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Shadowbox JS

Shadowbox is an online media vieiwing application similar to Lightbox and Thickbox but with more functionality. Supports all types of media. (2012-04-20):

  • Don't assume that the uploads dir is wp-content/uploads, use wp_upload_dir to get the correct path. This only affects the meta box that informs users where they can manually place the files. (2012-04-10):

  • Update S.path in shadowbox to the new URL of where the source files are located
  • Clear the missing files nag if the files were downloaded manually (2012-03-13):

  • Removed the upstream Shadowbox JS package from the plugin. As a result, this plugin has been updated to handle downloading the required files for use. (2011-12-08):

  • Updates to handle the script enqueueing in WordPress 3.3 (2011-06-08):

  • Due to large reworkings script dependencies were not being loaded when a library other than 'None' was selected on the settings page (2011-06-07):

  • Missed a merge (2011-06-07):

  • Had to bump the version because I forgot to do so previsouly for for the sub plugin, this should fix update notices (2011-06-07):

  • Update Javascript code comments to be safe with broken HTML minification processes
  • Hook into the_content if Smart Loading is disabled instead of the_posts
  • Better post id detection for gallery grouping (2011-06-02):

  • Make the Shadowbox 'album' names a little more unique to bypass a bug in the WordPress shortcode regex where a '-' is seen as the ending delimiter in a shortcode name (2011-05-31):

  • Create new escaping functions to get around problems with plugins and themes filtering the builtin escaping functions
  • Make sure cached file is world readable before trying to enqueue it
  • Add option to disable creating and using the cached shadowbox.js
  • Code cleanups
  • Hook into the_posts instead of the_content for easier determination if styles and scripts should be enqueued.
  • Regular Expression enhancements
  • Add option to not used the cached shadowbox.js and have it generate on page load (2010-04-05):

  • Replace missed wp_htmledit_pre functions in the options page (2010-04-05):

  • Replace wp_htmledit_pre with htmlspecialchars as it seems themes and plugins are adding output using it's filter

3.0.3 (2010-04-03):

  • Upgrade shadowbox.js to 3.0.3
  • Graceful degredation when plugin PHP files are missing
  • Remove custom upgrade notices in favor of the new built in functionality
  • Separate out the plugin into additional files for better organization
  • WordPress 2.8 minimum requirement
  • Make sure options are not blank, if a user tries to update an option with nothing in the admin, revert to the default value
  • Create a lot of filters so people can hook in and override things
  • Add additional plugin to push the title from 'img' tags to 'a' tags
  • Remove Dojo and Ext support (2009-11-07):

  • Fix empty options on activation for new installs (2009-10-30):

  • Update shadowbox.js build from upstream
  • Add option to disable sizzle.js
  • Enhance Upgrade Logic
  • Add Dutch translation
  • Update to not start anything until init at earliest
  • Split FLV from Auto Movies so that we can force certain file types to use the FLV player
  • Replace logic to use the video height and width for all videos by defualt, not just Youtube and Google Video (2009-06-30):

  • Bring back PHP4 support
  • Increase speed by reducing the number of queries
  • Code cleanup
  • Add changelog output to upgrade notice in admin. Requires WordPress 2.8
  • Do not display majority of the settings page form if the options have been removed from the database
  • Fix broken localization directory name in code and update localization template
  • Remove unused javascript files
  • Add Russian translation (2009-06-10):

  • Updated Shadowbox to 3.0b1
  • Code cleanup and optimization, will only load the code into memory that is needed
  • Removed IE8 hack since Shadowbox 3.0 now supports IE8
  • Added options to the admin page for modifying the default size of YouTube videos
  • Full screen in YouTube videos is now supported
  • Added options to the admin page for modifying flashVars, flashParams and minimum flash version required
  • Added option to the admin page for disabling Shadowbox.setup so that Shadowbox.setup can be run from another script to allow image maps through area tags
  • Disabled the FLV player by default since it has a non-commercial license. Must enable FLV player after accepting licensing in the admin
  • Added capability for loading shadowbox only when needed. Requires WordPress 2.8.
  • Added capability for only loading the shadowbox players you want. (2009-03-24):

  • Add IE8 support by way of the X-UA-Compatibile meta tag (2009-03-18):

  • Use domready events for javascript libraries other than None for intialization of shadowbox so that shadowbox works before the page is completely loaded
  • Initial support for WordPress 2.8, more updates will finalized as WordPress 2.8 is finalized
  • Bulgarian translation for shadowbox.js added
  • Code cleanup
  • Change default size for Youtube videos
  • Add automation to the_excerpt so links in custom excerpts can utilize shadowbox
  • Support for custom skins using a filter (see the FAQ) (2009-01-23):

  • Fix issue where replacement was trying to be done when no replacements were necessary
  • Add feature to attempt to automatically set Shadowbox language based on defined WordPress language
  • Only load the required javascript in the admin when on the shadowbox-js settings page
  • Clean up code (2008-12-26):

  • Fix animate and animateFade select options, were true/true, now true/false
  • Fix PHP warnings about non-existent $_POST array indexes (2008-12-23):

  • Updated invalid php start tag (2008-12-23):

  • Added options page to admin interface
  • Added support to automatically use Shadowbox for movie, audio and YouTube/Google Video links. (2008-09-22):

  • Fixed typo in variable name containing the previous rel attribute of the link

2.0.2 (2008-09-22):

  • Added support to automatically use Shadowbox to display all images in your posts including those generated by the [gallery] shortcode.
  • Added deactivator rel attribute. Use rel="nobox" to not use Shadowbox to display an image when global activation is configured.

2.0.1 (2008-08-25):

  • updated code for readability
  • Added support for [gallery] shortcode

2.0 (2008-08-11):

  • Updated shadowbox.js to version 2.0
  • Added various options and changes to support shadowbox.js version 2.0
  • Updated javascript library locations to use Google APIs and Yahoo APIs where applicable.
  • Changed versioning of the plugin to match that of the shadowbox.js version

0.4 (2008-04-10):

  • Updated to use assetURL for location to shadowbox files
  • Cleaned up code and added extended comments
  • Added extras.css with support for hidden class
  • Added support to not include javascript libraries

0.3 (2008-02-26):

  • Updated Shadowbox.js to version 1.0 Final
  • Added support for Ext, Dojo and MooTools Javascript Libraries
  • Removed lightbox2shadowbox function/filter as Shadowbox.js now natively supports rel="lightbox"
  • Consolidated repetitive code
  • Removed images that were not in use
  • Selected MooTools as the default as it contains the smallest payload

0.2 (2008-02-22):

  • Initial Public Release

Requires: 3.3 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.4.2
Last Updated: 5 years ago
Active Installs: 10,000+


4.6 out of 5 stars


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