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Content Reveal

Content Reveal allows you to easily hide and reveal WordPress content, whether it's in the sidebar or in a post or page.


  • Maintenance: Updated branding, inc. adding donation links


  • Enhancement: Suppressed Jetpack's Photon from trying to handle the images from this plugin
  • Enhancement: Added a new user image folder option
  • Enhancement: You can now specify from the options screen whether you want content to default to being hidden or shown
  • Maintenance: Updated branding - we're now Coded Art!
  • Maintenance: Added a domain path
  • Maintenance: Removed function calls. Did anybody ever use these?
  • Maintenance: Reduced the number of included files by concatonating the existing ones
  • Maintenance: Updated the various path functions to reduce hard coding and to drop deprecated functions
  • Maintenance: Brought the options screen up to WordPress standard
  • Maintenance: Added validation to the options screen


  • Maintenance: Correct ENQUEUE of script so that it works with SSL sites
  • Maintenance: Admin screen headings compatible with WP 4.3
  • Maintenance: Added text domain to plugin meta and corrected text domain name across the plugin


  • Bug: Editor button now works again!
  • Maintenance: Corrected support forum link
  • Maintenance: Removed sub-menu and moved options to Settings menu
  • Maintenance: Corrected plugin meta links because of above changes
  • Maintenance: Removed feature pointer
  • Maintenance: Removed deprecated functions


  • Bug: Fixed incorrect include


  • Enhancement: Will now work in Administration screens, allowing other plugins to access it
  • Enhancement: Now appears in Adminstration as own main menu option, rather than under "settings". Both options and support sub-pages exist
  • Enhancement: If you have the Plugin README Parser plugin installed then a new sub-menu will display the README instructions
  • Enhancement: Brought menu and help screen code up-to-date including adding feature pointer
  • Enhancement: Now supports Do Not Track. If a browser has this switched on you can force the plugin to not use cookies
  • Enhancement: Added shortcode to output cookie storage length
  • Enhancement: Nested shortcode now allowed so a shortcode can be used with the Content Reveal shortcode
  • Enhancement: Complete re-write of cookie functionality to combine all saved information into one cookie per saved section (it was previously four!). However, I've not added backwards compatibility to keep code size to a minimum and to reduce the risk of the extra code causing issues.
  • Enhancement: Converted spaces to underscores in IDs
  • Enhancement: Improved the JavaScript code compression
  • Enhancement: Added internationalisation
  • Bug: Fix JavaScript error when image tag not used
  • Bug: Fix issue where initial state of title, if alternative titles are being used, was not being set
  • Maintenance: Add suffix to files and improve code quality (including resolution of any known debug errors)


  • Maintenance: Removed the dashboard widget


  • Maintenance: Removed the sponsorship


  • Enhancement: Made a number of small improvements to the JavaScript
  • Enhancement: Updated dashboard widget & added sponsorship to options page
  • Enhancement: Improved editor button icon
  • Bug: Fixed parameter passing bug in function call
  • Bug: Corrected URL in HTML comment
  • Bug: Fixed incorrect function name call in JavaScript


  • Bug: Fixed a bug in the JavaScript that meant that not all cookie data was saved in some circumstances


  • Enhancement: Modified default icons - now black & white to suit more sites
  • Enhancement: Added button to editor which can be toggled in new option screen
  • Enhancement: JavaScript cookies will now store the state of each section - again, can be switched via option screen
  • Enhancement: Added parameters and URL to allow overriding of cookie option
  • Enhancement: User can now specify the title separately, allowing option to hide/reveal to be placed elsewhere
  • Enhancement: Improved shortcode method
  • Enhancement: New URL parameter which allows all sections to be shown/hidden en-masse. Can also switch off plugin operation using the same
  • Enhancement: If user doesn't specify an ID one will be generated for them
  • Maintenance: Renamed from Simple Content Reveal to Artiss Content Reveal
  • Maintenance: Brought all code up to current standards and checked via WP_DEBUG


  • Enhancement: Improved number of CLASS' used to assist with CSS styling
  • Bug: Fixed bug where users own image folder was not working
  • Bug: Fixed version number reporting


  • Bug: Fixed critical bug that prevented image from working with Internet Explorer


  • Enhancement: Now using wp_enqueue_script to handle script in header


  • Initial release

Requires: 3.3 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.5.4
Last Updated: 5 months ago
Active Installs: 1,000+


4 out of 5 stars


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