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!This plugin hasn’t been updated in over 2 years. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.

Cunjo: The Best Free Social Share Plugin

Cunjo Social Plugin is a free, pretty, flexible and mobile ready Social Share Plugin with powerful social analytics.


  • Cunjo service has been discontinued, removed Cunjo ID from the plugin to enable free usage;


  • Fixed a social counter class timeout issue;


  • Added urlencode for the constructor parameters;
  • Added option to enable/disable widget cache in general settings - Cache is executed by Smarty and requires write permission which some hosting environment restrict.


  • Removed wp-load from the widget constructor;


  • The script that generates the widgets is now open source, built in the plugin;


  • Fixed an issue with display on pages toggle on the Visibility settings for all widgets.


  • Added option to send "Share by email" emails using local wp_mail.
  • Created 2 hooks if local wp_mail in use: cunjo_pre_email and cunjo_post_email. Check details here: http://hub.cunjo.com/announcements.php?id=17
  • Cleaned up thumbnail links (on some websites images streamed from Cunjo servers were broken because they had paraters attached to source).
  • Strip html tags from get_the_title() when sending title attribute to Cunjo servers.
  • Fixed settings registration modal (issue with overlay reported by few users).


  • Assigned shortcode to each layout. The short code over-rides the Actived/Deactivated status, you can use it with the widget as deactivated, it will show on the page you paste the code. It uses the saved widget settings. Potential use for shortcodes:
    • If you only need to show the widget on few pages, you do not need to activate the widget and then remove most of pages/posts. You can use the shortcode on the pages you need the widget visible.
    • For buttons you can place the shortode anywere in the page content or sidebar and the widget will appear in that exact location.
  • Created Social profiles tab in Cunjo's Settings page (settings used by Cunjo's wordpress widgets);
  • Built WordPress Social Profiles (Follow us) widget. Drag and drop it on your sidebars/widget areas. It displays the profiles saved in Settings and you can select from 7 icon designs.
  • Built WordPress Twitter Feed (Latest tweets) widget. Drag and drop in on your sidebar/widget areas. It displays a choosen number of tweets from your twitter username assigned in Cunjo's Settings > Social profiles;
  • Built WordPress Pinterest Feed (Latest pins). Drag and drop in on your sidebar/widget areas. It displays a choosen number of pinterest images with links from your pinterest profile assigned in Cunjo's Settings > Social profiles;
  • Built WordPress Dribbble Feed (Latest shots). Drag and drop in on your sidebar/widget areas. It displays a choosen number of dribbble images with links from your dribbble profile assigned in Cunjo's Settings > Social profiles;
  • Added another parameter to be sent to our server with Cunjo widgets: pinimage. It takes the full size featured image of your post to be used when sharing on Pinterest (pinning);
  • Fixed links on wp-admin pages to be network admin compatible;


  • Built-in functions to support multisites;
  • WPMU: When installed and activated on a network it acts like a network plugin displayed in the wp-admin network admin menu (not individual blogs);
  • WPMU: Widget settings saved by the super admin (network admin) apply to all blogs as individual blogs do not have access to view the plugin pages or modify settings;
  • WPMU: Widget activation function will activate the particular widget on all blogs unless (see next feature);
  • WPMU: Added feature to hide a widget from individual blogs;
  • WPMU: Temporary removed the following features found in single wp install version: Hide widget on specific posts, Hide widget on specific pages, Show widget on custom post types, these might be introduced later in wpmu version but as the plugin is quite extensive implementing these in atm is not priority.
  • Modified the Submission buttons (all blue buttons on the Cunjo admin pages) after testing few bug reports we found that there are blogs with multiple plugins that are interfering with the order of libraries enqueueing thus making the buttons to crash;
  • Added propper library dependencies for Cunjo wp-admin pages to prevent furter enqueueing clashing.


  • Removed !Share category init hook as it has been tested and it drastically impacts the execution time. The plugin impact has dropped by 70%;
  • Added title var to be sent to our server using get_the_title(). This will be as fallback if the title cannot be retrieve by Cunjo servers;
  • Added the Centered Social Icons design option for Bottom bar, Bottom simple bar, Top bar, Top simple bar.


  • Created 3 more icon styles for Bottom bar, Top bar, Left bar, Right bar, Inline simple buttons: Milky, Bald and Round.
  • New ability to select between 3 icon styles for Bottom elegant bar and Left elegant bar: Elegant, Bald and Round.
  • Improved the embedded code strategy for better performance (increased widgets response time by up to 500ms).
  • Updated the plugin activate function. Now your saved settings and active widgets will not get override when you update the Cunjo plugin.
  • Built 2 new bar widgets and added them to the plugin's core: Bottom simple bar and Top simple bar (flat full width bars).
  • Built 2 new button widgets and added them to the plugin's core: Tiny buttons and Counter buttons.


  • Visibly improved execution time by stripping all unnecessary core functions (reconstructed the plugin's core).
  • Removed 80% of assets library resulting in huge improvement regarding wp-admin pages load speed.
  • Updated Bootstrap framework to 3.0
  • Redesigned Cunjo administration pages for beter interaction and ease of use (everything flows together now).
  • Fixed minor known and reported issues regarding Ajax calls in wp-admin pages.
  • Fully responsive wp-admin pages.
  • Tested the plugin on latest version of browsers and all functionalities work 100%;
  • Tested the plugin with major plugins and well known themes/frameworks and all functionalities work 100%;


  • Fixed a bug that was causing bottom bar to be generated twice.
  • Minor fixes.
    • We are currently working in making the plugin lighter. If you have bugs/issues to report please visit hub.cunjo.com


  • Rebranded our Service from !Share by Cunjo to Cunjo.
  • !Share ID now known and found as Cunjo ID.
  • Unified Cunjo ID and Social Analytics registration. You only need to register once for both.
  • Ajusted admin pages to fit the rebranding.
  • Fixed some javascript bugs on activate/deactivate widgets


  • Added Greek translation (email support@cunjo.com if you find the translation incorrect).
  • Added Turkish translation (email support@cunjo.com if you find the translation incorrect).
  • Post content is now displayed regardless of whether you exclude the inline buttons on posts.
  • Post content is now displayed regardless of whether you exclude the inline buttons on pages.
  • All plugin functions now have PHP doc blocks added and documentation to aid in readability.
  • Restructured function ordering to make things clearer.
  • Our administrative scripts(Bootstrap and so forth) are now only loaded for our plugin pages (decreases the loading times on other wp-admin pages).
  • The function responsible for loading and displaying the bars has been sped up a lot.


  • Added a secondary safety function in wp_footer to make sure the widgets are called and to improve response speed.


  • Fixed a major issue that was preventing the widgets to show up on some website because of some plugins interacting with wp_head the embedded code was breaking;


  • Completely rebuilt the core plugin for extendability purposes and to fit the new settings needs;
  • Added the FREE Social Analytics feature. An extensive social signals statistics platform fully hosted by Cunjo;
  • Social Analytics: Track Who shares and visits your website from those shares (also What, When & Where);
  • Social Analytics: Compare your pages & websites social activity;
  • Rebuilt the !Share Widgets & added more design flexibility by allowing the user to select bars background & text color;
  • The widgets are translated in major languages (we can add more languages on request);
  • Added visibility settings: select from what pages/posts to remove the widget, show/hide from home page, show/hide from all pages/posts, show on specific post types;
  • Added RTL support by adding positioning options on widgets (ie. you can choose to show text on right and icons on left);
  • Added Share by Email feature fully hosted by our servers (no configuration required from you);
  • Added share on VK feature;
  • Ability to use multiple widgets (bars) on the same page;
  • Added a premium membership service enabling you to switch off the cunjo logo, credits and ads;
  • Fixed Pinterest pin image issue;
  • Fixed other minor bugs and issues;


  • Removed javascript newly implemented format function that was preventing the share bars to show;


  • Changed list-style to none for inline button list;


  • Fixed Issue with plugins/themes adding wrappers arrownd inline share buttons anchors;
  • Fixed Issue with plugins/themes identifying post titles and wrapping/extracting them from href share anchors;


  • Created 2 new bar layouts (Elegant bottom & Elegant left) [core-update]
  • Added Social Signal Counters feature for Elegant bars layout & inline buttons (currently the counter returns stats for Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin, Pinterest, Delicious, Sumbleupon, Digg & Reddit) [core-update] !Note: if you decide to use other social icons with counters besides the networks specified the counter for those networks will always show 0. Also please keep in mind, the widgets with social counters load slower than without (the script "carries" your blog/website url to all social networks APIs to check for social signals and return the counter).
  • Created 2 new share button skins (Elegant & Metro) [core-update]
  • All button skins are now available to use for the !Share bars (Current bars button skins: Theme icons, Shiny, Variety, Satin, Shiny 2, Elegant & Metro) [core-update]
  • We added a 3rd option for inline buttons positioning. Now you can select to show the !Share buttons both above and under your page/post content.
  • Added a field where you can input the text to be shown in front on the inline buttons. Ie. "Share this article" or "Share this now".
  • Changed positioning of Cunjo's !Share icon for inline buttons. (Its now displayed last, after your selected share icons) [core-update]
  • Changed Cunjo's !Share icon hover text from "Get this FREE widget" to simply "!Share" (All widgets, bars and inline buttons) [core-update]
  • Because we received few bug reports that the inline buttons used on some wp themes are not displaying properly we changed and fixed some issues to make it widely compatible.
  • Corrected some UI issues on the Visual Builder;


  • Fixed Twitter Share Message, added Title in front of the link.
  • Added link on Attention Grabber Message (you can go to the specified link by clicking on the text message not just arrow icon) [core-update]
  • Created Link Conditional. If you dont settup a link to your Attention Grabber message the arrow link will not appear. [core-update]


  • Using native wp Ajax request for the interactive Visual Builder
  • Improved widget preview. (Using jQuery's getScript function to call on the preview script during builder steps)
  • Add .htaccess to block direct access to files
  • Removed admin_notices function to save some queries and conditionals.
  • Added Settings Link on Plugins page
  • Moved Inline buttons locally.


  • On/Off Switch to show or hide the !Share social features from your blog.
  • Easy and fast visual builder for your widgets creation.
  • 20 !Share Bar themes
  • 4 Inline Button Skins
  • You can use both !Share Bar and !Share Inline in the same time (not possible with our main embeded/non-wp version)
  • 12 Bar positions (bottom-center, bottom-left, bottom-right, top-center, top-left, top-right, left-middle, left-top, left-bottom, right-middle, right-top, right-bottom).
  • Resize bar width/height from 20% of user's screen to 100%.
  • Drag & Drop Social Links.
  • Attention Grabber Bar Features - Setup a text, link and icon to be shown on your floating top and bottom bars.
  • The !Share Bar generating script is hosted on our server so we can update/improve the script without you having to update the plugin.

Requires: 3.4 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.7.15
Last Updated: 2 years ago
Active Installs: 2,000+


3.3 out of 5 stars


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