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!This plugin hasn’t been updated in over 2 years. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.


Sends status updates to Ping.fm everytime you publish a post, using your own domain, bit.ly, wp.me, su.pr, is.gd and others for shortened permalinks.


  • Fixed incompatibility with Stats from Jetpack causing a 'You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page.' error message.
  • Added French translation, thanks to Olivier for it.
  • Added Polish translation, thanks to Darek Skonieczka for it.


  • Seesmic (owners of Ping.fm) thinks all users of Shorten2Ping are spammers so they decided to supend API key of this app (more info here: http://ur1.es/dlwqTX) so the plugin stopped working some days ago.
  • Added option to send updates using posting email (http://ping.fm/email/), so now we don't need a f*cking API key!


  • Removed support to send notifications directly to Twitter (not OAuth support, sorry).
  • Removed tr.im support (that shortener is dead).
  • Some code cleanup after removed services.


  • Added support for using post tags as hashtags for Twitter, see options page for more information. (Thanks to evardsson for the code).


  • Fixed a little bug in the new bit.ly function.


  • Updated to bit.ly API v3.
  • Improved error handling for bit.ly (and j.mp).


  • Updated function to remove 'Get shorlink' button if (WP) stats plugin is active with new names of functions used in the latest stats plugin update.


  • Added is.gd shortener support.
  • Added j.mp shortener support.
  • Added wp.me shortener support.
  • Added cli.gs shortener support.
  • Added Traditional Chinese translation (zh_TW) , thanks to Pseric.
  • Updated spanish (es_ES) translation.
  • Improved Facebook Thumbnail support. Now uses the new post thumbnail function if available and thumbnail was defined in the post by the user. If not, uses the first attached image or the one the user sets using fb_thumb custom field (like previous version).
  • Changed su.pr function to use CURL instead of fopen.
  • Changed from rel="short_url" to rel="shortlink". So now uses the same like wp.me
  • Improved settings handling using WP API for settings.
  • Fixed removing of the 'Get shorlink' button if (WP) stats plugin is active.


  • Added a function to remove the new wp.me shortlink creation functions present in WordPress.com stats plugin (if you're using Shorten2Ping you dont need support for wp.me short links).
  • Improved Facebook support: Now if you upload and insert an image in your post, Shorten2Ping will add the needed tag in your post code to tell Facebook to take this image for the preview and not the first image in your page's code like used to be before. If you want to force the use of an image, you can add a new custom field to the post named 'fb_img' and put the full URL to the image in the value for this custom field.
  • Added function to remove HTML tags (if any) from post titles before sending notifications.
  • Updated compatibility tag to WordPress 2.9.


  • Finally fixed html entities in title when using Ping.fm to notify new posts (not happened with Twitter). The fix consists in using $post->the_title instead of get_the_title($post_id), so not really a Shorten2Ping's bug but different output for two WP functions that should do the same.
  • Improved options page. Now looks better and it's XHTML valid code :)
  • Updated locale file (.pot) and es_ES translation to reflect some changes in options page.


  • Added settings link on plugins page
  • Fixed bug in Su.pr support (thanks to Brad for reporting it!)


  • Added italian translation made by Riccardo Vianello AKA etms51
  • Improved handling of settings when updating from 1.1.3 to 1.2.x
  • Added some code to autofix blank settings created by 1.2 on new installations see http://wordpress.org/support/topic/319359?replies=4 (now you dont need to do that manually, simply deactivate and activate again the plugin).


  • Fixed bug that prevents the plugin options to work on new installations.


  • Changed checking user level (number based) to checking capabilities for the options page.
  • Added YOURLS shortener support.
  • Added Su.pr shortener support. (User requested feature).
  • Added 'linktext' parameter to short_permalink() theme tag. Now you can choose between using short link as text for the link or use the "Short URL" text (default behaviour). (User requested feature).
  • Added 'Self domain' option for shortened permalinks. If your domain is short enough for you, this option will not use any shortener service, but instead will use the post ID (default WP permalinks).


  • Added checking to avoid to ping new pages. Now only posts are notified (as intended from start of making this plugin).


  • Removed adding and checking of post meta data 'pinged = yes'. That was not needed since changes on 1.1.1
  • Added 'both' option by user request to make possible to send notifications to both services (Ping.fm and Twitter) at once.
  • Fixed typo that may cause users with no admin level to access to the options page. (Thanks to David Jack Wange Olrik for reporting the issue.)


  • Changed action hook. Now the ping function is called only when post changed status from X to publish (where X can be new, draft, pending or future). So now, if you edit an old post (that you published before installing Shorten2Ping) or the post has any else status than mentioned this plugin does nothing.
  • Removed echo statement at tr.im function (used while debugging) that causes no returning to post edit page after publishing on some cases.
  • Removed @ operator at json_decode functions, now if any error happens while calling json_decode it will show on screen.


  • Added support for http://twitter.com and http://tr.im
  • Some other minor improvements/cleanup in the code.
  • Store settings in an array to reduce calls to database.
  • Added options for choose shorten and notification services, and to turn off them (so you can use Shorten2Ping only for notification if your domain is already short enough for you, or use Shorten2Ping only to get shortened urls for your posts).


  • Replaced PHPingFM by Dmitri Gaskin for a single function based on the one by Sold Out Activist for the pingPressFM.


  • Fixed a typo and Ping.fm developer approved.


  • Initial release.

Originally based on WordTwit 1.2 by Duane Storey.

PingFM function based on one by Sold Out Activistclass for the pingPressFM plugin, and Bit.ly function by David Walsh & Jason Lengstorf.

Requires: 2.7 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.3.2
Last Updated: 5 years ago
Active Installs: 600+


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