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Simple Events Calendar

Simple and lightweight events calendar to show events on posts/pages, manage them centrally, hCalendar compliant and stays up to date.

How do I display only my upcoming events in a post?

Simply add [events] in your post on the exact location where you want your events to appear.

How can I only display the events that took place in the past?

Simply add age=expired to the short code, so [events age=expired] will do the trick

Can't I just display all my passed AND upcoming events together?

Sure! Just add the following to your page or post: [events age=all]

I give workshops on several topics. Can I just show the workshops of one specific topic?

Yes, you can do this by adding labels to your events. If you give a Photography workshop you could for example give this event the label photo.

On the page where you want to show you photography workshops simply add [events label=photo].

Can I edit a previously stored event?

Yes you can! Next to the title of your stored events you can find a button called Edit. Click it, change the event and press update. That's it!

I only want to display the next 2 events and not all of them. Is that possible?

Yes. Simply add the limit attribute to [events] to set a miximum to the number of events that will be displayed. To limit it to just 2 events, enter this: [events limit=2]

What if I do not want to show the Twitter button with my events?

Just add tweet=no to the short code, like so [events tweet=no]

Can't I not just disable the twitter functionality in the plugin completely?

Yes, that's possible through the Advanced Settings menu. If you click on the Advanced Settings link you can find a checkbox to disable Twitter. Click save and you're done.

I want to style the output myself. Can I use my own CSS?

Yes! Just create a css file and name it simple-events-calendar.css and store it in your theme's folder (/wp-content/themes/your-active-theme). Then go to the Advanced Settings menu of the Simple Events Calendar and change the CSS settings.

I see you're using military time. Can I change that to the 12 hour clock?

Yes. If you open the Advanced Settings, check the box at the top and click safe, your events will be displayed with the 12 hour clock.

The links of in the events are all opening in the same window and are thus leaving my site, can I stop them?

You sure can! In the Advanced Settings menu you can set your preferences for how you want links to be opened.

I am my site's administrator, but I want editors and subscribers to be able to manage events too

In the Advanced Settings menu you can set the minimum authorization level required to manage events.

Using the hCalendar microformat is fantastic, but times are all in the Western European Timezone. Can I change this?

Yes, via the Advanced Settings menu you can set your own timezone.

Requires: 3.0 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.7.0
Last Updated: 3 months ago
Active Installs: 2,000+


3.8 out of 5 stars


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