  • Fiexd: Blogpost height
  • Added: Navigation top option to all Slider & Carousel
  • Added: Inline & Margin option to User Counter & Visit Counter
  • Improved
    NOTE: Some widgets has been changed. So, please review your site after update.

2.2.1 – 19-06-2019

  • Fixed: Path issue

2.2.0 – 15-06-2019

  • New: Modal Box
  • New: Posts Carousel
  • Added: List option to Blogpost
  • Added: Custom email to Contact Form
  • Added: Progressbar number based
  • Added: Blogpost pagination button width
  • Fixed: Blogpost pagination Spacing
  • Removed: Inline editing from some widgets
  • Improved

2.1.2 – 8-06-2019

  • Fixed: Contact Form mail
  • Fixed: Google Map API key

2.1.1 – 31-05-2019

  • Fixed: Slider issue for RTL
  • Fixed: Piechart value

2.1.0 – 16-05-2019

  • New: Table
  • New: Transform
  • Added: Some control to various widgets
  • Fixed: Some minor issue
  • Improved
    NOTE: Some widgets layout has been changed. So, please review your site after update.

2.0.0 – 21-04-2019

  • New: Content Slider
  • New: Title
  • Added: Widgets disable option panel
  • Added: Rollback to previous version
  • Added: Default value for various widgets
  • Added: Some control to various widgets
  • Fixed: Some minor issue
  • Optimized
  • Improved
    NOTE: It’s a major release of this plugin. So, please review your site after update.

1.2.4 – 18-03-2019

  • Improved

1.2.3 – 16-03-2019

  • Fixed: Blank issue

1.2.2 – 16-03-2019

  • Fixed: Some minor issue

1.2.1 – 29-01-2019

  • Added: Category sorting functionality to Posts Tab
  • Improved

1.2.0 – 27-01-2019

  • New: Posts Tab
  • New: Search Form
  • Improved

1.1.1 – 03-01-2019

  • Added: Order & sorting functionality to Blogpost
  • Added: Contact Form button width
  • Added: Image functionality to Pricing
  • Added: Ribbon functionality to Pricing
  • Added: Ribbon functionality to Content Box
  • Improved

1.1.0 – 21-12-2018

  • New: Product Zoomer
  • New: News Ticker
  • Improved

1.0.3 – 03-12-2018

  • Fixed: Some minor issue

1.0.2 – 30-11-2018

  • Added: Templates option to Accordion
  • Added: Templates option to Content Box
  • Changed: Icon box has been changed to Content Box
  • Improved

1.0.1 – 27-11-2018

  • Added: sina-particles js
  • Improved: Particle layer


Initial stable release