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Core Tweaks WordPress Setup

Primarily for use in new WP installations, the steps are based on an employee checklist from Search Commander, Inc. for setting up sites.

  • Added option to turn off thumbail cropping.
  • Tested compatibility with wordpress 4.5.

  • Removed option to add robots.txt file.
  • Verified compatability with wordpres 4.3+.

  • Updated videos and screenshots

  • Addition of Angie's list and Houzz to Our Profiles
  • Fixed youtube 3 minute video link in Our Profiles

  • Updated code that prevents removed plugins from being active.
  • Changed wordpress required minimum version.
  • Added search result icon.

  • Removed success notice for wordpress meta version removal.
  • Removed stray test echo code showing the word 'on' on the settings page.
  • Updated jQuery code that controls deselect all option on settings page.

  • Removed advanced section with the h1 hack.
  • Changed and removed wording on the settings page.
  • Added schema code to the add contact page section.
  • Enable the Atom Publishing Protocol and Enable the WordPress, Movable Type, MetaWeblog and Blogger XML-RPC publishing protocols - checkbox is now checked by default.
  • Made 'Make the Changes' button green for easier visibility.
  • Removed Post Teaser, Page Link, and Page Order plugins.
  • Default page added by wordpress is now Sample Page instead of About. Edit section to rename that page to reflect that.

  • Removed settings for adding uploads folder, wordpress now does this on install.
  • Removed blogroll deletion, it's no longer installed by wordpress.
  • Tested with wordpress 3.9 and updated tested up to version in readme.


  • Fixed missing comma in Our Profiles.


  • Addition of tripadvisor service in Our Profiles tool.


  • Addition of Our Profiles tool.


  • Removed Page Order, Page link, and Post Teaser. The features of these plugins are now built-in to wordpress in more advanced ways. If you're site is currently using these plugins through Core Tweaks, they will continue to work, although you will not be able to change settings for them from the wp-admin menu. Once you've converted/adjusted from using them to the wordpress features, you can permanently deactivate them from the core tweaks settings page. (Note: once off, then can not be reactivated.)


  • Added target="_blank" to main title of rss extended feed.


  • Added ability to limit characters of rss extended feed content descriptions.
  • In order to assure compatibility with the Yoast WordPress SEO plugin and eliminate confusion among users, we have removed the WP user field for "Google Profile URL.
  • Changed wording on fail error message for the organize uploads by date option to prevent confusion with the checkbox.
  • Added more information to the permalink setting to warn on existing permalink settings being changed.
  • Readme.txt redone to include changelog correctly.
  • Updated main SEO Automatic admin page with new links for other SEO Automatic plugins.


  • Addition of setting import/export.
  • Some wording change and set sitemap page creation to off by default.


  • Banner addition to plugin download page.


  • Wording change.


  • Changes to privacy policy.
  • Prevent HTML stripping from user profiles on/off option added.
  • Added google profile url field to profile.

3.7.1 and 3.7.2

  • Wording changes


  • Updated Post Teaser to ***
  • Separated all included plugins to be active or deactivated.
  • Corrected uploads organization option to no reset on second run of core tweaks.
  • Fixed privacy policy again.
  • Revamped core tweaks admin home page and sidebars to be easier to edit between all SEO Automatic plugins.


  • Added icons and images to plugin folder.
  • Changed feeds from feedcommander to built-in wordpress rss.


  • Updated Page Order plugin to *0a.


  • Added on/off option for Post Teaser Plugin.


  • Changed included image on privacy policy to a local image instead of external.
  • Added FAQ on why image suddenly stopped working before **
  • Edited wording on results page after running settings to clarify certain items better.


  • Corrected some function naming to avoid conflicts.
  • Added details on how the footer links work.
  • Changed plugin name back to original.
  • Added creation and try to set permissions on Google XML sitemap files.
  • Added option to turn on and off full error reporting.
  • Removed contact page pre-fill on the settings page.
  • Added notation on how to increase post teasers.


  • Updated Page Order to version *9.1
  • Added privacy policy creation
  • Added contact page creation with option for a google map
  • Added remote publishing options.
  • Added hook to footer for date, admin login, editing, privacy policy, and sitemap.
  • Wording edits for clarification.


  • Unchecked many options to get users to be more careful with settings.
  • Updated messages and information to help users understand the results better.
  • Changed layout and links.
  • Removed out-dated help page and added more links to the forum.
  • Logo change.


  • Made a correction to the DD Sitemap Generator.


  • Removed Canonical plugin since it's now included in All in One SEO plugin.
  • Better Blogroll/Links-extended was removed until it is updated by the original developers. The widget options no longer save to the database.
  • Updated Page Order plugin to version 8.
  • Updated Post Teaser to version 0.
  • Updated Sitemap Generator to version 1
  • Fixed the permission errors that were being seen.


  • Update admin area to display properly in WP *8.


  • Added the H2 to H1 theme change back in.
  • Removed better blogroll temporarily until the issue of the links widget being removed and having to be readded is resolved.


  • Updated robots.txt file contents.
  • Screenshot at repository is working now.
  • Removed all theme related tweaks except the H1 Hack.
  • Updated home page and style of plugin admin area.
  • Reorganized results for easier viewing of success and errored items.
  • Added deselect all checkboxes option.


  • Page link manager is upgraded to *0b.
  • Cleaning up file structure of plugin zip.
  • New initial admin user can be added.
  • H1 hack now auto changes the_title() to single_post_title() so that the h1 hack of changeH1 in the custom metas will work easily.


  • Robot meta tag is added to the header.
  • Auto creation of sitemap page for DDSiteMap Gen and removed from navigation menu.
  • Auto creation of a robots.txt file in the blog root.


  • Added change of H2 to H1 tags for current theme.
  • Canonical Plugin now integrated.
  • Dagon Design Sitemap Generator integrated.


  • Corrected Cheatin' Huh message, but need more testing by beta testers to be sure since this requires a fresh wordpress install.
  • Added ability to change blog description/tagline.
  • Added attempt to create uploads folder and set permission to 77* (Will work depending on what your hosting server allows.)
  • Added uncheck option for the organize uploads by month/year.

0.9 thru 1.3

  • Development versions and SVN testing

Requires: 3.8 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.5.5
Last Updated: 10 months ago
Active Installs: 3,000+


4 out of 5 stars


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