WP Notes Remover

WP Notes Remover plugin removes unnesessary technical information notes (e.g. below the WordPress comments, comments are closed).

Svetoslav Marinov (Slavi) 200+ active installations Tested with 4.6.8 Updated 1 year ago

Wordless Extender

Wordless Extender is a starting point for everyone: list of commonly used plugins, wp-config.php / .htaccess configuration and security improvements.

welaika Fewer than 10 active installations Tested with 4.7.7 Updated 2 months ago

Title Remover

Gives you the ability to hide the title of any post, page or custom post type item without affecting menus or titles in the admin area.

Brittany Internet Services 100,000+ active installations Tested with 3.9.21 Updated 3 years ago


Migrates a phpBB forum into a bbPress forum.

Orson Teodoro Fewer than 10 active installations Tested with 3.2.1 Updated 6 years ago