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Server Side Tagging via Google Tag Manager for WordPress

Server Side Tagging via Google Tag Manager for WordPress


Improve your WordPress site’s performance and data privacy by using server side tagging through Google Tag Manager (GTM). The Conversios SST plugin allows you to monitor user interactions and conversions across various platforms, such as Google Analytics 4, Facebook, Google Ads, Snapchat Conversions API, and TikTok Events API. By moving tracking scripts from the client side to the server side, you can enhance page load speeds and ensure the accuracy and security of your data collection.

Server Side Tagging Key Features:

  • Easy Integration: Effortlessly integrate Google Tag Manager’s server-side tagging with your WordPress site.
  • Performance Boost: Relieve your site by shifting the load of tracking scripts to your server, thereby speeding up your site for visitors.
  • Enhanced Data Privacy: Protect user data by processing tracking events server-side, away from unauthorized access.
  • Accurate Data Collection: Increase the reliability of your tracking by addressing issues caused by ad-blockers and client-side disruptions.
  • Customizable: Supports extensive customization to suit your specific tracking and tagging requirements.
  • E-commerce Event Tracking: Thorough tracking of all e-commerce events.
  • Custom Loader: Adds a custom loader, ensuring that Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics tracking remain undetectable by ad blockers and other tracking prevention mechanisms.
  • No-Code Automation: Eliminates the need for manual coding with server e-commerce data layer automation.
  • Comprehensive Tracking and Audience Building: Accurately track conversions and build audiences on Google Analytics 4, Google Ads, Facebook, Snapchat, and TikTok.

Pro Features

Unlock premium features with the Pro version of our plugin. [Purchase now] to access:

  • Automatic GTM Web Container: This tool automatically sets up GTM web containers, eliminating the need to create tags, variables, and triggers for multiple channels.
  • Automatic GTM Server Side Container: Provides automatic setup of GTM server containers.
  • Server URL for sGTM: One-click provisioning of powerful server URL for 100% uptime, scalability, and security.
  • Custom GTM Loader: Sets first-party cookies, extends cookie lifespan, enhances GTM and GA4 to resist AdBlockers and ITP, and preserves data tracking integrity.
  • Server Side Tracking for GA4: Complete e-commerce tracking.
  • Server Side Tracking for Google Ads: Complete conversion tracking and audience building in Google Ads.
  • Server Side Tracking for Facebook Ads and CAPI: Complete conversion tracking and audience building in Facebook.
  • Server Side Tracking for Snapchat Ads and CAPI: Complete conversion tracking and audience building in Snapchat.
  • Server Side Tracking for TikTok Events API: Complete conversion tracking and audience building in TikTok.


  • Extended Cookie Lifespan: To extend the lifespan of cookies, use a custom domain for your server-side Google Tag Manager (GTM) container, ensuring consistent tracking over time.
  • Enhanced Tracking Accuracy: Improve tracking accuracy by reducing data loss and discrepancies with the custom loader.
  • Streamlined Implementation: Simplify the integration of the GTM script on your website, facilitating seamless delivery of e-commerce and user data.
  • Improved Data Accuracy: Bypass browser restrictions and create first-party cookies to ensure reliable data collection.
  • First-Party Data for Google Audiences: Generate first-party data for Google audiences, enabling more accurate and comprehensive data for audience targeting.
  • Enhanced Privacy Compliance: Comply with privacy regulations by reducing reliance on third-party cookies and gaining greater control over data collection.
  • Reduced Client-Side Load: Improve page load times and overall user experience by offloading tracking scripts to the server.
  • Increased Data Security: Enhance data security by processing data server-side, minimizing the risk of client-side data breaches.
  • Customizable Data Processing: Tailor data collection and processing to your specific needs with flexible server side tagging.

Third-Party Services

This plugin integrates with the following third-party services to enhance its functionality:

  • Google APIs:

    • Usage: Access various Google APIs for functionality such as authentication, data retrieval, and interaction with Google’s services.
    • Terms of Service & Privacy Policy
  • Google Tag Manager:

  • Google Analytics:

  • Tatvic API:

    • Usage: This plugin uses Tatvic API for certain functionalities.
    • Privacy Policy


  • General plugin settings.
  • GTM settings.
  • Google Analytics settings.
  • Google Ads Conversion Tracking settings.
  • Facebook Pixel & Facebook Conversions API (Meta) settings.
  • Snapchat Pixel & Conversion API settings.
  • TikTok Pixel & Events API settings
  • Custom Advance settings.


  1. Unzip and upload the “server-side-tagging-via-google-tag-manager-for-wordpress” to the ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  3. Go to “Server Side Tagging Via GTM” settings and enter your Web and Server Container info and Server Side URL and, Set additional options for start tracking like GA4, Google Ads, FB, etc.


Where can I get the server URL?

Please contact Conversios.io for the server URL.

What is server side tagging?

Server-side tagging moves the execution of tags from the client (browser) to the server, enhancing performance, security, and data accuracy. For more details, please contact Conversios.io.

What is GTM automation?

GTM automation refers to the automatic setup of Google Tag Manager containers, both web and server, eliminating the need to manually create tags, variables, and triggers for multiple channels. This plugin provides one-click automation for e-commerce events and ad channels.

If the plugin stops working or is not working, what should I do?

Please check your server’s user request limit.

How does the plugin ensure GDPR compliance?

It adheres to GDPR compliance standards to protect user privacy and data with a server-side tagging solution.

How does the plugin handle server side tracking for various Ads platforms?

It supports server-side tracking for Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Snapchat Conversions API, and TikTok Events API.


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1.0.4 – 22/07/2024

  • Made php 8.3 stable

1.0.3 – 02/07/2024

  • Initial release