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Simple Basic Contact Form

Simple Basic Contact Form is a clean, secure, plug-n-play contact form for WordPress.


  • Updated German translation (Thanks to Sven Bamberger)
  • Updated heading hierarchy in plugin settings
  • Refined scf_process_contact_form()
  • Added scf_sanitize_text()
  • Added scf_sanitize_message()
  • Added scf_full_message filter hook
  • Added scf_short_results filter hook
  • Added scf_full_results filter hook
  • Added scf_send_email action hook
  • Updated translation template file
  • Updated minimum version requirement
  • Tested on WordPress 4.4 beta
  • Optimized email headers


  • Tested on WordPress 4.3
  • Updated minimum version requirement


  • Tested with WP 4.2 + 4.3 (alpha)
  • Changed a few "http" links to "https"
  • Added Dutch translation; thanks to Martijn van Es
  • Bugfix: HTML attributes were being stripped from custom error messages


  • New! added subject field to the form
  • Tested with latest version of WP (4.1)
  • Increased minimum version to WP 3.8
  • Removed deprecated screen_icon()
  • Added $scf_wp_vers for version check
  • Added UTF-8 as default for WP option used in htmlentities()
  • Replace sanitize_text_field() and filter_var() with sanitize_email() for email address
  • Streamline/fine-tune plugin code
  • Added nonce security to the form
  • Localized some missing strings
  • Added Reply-To and Return-Path to email headers
  • Added Text Domain and Domain Path to file header
  • Replaced default .mo/.po templates with .pot template


  • Tested on latest version of WordPress (4.0)
  • Increased min-required version to WP 3.7
  • Added conditional check to min-version function
  • Reorganized the plugin settings page
  • Added .scf class to both form div and success div
  • Added scf_filter_contact_form filter to form output
  • Fixed case-sensitivity bug for challenge question
  • Replaced 'UTF-8' with get_option('blog_charset') in scf_process_contact_form()
  • Replaced stripslashes(), htmlentities(), filter_var() with sanitize_text_field()
  • Fixed weird character issue and backslash issue (related)
  • Applied i18n to email content and success message
  • Generated new mo/po translation files


  • Added default templates for translation/localization
  • Added language support for Spanish
  • Changed default option for Time Offset


  • Tested with latest WordPress (3.8)
  • Added trailing slash to load_plugin_textdomain()
  • Fixed 3 incorrect _e() tags in core file
  • Localized default options


  • Renamed add_plugin_links to add_scf_links
  • Revised "Welcome" panel in plugin settings


  • Added option to hide extra infos displayed in the success message
  • Fixed logic for using mail() vs wp_mail()
  • Removed "Δ" from die() for better security
  • Added i18n/localization support
  • Added "rate this plugin" links
  • Added uninstall.php file
  • Added parameters to htmlentities (fixes weird characters issue)
  • Replaced get_permalink() with empty value in the form
  • Changed $date to use WordPress settings and format
  • Added German translation; thanks to Benedikt Quirmbach
  • Fixed character encoding via filter_var and html_entity_decode in scf_process_contact_form()
  • Tested on latest version of WordPress (3.7)
  • General code cleanup and maintenance

Version 20130725

  • Tightened form security
  • Tightened plugin security

Version 20130712

  • Fix time offset setting
  • Defined UTC as default time
  • Improved localization support
  • Replaced some deprecated functions
  • Added options to customize placeholder text for form inputs
  • Added option to use either PHP's mail() or WP's wp_mail() (default)
  • Overview and Updates panels now toggled open by default
  • General code check n clean

Version 20130104

  • "Send email" (submit) button now available for translation
  • Added option to disable the Captcha (challenge question/response)
  • Added option to disable the automatic carbon copy
  • Added margin to submit button (now required in 3.5)
  • Fixed "Undefined index" warning

Version 20121205

  • Now hides ugly fieldset borders by default
  • Errors now include placeholder attributes
  • Anti-spam placeholder now displays challenge question
  • Removed blank line from successful message results
  • You can now use markup in custom prepend/append content
  • Custom CSS now loads on successful result output
  • Wrapped successful result output with div #scf_success
  • Segregated custom content for form and success results
  • Cleaned up some code formatting
  • Moved .clear div to optional custom content
  • Added link to SBCF CSS Hooks in Appearance options
  • Fixed the plugin's built-in time offset

Version 20121103

Initial release.

Requires: 4.1 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.4
Last Updated: 2 weeks ago
Active Installs: 10,000+


4.9 out of 5 stars


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