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Admin Bar Tools

Adds some small interesting tools to the admin bar for Developers.


  • 2016/11/27
  • Ready for WP 4.7.
  • Fixed php warnings related to the new WP_Hook class. Thanks Sébastien Serre for alerting me.


  • 2016/04/03
  • Ready for WP 4.5.
  • Code quality improvements.


  • 2015/11/07
  • Bugfix: avoid annoying message caused by is_embed() in WP 4.4.0.


  • 2015/06/08
  • Bugfix: avoid php notices when no template parts are found.
  • Improvement: the "Hide WP SEO" checkbox also removes the fields in taxonomy screens now.
  • Removed all unused old files. SVN, I hate you so much.


  • 2015/03/30
  • Two years without any update: it's time to rebuild everything from the ground with unicorns and kittens!
  • The main focus of this release is to repair broken things and remove obsolete features. It's a major rewrite.
  • New: in front-end, list the template and all template parts used in the current page. Compatible with WooCommerce.
  • New: if WP SEO is installed, you can remove all its columns et metaboxes (they bore me).
  • New: if WPML is installed, you will have a link to the "hidden tools" (dangerous weapons that will blow up your site if you don't know what you do ( ゚Д゚)<!!).
  • Removed: the admin bar can no longer be shrinked.
  • Removed: coworking feature. Did somebody use it? It was a big mess for only this "tiny" thing.
  • Changed: the settings are in your profile page. Some of them are now user preferences.
  • Improved: more hooks listed in the admin area.
  • Improved: display the number of times the hooks are hit (for real this time).
  • Improved: hook code selection.
  • Improved: the "disable auto-save" feature now works with new WordPress releases. It also removes auto-lock, auth-check ("XXX is currently editing this post"), and all the things related to Heartbeat.
  • Todo: meh.


  • 2013/01/26
  • Bugfix in settings page (a missing BR tag)


  • 2013/01/26
  • New: Auto "subscribe" when the plugin is activated. No need to rush to the settings page after activation now.
  • New tool: pre_print_r(). It's a kind of improved print_r() to use where you need: wrap with a <pre> tag, choose how to display it (or not) to other users with 2 parameters.
  • New: add your own options in the settings page. See the two action hooks 'sf-abt-settings' and 'sf-abt-preferences'. Now there's a new system to deal with the plugin options, see the 'sf_abt_default_options', 'sf_abt_sanitization_functions' and 'sf_abt_sanitize_settings' filters.
  • New section "Personal preferences" in the plugin settings page, with the two following options:
  • The cowork tree and statuses are refreshed every 5 minutes and on window focus. Now you can disable this.
  • When you're on a post edit screen, WordPress autosave your post every minute. Now you can disable this.
  • New: Enable the "All Options" options menu.
  • Enhancement: if you use the Debug Bar plugin, its admin bar item has an icon on a small screen now (icon from http://gentleface.com/free_icon_set.html).
  • Fix: in rares occasions, the admin submenus were displayed under content.
  • Fix: use wp_get_theme() only if exists (WP 3.4).
  • Fix: check WordPress version.


  • 2012/10/17
  • Bugfix in settings page


  • 2012/10/16 - Major release
  • Bugfix: jQuery is now launched correctly in themes where it's not already present.
  • Enhancement: the main item is now located at the far right of the admin bar. I think it's more convenient for the "retract" functionality.
  • Enhancement: now there's a small indicator for the "Fix/unfix admin menu" functionality.
  • Enhancement: the $wp_query lightbox works on a 404 page.
  • New tool: cowork.
  • New indicators: php memory, php version, WP_DEBUG state, error_reporting level, current front-end template.
  • New tool: hooks list in administration.
  • Thanks a lot to juliobox for some of the awesome ideas :)


  • 2012/06/16
  • Minor CSS fix for WP 3.4: the floated admin menu was partially hidden under the admin bar.


  • 2012/06/10 - First public release

Requires: 3.1 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.7.0
Last Updated: 2 months ago
Active Installs: 700+


4.7 out of 5 stars


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