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Secure Hidden Login

Secure Hidden Login hides the normal login and allows you to login wih a key combination or special button (in the same area taken up by the admin bar


  • Fix: Right Side Lock Icon works again
  • Info: Now tested up to WordPress 4.0


  • Fix: Forgot Password Links Sent Via E-mails work now
  • Info: .htaccess file contents changed: may need to disable and re-enable wp-login.php block


  • Fix: Left Side WordPress Icon shows up again (in old WordPress versions and 3.8)
  • Info: WordPress Icon uses 'dashicon' in WordPress 3.8 so it looks a bit different
  • Fix: Username/Password submit form moved to wp-login.php


  • Info: Tested and updated for WordPress 3.8
  • New: Added a Filter to allow different 'Forgot Password' success test
  • New: Added a Filter to allow a different 'LOGIN' text word
  • Fix: Login bar form is now generated server side and added via ajax
  • Fix: Forgot Password form is also generated server side
  • Fix: Using placeholders instead of labels+css for input boxes (should correct alignment issues)
  • Fix: Unable to deactivate Plugin bug due to missing .htaccess
  • Fix: For Security, CSS file and Javascript now directly included in source code (script.js removed)
  • Info: WP Scan Passive plugin enumerating will no longer find Secure Hidden Login
  • Info: Added much more detail to the 'what do if locked out' FAQ question
  • Info: FAQ Question to change styles added back
  • Info: Human Test/CAPTCHA planned for next release (v1.1.0)


  • Renamed some CSS classes to prevent conflict with other plugins (like Sidebar Login)


  • (Request) If user registration is enabled, a 'Register' link can be added to the login bar
  • Ran plugin with WP_DEBUG set to true (with Debug bar) and fixed all notices and warnings
  • Fixed a bug that would cause an error if an incorrect password was entered
  • Tested in WordPress 3.5.1


  • Re-branded as part of the 'EditSee' plugin suite
  • Forgot Password integrated (no longer goes to the Forgot Password page with a valid entry)
  • Forgot Password success message is displayed with new CSS
  • Fixed 'Dashboard' button in iPhone/Android WordPress Apps not working (when block wp-login.php is on)
  • Fixed missing '</div>' introduced in 0.6 when I removed jQuery check
  • Added specific css for labels inside of the text box
  • Settings Page: Moved donation button to the top of Settings, please consider donating!
  • Settings Page: Changed 'Display Style' to a Select Box/Dropdown
  • Settings Page: Moved 'Button Color' options to the bottom (all other options moved up)
  • Settings Page: Renamed 'Save Changes' button to 'Update Secure Hidden Login Settings'
  • Settings Page: Corrected some wording


  • Added a Widget so a 'Login' Link can be placed anywhere (Title and Link Text can be customized)


  • Changed minimum required version to WordPress 3.3.2 (Tested and Working)
  • Fixed some minor display issues caused by some themes (CSS resets)
  • Option to 'Attempt to create' missing .htaccess file
  • Moved Script Loading to Footer, (fixes jQuery load issues, removed FAQ question)
  • Tested in WordPress 3.5, No issues


  • Now checks for a valid .htaccess file or does not allow wp-login.php block


  • Added Simple LOGIN button Display Style
  • Added Left Side WordPress Icon Display Style
  • Added a new color! Yellow!
  • Login Button Color and Forgot Password Color can now be set independently
  • Lock Icon no longer stays on login bar after getting clicked
  • Header on Settings page changed from Options to Settings
  • Updated Frequently Asked Questions again (removed color question, added IE bug info)
  • Skipped 0.4


  • Fixed an issue with a PHP Warning coming up if Settings were not yet saved.
  • Updated plugin description and information
  • No longer using a .htaccess file in wp-admin (removed FAQ question relating to this)
  • Cleaned up error messages relating to reading/writing to main .htaccess file
  • Added a 'Redirect to Home page on Logout' option to further hide normal wordpress login
  • Other minor code cleaning up and bugfixes


  • Fixed some issues with the addition/removal of the .htaccess wp-admin/wp-login.php block code
  • You can now change the color of the buttons


  • upon deactivation, the plugin now automatically cleans up .htaccess files
  • updated FAQ's including emergency login page code
  • some other minor code cleanup and bufixes
  • plugin will detect if jQuery loaded correctly, and if not write a link to wp-admin on the page


  • Initial release

Requires: 3.3.2 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.0.10
Last Updated: 1 year ago
Active Installs: 900+


4.3 out of 5 stars


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