Google Checkout Shopping Cart Plugin


Easily add Google Checkout shopping cart buttons to any post. Google Checkout provides a shopping cart tool that allows webmasters to use a javascript shopping cart. Drop a tag into any post and this plugin will place the “add to cart” button and the price into the post.

[gtitle=49.99; gprice=49.99;]

The buy now button is not currently supported.

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  1. Download and extract the “simple-google-checkout-cart” folder
  2. Upload the “simple-google-checkout-cart” folder to your WordPress plugin directory, usually “wp-content/plugins”
  3. Activate the plugin in your WordPress admin panel
  4. Go to Google checkout, tools -> Google Checkout shopping cart
  5. Create any random product that you want
  6. Look at the second text area box with the following instructions “Add this code only once for each html page, just before the tag”.
  7. Add the Code in the text area directly before your closing tag


Can I use a buy it now button?

Currently this plugin does not support “buy it now” buttons

Can I add options to my products?

Currently this plugin does not provide that functionality. However, I do have plans to add the ability for multiple options and prices.

I see the button, but nothing happens when I click “add to cart”

Make sure that the code specified in installation steps 4-7 in in place on your site.

Can I see this plugin in action?

Here you go: Linksys Print Server WPSM54G Product Page

What if I get an error or the price or button does not show up?

Make sure that you put a semi-colon after each value: [gtitle=my title; gprice=49.99;]

Be sure not to use ‘$’ for price

The price is a number, eventually I will strip out non-numbers, but that did not make it into this release.

Contributors & Developers

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