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Draft List

Draft List will display a list of the titles of your posts/pages that have not yet been published.


  • Maintenance: Updated branding, inc. adding donation links


  • Enhancement: Draft pages shortcuts only appear if the user can edit pages
  • Enhancement: Only show the user's drafts if it's different to the total number (otherwise, if a site has only one author, they will get two links when only one is required)


  • Enhancement: Quick links added to admin menu for any draft posts. Will show links for both all drafts and drafts for the current user
  • Maintenance: Updated branding
  • Maintenance: Removed unnecessary -adl prefix from file names
  • Maintenance: Stopped hardcoding the plugin folder name in includes. Naughty boy
  • Maintenance: Replaced wp_plugin_url with the nicerer plugins_url
  • Maintenance: Replaced the deprecated attribute_escape with esc_attr in the widget code
  • Maintenance: Merged the widget code so it's all in one handy file
  • Maintenance: Sanitised the data being sloshed about by the meta box option
  • Maintenance: Updated the clock icon to a material design version


  • Maintenance: Added a domain path
  • Maintenance: Removed deprecated functionality
  • Bug: Fixed the categories tag
  • Bug: Solved a PHP bug


  • Maintenance: Added a text domain


  • Bug: I've just noticed that if you use the editor box to hide the post from draft list you can't switch it back off again. Untick the box, save and it's ticked again. Doh. Why did nobody notice this before? It's now fixed though.


  • Maintenance: Resolved widget issues with version 4.3 of WordPress


  • Maintenance: Updated support forum link


  • Bug: Removed some debug output


  • Maintenance: Updated clock icon
  • Enhancement: Added category and categories template tags


  • Maintenance: Moved default scheduled icon to its own folder
  • Enhancement: Added internationalisation


  • Maintenance: Removed dashboard widget


  • Bug: Fix caching problem that prevents edit links from working correctly


  • Maintenance: Renamed plugin and brought program coding standards up-to-date
  • Enhancement: Added new template system, allowing better control over output
  • Enhancement: Option to display modified and/or created date
  • Enhancement: Option to display word and/or character count
  • Enhancement: Draft posts/pages with no title are no longer displayed
  • Enhancement: Can now sort output by date created as well as the date modified
  • Enhancement: Meta box added to editor to allow post/page to be excluded from list
  • Enhancement: Output is now cached (and cache times are adjustable)
  • Enhancement: User can now limit time period over which drafts will be displayed
  • Enhancement: Added validation of the passed parameters
  • Enhancement: New widget option added
  • Enhancement: Added improved clock image
  • Bug: Alternative icon folder option now works


  • Enhancement: Draft titles now have links to their edit page if the current user is allowed to edit them


  • Maintenance: Code tidy
  • Enhancement: Added option to show post/page author
  • Enhancement: Added version details to code output
  • Enhancement: Added shortcode option


  • Enhancement: Added icon for scheduled posts (which can be modified and switched off, if required)


  • Enhancement: Date order now displays according to date of last modification


  • Enhancement: Now displays scheduled posts as well
  • Enhancement: Added new parameter to suppress scheduled posts, if required
  • Bug: Fixed bug in limit default


  • Maintenance: With the release of WP 3.0 different post types are possible and these can get mixed in with the results (e.g. menu items, etc). Changed the code to restrict output to pages and posts only


  • Initial release

Requires: 3.2 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.7.1
Last Updated: 1 month ago
Active Installs: 100+


5 out of 5 stars


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