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Secure HTML5 Video Player

Secure HTML5 Video Player allows you to play HTML5 video on modern browsers. Videos can be served privately; pseudo-streamed from a secured directory


  • Fixed bad styling inherited from default WordPress themes for box-sizing.
  • Fixed use of deprecated PHP parent constructor.


  • Fixed a bug Youtube embeds failed to render because of failure to load the Youtube API.


  • Fixed a bug where saving S3 link expiration time would not get saved if units were set in seconds.


  • Fixed custom short code setting so that it can be properly set to something other than "video".
  • Trimmed S3 setting strings to prevent a hard to track down key inconsistency that can arise from copy and pasting values.


  • Fixed Settings links in plugin list to prevent spilling over to other plugin items.


  • Recognizes Firefox support for MP4 video playback.
  • Prioritizes MP4 video playback in the ordering of the video sources.
  • Added option to set the preference between 2 video file caching options: symbolic-linking and hard-linking/copying.


  • Optimized videos served over file cache using symbolic links.


  • Added ability to preview videos in widget and metabox interfaces.
  • Added ability to insert short codes into posts from the metabox interface.
  • Fixed the link to the settings page from the plugin activation page.


  • Removed unnecessary error logging.
  • Added option to customize the video shortcode name.
  • Fixed an issue where cached video files aren't updated if changed within the cache limit time.
  • Added a FAQ for Amazon S3 configuration.


  • Fixed a bug where OGV videos were not detected on Firefox browsers if there was no corresponding WEBM video.
  • Added donation button.
  • Optimized browser detection.


  • Removed dependency on Flowplayer for Flash fallback.
  • Added back fallback support for Firefox playback of MP4 videos using Flash.


  • Added GPLv3 licensing info.
  • Moved screenshots to the central plugin assets folder.


  • Upgraded Flowplayer files to the latest version to resolve a security hole.
  • Removed option for Flash fall back. Flash fall back now happens automatically, and only for IE 7 and 8.
  • Added option to turn on controls in HTML5 video player for the native skin setting.
  • Added Spanish language localization, courtesy of webhostinghub.com.


  • Added ability to set the duration time for S3 media lifespan.
  • Expanded the S3 server list for current Amazon S3 global regions. Note: The S3 server must be specified to the one that matches the region of the bucket.
  • Added additional help text in the S3 settings tab.


  • Added support for Amazon S3 (and compatible file services) for video file storage and secured video serving.
  • Fixed an issue where uppercase file extension videos were not recognized.
  • Optimized temporary value cache to use APC, if available.


  • Fixed a typo in the help section.


  • Made file caching an optional setting over the legacy pseudo streaming via PHP.
  • Organized settings into tabs.
  • Added option to always display video download links.
  • Improved fallback behavior with native skin.
  • Added support for organization of videos into folders for secured video files.
  • Optimized storage of featured video meta data.


  • Optimized videos so that they're served from cached directories and filenames. This dramatically improves the performance on hosting providers that limit the resources allocated to PHP scripts.
  • Corrected compatibility problems with "W3 Total Cache".


  • Removed warning messages printed when detecting the installation path in the control panel.


  • Corrected an issue where the poster image was not restored after the video plays.


  • Added support for media servers.
  • Added support for external video services (Youtube and Vimeo) as primary or fallback media.
  • Added a native skin option to use the default player interface in the browser.
  • Added localization support.
  • Corrected detection of files ending with: .theora.ogv
  • Corrected autoplay support


  • Corrected FAQ to adhere to WordPress.org's standards.


  • Added support for playing videos in widgets.
  • Added support for looping videos.
  • Added screenshots.
  • Added answers to frequently asked questions.
  • Corrected script tag to be compliant to standards.
  • Corrected flash fallback object tag for IE8 compatibility.
  • Corrected a syntax error in the VideoJS skin: hu.css


  • First release.

Requires: 3.0 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.3.7
Last Updated: 1 year ago
Active Installs: 6,000+


3.9 out of 5 stars


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