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Social Bookmarks

Social Bookmarks adds icons to your posts and/or pages that allow your visitors to easily submit them on social bookmarking and network sites.


  • Maintenance: Added text domain and domain path as well as correcting the domain name


  • Enhancement: Added internationalisation


  • Maintenance: Updated support forum link


  • Maintenance: Added Microsoft's So.cl


  • Maintenance: Fixed Google+ AddThis link - it would be helpful if AddThis documentation was correct!
  • Maintenance: AddThis has withdrawn their bookmark to their own site! Removed and replaced with a URL script that will do it instead!


  • Bug: Key used for caching wasn't using the final URL and title, but only the one passed (if one was passed) - this mean that the same cache could be used for multiple posts


  • Bug: Deprecated functions hadn't been included


  • Maintenance: Brought code up to standards, including splitting code
  • Maintenance: Reviewed all bookmark services from scratch. There are now 275 services and 33 tools. Add to Bookmarks, Google+ and Pinterest have been added as defaults
  • Maintenance: Modified some of the code in preperation for the next big release
  • Enhancement: Plugin would not work on WP before version 3. Improved this to 2.6 and documented
  • Enhancement: Default image folder is now wp-content/social-bookmarks
  • Enhancement: Added option to not have short URL generated
  • Enhancement: Added Google Analytics tracking
  • Enhancement: Added option to add to your own bookmarks (service name bookmark)
  • Enhancement: Added caching of output


  • Added child theme compatibility - users own icon folder can be added to the child theme
  • Fixed Google+ - previous link was a temporary solution after Google+ was initially released


  • Enhancement: Added Elefanta.pl, Fresqui, Gamekicker, Google+, Hao Hao Report, Hellotxt, Hyves, LaTafanera, Link-a-go-go, meinVZ, Netvouz, NewsTrust, She Told Me, Sportpost, Springpad, Strands, Tagmarks.de, Tagza, Techmeme and Zilei. There are now 238 services available


  • Bug: Corrected ampersand in AddToAny URL to ensure code is XHTML valid
  • Enhancement: If no short URL is specified the WordPress shortlink will be used
  • Enhancement: Ability to specify own titles as well as URL
  • Enhancement: Added a shortcode option


  • Maintenance: Another re-write of the base code
  • Maintenance: Split bookmark service definition function to a separate file
  • Maintenance: Improved the instructions and spell checked them for once!
  • Enhancement: There are now 218 bookmarking services and 23 tools available
  • Enhancement: Now uses AddToAny, AddThis and Shareaholic for the majority of links
  • Enhancement: Removed use of Simple URL Shortener plugin - you now pass the shortened URL yourself, allowing any shortening plugin to be used
  • Enhancement: Output HTML comments containing plugin information
  • Enhancement: Added new parameter - priority - to allow user to give priority to one sharing service
  • Enhancement: New default icons
  • Enhancement: Existing icon filenames changed (ffeed is now friendfeed, ybuzz is now yahoobuzz, gbuzz is now googlebuzz and print is now printfriendly)
  • Enhancement: The bookmark service previously named ping.fm is now named pingfm
  • Enhancement: Removed Twitter text parameter (no longer used) and replaced with the ability to pass a shortened URL
  • Enhancement: Propeller has been removed as it is no longer available
  • Enhancement: Separated bookmarks and tools - added optional new separator icon
  • Enhancement: Used smush.it to compress images (23% average reduction)
  • Enhancement: The default is now for REL=NOFOLLOW to be on for all links generated to ensure maximum SEO optimisation.
  • Enhancement: The default for the target is now for it not to be specified (and therefore be XHTML valid)
  • Enhancement: Added a default CLASS to all elements plus an ID to the images
  • Enhancement: Added basic animation effect, allowing you to switch between two images


  • Maintenance: Re-written base code
  • Maintenance: Help file re-written
  • Enhancement: Added LOTS of new social services


  • Enhancement: Added new, official, link for Google Buzz


  • Enhancement: Icon folders are now stored in the theme directory, to prevent them from being deleted whenever the plugin is updated
  • Enhancement: API key and user details can now be passed to shortening services
  • Enhancement: Added new 'default' parameter setting - this should not impact existing installation unless you've explicitly requested 'default=on'


  • Enhancement: Added Yahoo! Bookmarks, Yahoo! Buzz and Google Buzz to the list of providers. By default these will be turned off (including using the default=on option) so as to not to suddenly appear on existing installs


  • Enhancement: Use different encoding for email links
  • Enhancement: Added Technorati to the list of providers. By default this will be turned off (including using the default=on option) so as to not to suddenly appear on existing installs.


  • Maintenance: Removed caching, as this is now handled by Simple URL Shortener. Please ensure you update to the latest version of this plugin to ensure that caching continues to work - once you know it does, the cache folder for this plugin can be removed
  • Maintenance: Tidied code and updated shared functions
  • Enhancement: Added additional parameter - cache=


  • Enhancement: Updated default icons to a set kindly provided by komodomedia.com (With the exception of the AddToAny and Ping.FM icons)
  • Enhancement: Added AddToAny, Ping.fm, Google Bookmarks, Google Reader and email to the list of providers. By default these will be turned off so as to not to suddenly appear on existing installs and cause problems!
  • Enhancement: Further improvement to blog title issues
  • Enhancement: Removed URL shortening on all services with the exception of Twitter, as it was not required and may have even have caused some issues (such as some services not being able to get hold of thumbnails and general page content).
  • Enhancement: Now using Simple URL Shortener plugin to provide URL shortening
  • Enhancement: Caching of short URLs now takes place providing large performance improvements
  • Enhancement: NOFOLLOW and TARGET parameters added
  • Enhancement: Compressed default icons


  • Bug: Fixed issue with ampersands (and probably other characters) in the blog title causing linking issues
  • Enhancement: Added su.pr as another URL shortening service


  • Enhancement: Now XHTML compliant


  • Initial release

Requires: 2.6 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.3.9
Last Updated: 1 year ago
Active Installs: 3,000+


5 out of 5 stars


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