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Simple Download Monitor

Easily manage downloadable files and monitor downloads of your digital files from your WordPress site.


  • Added an improvement for the password protected download. If a user goes directly to the download link without entering a password, it will point the users to go to a page where they can enter a password for the download item.


  • Fix fancy template shortcode attributes: some shortcode attributes were ignored in the previous release.


  • Download button color can now be specified in the shortcode for fancy 1 and the standard download button.
  • Added clearfix to .sdm_download_link container for better rendering in mobile devices.
  • The button text color CSS has been sharpened a little to make it look nicer.
  • Fixed an undefined variable notice.
  • Updated TinyMCE button icon to a better one.
  • Minimum WordPress version requirement changed to WP4.1


  • Replace deprecated get_currentuserinfo() with wp_get_current_user()
  • Improve remote IP and location detection
  • Added a new shortcode to show a simple list of the download categories
  • Fix: avoid undefined variable notices in sdm_pop_cats_ajax_call()


  • New feature - local download items can now be dispatched via PHP. This way, the actual URL of the downloaded file is not exposed (offers secure download).
  • Minimum required WP version raised to WordPress v3.3
  • WordPress 4.6 compatibility.


  • Added an option to specify the file size info when editing the item. Size info can be shown in the fancy display template using a shortcode parameter (show_size).
  • Added an option to specify the version number info when editing the item. Version info can be shown in the fancy display template using a shortcode parameter (show_version).
  • Added French language translation. Translation file submitted by Laurent Jaunaux.
  • The stats metabox in the download edit page will now appear before the shortcodes metabox.
  • Added more usage instructions in the download file upload section.


  • Added a new feature to hide the download counts that is shown in some of the fancy templates. This new option can be found in the settings menu of the plugin.
  • Added delete confirm dialogue in the individual download logs delete option.
  • Simplified the settings menu page style.
  • Fixed multiple vulnerabilities (thanks to NCSC-NL).


  • Better implementation of the export log data to CSV file.
  • Added a new filter in the download logs menu so the items per page value can be customized.
  • Fixed a bug in the logs menu sorting. Sorting for some columns weren't working correctly.
  • Added sanitization for the order and orderby columns in the logs list table.
  • Added sanitization for the log entry delete functionality.


  • Renamed the label of categories and tags of this plugin to "Download Categories" and "Download Tags".
  • Better implementation of password protected download items. The ajax method of checking password has been completely replaced with a more robust implementation.
  • Fixed a bug with the remove thumbnail ajax query.
  • Thanks to @James Golovich for pointing out the issues.


  • WordPress 4.4 compatibility.


  • Added a new feature to specify the new window parameter when using the shortcode inserter (from TinyMCE).
  • Minor CSS style fix for the "Logs" interface.
  • The log entries will be sorted by "date" field (by default).


  • The language slug has been changed to "simple-download-monitor" so it can be imported to the WordPress language pack.


  • Modified the 'sdm_download_shortcode_output' filter to pass the arguments array also (allows greater customization option via this filter).
  • Added a new option to show X number of latest downloads from a specified category.


  • Added a new feature to show pagination in the display all downloads from a category shortcode.
  • Added validation checks while processing a download request to make sure the download item ID is valid and the item has a download link.


  • Addressed some warning/notice messages that shows when debug is enabled.


  • Added a new shortcode to create a direct download link for the file. Useful if you want to create a custom download link.
  • WordPress 4.2 compatibility.


  • Fixed an issue with the ajax category browser shortcode.
  • Improved the ajax category downloads shortcode to show an up/down arrow icon next to the category name.


  • Added a textbox to manually type in an image thumbnail URL when editing a download item.
  • Minor javascript improvements for the select and remove image option.
  • Improved the image thumbnail preview in the admin side.
  • Added placeholder text in the URL input fields.


  • Fixed a compatibility issue with WooCommerce's latest release.


  • Enabled shortcode filtering in standard text widget.
  • Fixed an intermittent issue with the rewrite rules flushing.


  • Added Portuguese language translation. Translation file submitted by Visto Marketing.
  • New feature to disable the download monitoring (logging) for certain items (or all items).
  • New option to only monitor downloads from unique IP address only.


  • Improved the queries in the "Logs" interface to be more efficient.
  • Added a new feature to reset/empty the download log entries. You can find it in the "Logs" menu of the plugin.


  • Added Spanish language translation. Translation file submitted by Manuel.
  • Added Russian language translation. Translation file submitted by Балашов Алекс.
  • Added Dutch language translation. Translation file submitted by Paul Tuinman.
  • Added a new feature to show X number of latest downloads.


  • New feature to track the usernames of the WP Users downloading the files. You can view the username info in the "Logs" menu.
  • Enabled the "View" link in the all downloads list table.
  • Some refactoring work to move the admin menu handling code to a separate file.


  • Added an option to use "orderby" and "order" parameters in the display downloads from a category shortcode to allow sorting the download items display list.
  • The download item description field has been converted to a rich text editor. So you can customize the download description with rich text.


  • Removed the link from the download item name in the template 2 display.


  • Fixed a bug with the file download password entry field.


  • Added a new fancy template to display the downloads.
  • You can now show a grid display of your downloads.
  • Added some error validation in the download shortcode entry.
  • Refactored some code and added a couple of new filters.
  • Added CSS classes around the download count shortcode output.
  • Modified the styles of the simple downloads post type output.
  • The fancy 1 template now shows the download count of each item.
  • Updated the POT file for language translation.


  • Added an option to specify a download count offset for each download. This will allow you to set a starting download count for each item.
  • Added a new parameter in the shortcode to allow customization of the button text. You can now customize the "Download Now" button text to anything you want from the shortcode.
  • Added a new parameter in the shortcode to allow opening the download in a new window or tab.


  • Added visitor Country to database table; allowing tracking of each download visitors Country.
  • Visitor Country is also seen in the "Logs" page; can be sorted; and exported.


  • Added the ability to use shortcodes in the description area of the downloads. For example: you can use the download counter shortcode in the description field to show the current counter to your visitors.
  • Bug-fix for the "show downloads from a category" shortcode. It will now correctly show all items in a download category.
  • Added a better dashicons icon for the downloads menu in the admin dashborad.


  • Added a new feature to show an ajax file tree browser.
  • Added some missing translation strings in the plugin.
  • Added German language translation. Translation file submitted by Meinhard
  • Changed the password input field to a type of "password"
  • Fixed a minor but that would preven the "view" links from displaying in WordPress posts


  • Added a new shortcode to show all downloads from a download category.
  • Added a filter to handle the URL of SDM downloads post type.


  • Added a new feature to password protect a downloadable file.
  • Added a new shortcode to show the download count to your visitors.


  • Fixed an issue with file download using external file URL.


  • WordPress 3.8 compatibility


  • Fixed the plugin language translation issue. Now it can be translated to any language.


  • Minor bug fixes with the stylesheet file URL.


Requires: 4.1.0 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.7.2
Last Updated: 3 months ago
Active Installs: 10,000+


4.2 out of 5 stars


4 of 8 support threads in the last two months have been marked resolved.

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