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Simple Staff List

A simple plugin to build and display a staff listing for your website.


  • UPDATED: Added translation support. (Thanks to grappler on GitHub)
  • UPDATED: Added some template tags to make it easier to access staff member data on a single staff member page (single-staff-member.php) - github pull request #2 from patrickhempel
  • UPDATED: Added option to set a custom URL slug and taxonomy name - github pull request #4 from kaymmm
  • BUGFIX: Fixed a ton of PHP Notices - github issue #2 from asacolips
  • BUGFIX: Menu Icon in WordPress 3.8+


  • UPDATED: Added Facebook and Twitter fields for Staff Members
  • UPDATED: Added support for WYSIWYG editor for Staff Bio.
  • UPDATED: Added support for shortcodes within Staff Loop Template and/or Staff Bio field.
  • UPDATED: Removed HTML comments that caused some themes to add an extra


p> tag. * BUGFIX: Added post-thumbnail support for 'staff-member' custom post type. Themes that only added post-thumbnail support for 'posts' weren't able to save featured images. * BUGFIX: Fixed a rare bug that caused an error on some hosting setups ("Can't Resolve Host" error).


  • UPDATED: Now I check to make sure the theme supports post thumbnails and display a warning message on the Add/Edit screen
  • UPDATED: Minor CSS fix for admin screens


  • NOTE: If you like using my plugin and want to make sure I can still devote some time to updating it with new features, why not head over to my website and make a donation? I'd really appreciate it!!
  • FEATURE: Users now have the option to write their custom CSS to an external file (on by default). This allows Multisite users to write their custom styles inline.
  • UPDATED: You can now use either the group name (i.e. "My Cool Group") OR the group slug (i.e. "my-cool-group") in the Simple Staff List shortcode.
  • UPDATED: Passing an empty or non-existent group name no longer results in returning all staff members
  • BUGFIX: Fixed bug where the Staff Loop Template and the Staff Page CSS boxes were blank on initial install...for real this time, guys.


  • UPDATED: Staff Loop Template tags now include [staff-name-slug] returns the slug of the staff member to allow specific targeting of staff members.
  • BUGFIX: Fixed bug where the Staff Loop Template and the Staff Page CSS boxes were blank on initial install.


  • BUGFIX: Fixed minor bug which caused groups to not function properly. My bad.


  • FEATURE: You can now sort your Staff Members into Groups! To display different groups just add a Staff Group in Staff Members > Groups then add group='YOUR-GROUP-NAME' to the [simple-staff-list] shortcode.
  • FEATURE: You can now add a class to the staff-member container! To add a class just add wrap_class='YOUR-CLASS-NAME' to the [simple-staff-list] shortcode.
  • FEATURE: The plugin now saves your custom CSS to an external file in your theme's directory so you can edit it on the "Templates" page OR in your favorite code editor.
  • UPDATED: Updated default Staff Loop Template and default styling to make your Staff Directory look nicer out-of-the-box.
  • BUGFIX: Trashing a Staff Member no longer causes member information to be lost.
  • BUGFIX: Removed the automatic phone number formatting. My apologies to any non-U.S. users.
  • Other minor tweaks/performance enhances.


  • BUGFIX: Corrects a plugin option naming inconsistency which resulted in empty boxes on the Templates page


  • I incorrectly tagged release version 1.0 and, as a result, not all files were included in version 1.0 of Simple Staff List.
  • This version adds those required files back into the package.


  • Initial Plugin Launch

Requires: 3.0 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.1.8
Last Updated: 9 months ago
Active Installs: 9,000+


4.7 out of 5 stars


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