Photonic Gallery for Flickr, Picasa, SmugMug, 500px, Zenfolio and Instagram

Galleries on steroids! A stylish plugin for galleries of your public and private WP, Flickr, Picasa, SmugMug, 500px, Zenfolio & Instagram photos.

Sayontan Sinha 8,000+ active installs Tested with 4.7.5 Updated 5 months ago

Press This New Post

Adds a 'Press This' item to the '+ New' drop-down in the Toolbar for directly accessing Press This.

Drew Jaynes 600+ active installs Tested with 4.7.0 Updated 7 months ago

Cleverwise Daily Quotes

Adds daily quotes (tips, snippets, etc) sections with the ability to choose the categories. Plus total control of themes and layouts.

Jeremy O'Connell 500+ active installs Tested with 4.8 Updated 8 months ago

Hola Free Video Player

The Hola video player is VideoJS on steroids – a commercial grade, flexible
video player, which provides your users the best viewing experience.

Hola Networks 80+ active installs Tested with 4.7.5 Updated 5 months ago

Facebook Send Button for WordPress

This plugin adds a facebook/messenger send button to your WordPress posts, pages, before and after content and gives you a shortcode as well.

Maavuz Saif, Code Freaks 40+ active installs Tested with 4.5.0 Updated 12 months ago

Duplicate and Merge Posts

Duplicate existing pages on your site, edit them, and merge them back over the original. Think drafts on steroids.

Exygy, DavidWells, Pllum 2,000+ active installs Tested with 4.1.18 Updated 2 years ago

AutoSave Net

Auto-saves on steroids! QuickSave Timed Backup of your Post Content while writing. Compare and Restore QuickSave backups metabox.

Tony Hayes Fewer than 10 active installs Tested with 4.7.5 Updated 5 months ago

GAS Injector

GAS Injector for WordPress is a plugin which makes it easy for you to start collecting statistics with Google Analytics on your WordPress blog.

Niklas Olsson 100+ active installs Tested with 3.9.19 Updated 3 years ago

Recipe Hero

Recipe Hero is the easiest way to add recipes to your WordPress site in seconds. Complete with countless features, food never tasted better.

Bryce Adams 1,000+ active installs Tested with 4.1.0 Updated 2 years ago

Flickr on Steroids

AJAX-powered Flickr gallery builder with a neat user interface.

Alexey Smirnov Fewer than 10 active installs Tested with 3.1.4 Updated 6 years ago

Published Articles Since Last Visit

Display a list of published articles since a visitor's last visit.

PadiCode 30+ active installs Tested with 3.0.5 Updated 6 years ago

GitHub Gist Shortcode Plugin

Allows the use of a simple shortcode to embed GitHub Gists in a post or page.

Paul William 50+ active installs Tested with 2.8 Updated 8 years ago

Ozh' Better Feed

Your feed, on steroids : add a custom footer to RSS items with, for example, a copyright notice, a "Read More (400 words)" links, an "A …

Ozh 4,000+ active installs Tested with 9.9 Updated 7 years ago

TagCloud html5

Tag cloud on html5 steroids based on tagcanvas-JS from

Bjoern Teichmann 200+ active installs Tested with 2.9.2 Updated 7 years ago