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Simple Subscribe

Simple Subscribe is the subscribe plugin you have been waiting for. It's simple to use, yet powerful, bulletproof and developers friendly. Automa


  • ReadyGraph Bug Fixes
  • ReadyGraph Banner on plugin pages


  • Synch subscribers with readygraph if you are connected


  • Bug Fix - disable popup


  • GUI change
  • Tutorial
  • FAQ included


  • Uninstall Readygraph Option
  • Daily digest
  • Real time post update to all the subscribers


  • Popup customization templates selection
  • Performance update for faster javascript load.
  • updated signup form information


  • 2-way synchronization with readygraph popup
  • Performance update for faster javascript load.


  • Integrated ReadyGraph functionality.

  • Christmas bugfix, settings not being injected in API call. Merry happy!


  • Subscription confirmation url in text format as well, for e-mail clients that strip HTML links
  • Added option to select backlink url on Confrimation screen, (if a static page is selected as posts page)
  • Added option to change e-mail background colour


  • You can select post digest Category now
  • Better log message handeling - you can delete individual messages, instead of just clearing all.
  • Better admin css for mobile devices
  • Ability to change screen options and number of displayed subscribers on page.
  • Added Google+, Tumblr and Flickr to social links in e-mail template.
  • Other tiny features


  • Modified theme for new WordPress 3.8 admin, and Twenty Fourteen
  • Added Widget settings (Title) (thanks to Elaine)
  • Fixed small typos (thanks to Elaine)
  • Removed email "To:" parameter, all e-mails now go thru Bcc only (thanks to Anders)
  • Longer excerpt, using WordPress Excerpt if there is, or making custom one from post content if there isn't (thanks to Elaine)
  • New settings added, choose your post digest "Subject" (thanks to Victoria)
  • Fixed Subscription confirmation e-mail link - underlined now.

  • Hopefully last of the small updates, fixing activation / deactivation hooks and uninstall. I'm so sorry guys!

  • Empty subject bug-fix fallback.

  • Older PHP failsafe message - preventing PHP error failure on installations with PHP lower than 5.3.1

  • Better e-mail handeling. (memorywise)

  • (Bug)fix, now using Bcc instead of Cc for mass emails.


  • Newly you can e-mail subscribers directly, either using admin form, or clicking "E-mail directly" in subscribers listing
  • Mass e-mail All Subscribers / All WordPress Registered / All Non-wordpress Registered / Single subscriber with your news!
  • Slightly changed admin styles.


  • Added an otpion to add WordPress Registered users to subscription list (This one is for you Carl!)
  • WordPress registered users get the option to unsubscribe from their profile - might have caused problems when using unsubsription form on website with WordPress registered user's e-mail.
  • Changed codebase, better code handeling, autoloading - faster excecution
  • Added Message Log - by default it's on, you can turn off - but, it hodls ipmortant messages about cron jobs, possible server failure of e-mail sending, and in future e-mail queue.
  • Few other small bits, not really visible (in code)

  • Minor bugfix, user profile meta.


  • Added option to deactivate wordpress registered users from subscription
  • E-mail template settings on it's own page
  • Added option to choose what happends, after user unsubscription (delete user, or deactivate?)
  • Added theming options of e-mail template (header background colour, title colour, links colour)
  • Added e-mail type (html / plain text)
  • Added e-mail digest type (Short Excerpt / Short Excerpt with Featured Image / Whole Post)
  • Added option for setting up custom blog name / email
  • Small speed enhancements


  • Added option for WordPress registered users to use subscription.
  • Added Additional form fields that can be set from Admin (First Name, Last Name, Age, Interests, Location).
  • Added .XML export.
  • Added .XLS export.
  • Added .CSV export.
  • Added .TSV export.
  • Added Subscribe Widget
  • Added Unsubscribe Widget
  • Added Subscribe Shortcode [simpleSubscribeForm]
  • Added Unsubscribe Shortcode [simpleUnsubscribeForm]
  • First concept version.

Requires: 3.3 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.1.1
Last Updated: 2015-2-24
Active Installs: 10,000+


3.8 out of 5 stars


2 of 21 support threads in the last two months have been resolved.

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