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SHJS Syntax Hilighter


Syntax hilight 30 languages, 2 dozen themes to choose from. Fast, can easily hilight 1000 lines of code (the Google Syntax Hilighter based plugins die around 75-100 lines).

2 ways to include code in your posts – use as documented on SHJS or use the [SyntaxHilite:…] syntax described in the installation/usage section to link to a raw text file.

Uses SHJS for syntax hilighting, simple hand-rolled JavaScript for line numbering.


Can this thing hilight my language?

There are 30 languages available, check the languages on SHJS.

How can I tell what the themes look like without applying them and refreshing?

Check out the theme previewer on SHJS. It would be nice to have theme preview integrated with
the options, but I’m out of time for now…

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