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Simple Page Tester

Run A/B Split Tests in WordPress without having to edit code.


  • Bugfix: Fix formatting on side options panel on test edit screen
  • Feature: Add global notice dismissal function to mark admin notices as properly dismissed
  • Feature: Add notice to inform about automatic WooCommerce tracking in Premium if WooCommerce is installed


  • Bugfix: Fixing more logic conditional problems with force same there uncovered by the previous fix (thanks Jeong)


  • Bugfix: Fixing logic error in force same functionality which could see the same variation being shown to all users in some cases


  • Bugfix: Prevent undefined variable warnings on test edit screen (thanks Baden)
  • Bugfix: Fixing IP address retrieval warning
  • Bugfix: Check chart data exists before printing it


  • Feature: Introduced a new session handler to allow us greater flexibility in support different types of handlers for tracking visitors
  • Feature: Compatibility with the WP Session Manager plugin to allow for hosts that don't support native PHP sessions (like WP Engine)


  • Feature: Provide callable function for retrieving variation IDs in an array for exclusion in the template loops


  • Bug Fix: Exclude 'post' posts from the loop if they are involved in a test


  • Bug Fix: Fixing php notice on force same option on back end
  • Bug Fix: Fixing $post undefined notice on test edit screen
  • Bug Fix: Redirection should only happen on non-archive pages (thanks Lindsey)


  • Bug Fix: Removing debug trace accidentally left in from previous version


  • Bug Fix: Fixing old reference to mysql filtering function, switched to using internal WP function esc_sql as it was causing issues on some server setups


  • Feature: Adding hook after non-redirect situations on redirection routine


  • Bug Fix: Force same should store session data relative to split test ID to cover cases where multiple tests are being run
  • Bug Fix: Force same tests don't need to redirect if they're already on the master page (thanks Ray)
  • Bug Fix: Fix for view statistics clearing during post save in some edge case scenarios
  • Bug Fix: Pass the test ID to after redirect hook
  • Feature: New test page to menu with instructions on how to start a new test
  • Feature: Reset statistics button
  • Feature: Pause test button, redirects all traffic to Master and doesn't record statistics
  • Feature: Move master and variation into same graph
  • Feature: Introduced types, default is Page (new test Shortcode test type in Premium)
  • Feature: Display more data on the list screen (test type & statistics to start with)


  • Adding after save hook during split test post save


  • Correctly duplicate meta values from master post to variation
  • Harden up some access points throughout the plugin (thanks Ry)


  • Released free version of Simple Page Tester on WordPress.org. Let the games begin :)


  • Compatibility with WordPress 3.8. Updating plugin to use proper ajax functions as per docs.


  • Query args on URLs should transfer to the selected landing page (thanks Chris)


  • Page template now copies over on duplicated pages, fix styles on new test setup screen


  • Adding support for canonical tag on secondary page


  • Initial version

Requires: 3.4 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.1.2
Last Updated: 2015-1-5
Active Installs: 1,000+


5 out of 5 stars


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