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ShortCodes UI

This Plugin adds an admin UI for creating shortcodes without the need to code, edit code, or even know code.

1.9.9 Added the shortcode template varible to advanced shortcode using the $sc_template var. Improved SimpleBox css.

1.9.8 Fixed Bug on installs when prefix is not wp_ (which you should always change).

1.9.7 Fixed bug caused by nextgen gallery.

1.9.6 Added Shortcode UI widget.

1.9.5 Added Multilangual with WPML support ish.

1.9.4 Fixed Advanced shortcode not working. WordPress 3.6 compatiblility.

1.9.3 Fixed Shortcodes not showing after 1.9.2

1.9.2 Major file restrcture. moved js to external file. moved ajax functionalty to external file. moved help tabs to external file. moved meta boxes to external files. moved import export panel to external file. moved all classes to classes folder. added Suppress content filters option. added filter tag shortcodes_ui_raw_content. updated meta box class to latest version 3.0.5 . code cleanup.

1.9.1 Fixed render into post issue

1.9 removed remote calls for image or css as per guidlines.

1.8.9 Changed cpt hook to solve conflicting with other plugins.

1.8.8 Added action hooks to remove and return filters


1.8.7 Fixed extra P tags on snippets.

1.8.6 Fixed snippets and simple content not displying correctly.

1.8.5 Fixed JS error when the editor is not present.

1.8.4 Typo

1.8.3 Changed import to use post instead of get for larger imports

1.8.2 Fixed WP_DEBUG errors.

1.8.1 fixed Typo.

1.8 Fixed paypal redirect bug on options page, added plugin info class.

1.7.1 Fixed simplebox js to fixed top 100px for editors other then main content editor.

1.7 Added syntax highlighted code editor to shortcode UI code (css, Javascript, php) editors.

Added a new option to render the shortcode into editor instead of just inserting the shortcode tag.

added an AutoP fix options.

added a new feature tut video.

updated metabox class.

1.6.3 Edbuttons bug fixed (js now only included on edit pages).

fixed html editor button ajax function.

1.6.2 notice in metabox class fixed.

notice in plugin class fixed.

sortcodes UI panel ajax bug fixed.

1.6.1 restored missing Shourcodes ui metaboxes.

1.6 cleaned Code, Fixed dashboard widgets bug.

1.5 Added three more tutorial videos.

1.4 Added two tutorial videos to WordPress 3.3 help tabs, fixed attributes and external files JS.

1.3 Fixed Quicktag button to work with the new quicktags api.

1.2 Big Update, ReCoded External File inclution and added a feature to use WordPress Built-in 'wp_enquire_script()' and 'wp_enquire_style()'

Added options panel to let you control how can create shortcodes by role.

Fixed Import,Export panel to include scripts correctly.

1.1 added shortcode filter support and fixed minor bugs

1.0 initial release.

Requires: 2.9.2 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.0.0
Last Updated: 1 year ago
Active Installs: 6,000+


4.7 out of 5 stars


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