Pantheon HUD

A heads-up display into your Pantheon environment.

Pantheon 400+ active installs Tested with 4.8 Updated 3 weeks ago

Quick Navigation Interface

Quickly access screens and content within wp-admin just by typing the first few letters of the name.

Ian Dunn 100+ active installs Tested with 4.8 Updated 1 year ago

Event Rocket

Unsupported set of experimental extensions, hacks and gadgetry for The Events Calendar

Barry Hughes 3,000+ active installs Tested with 4.3.11 Updated 2 years ago

YES! YouTube Essential Statistics

A simple but robust Widgetized Heads up Display of any given YouTube Channel.

Henrik Ryosa 50+ active installs Tested with 3.4.2 Updated 5 years ago


LivePress is a hosted live blogging solution that integrates seamlessly with your WordPress-based site.

LivePress Inc. 60+ active installs Tested with 4.7.5 Updated 1 month ago

SL Tools

A set of tools to make life easier for Second Life bloggers. Includes a SLURL shortcode and syntax highlighting for LSL.

Paul Reitz Fewer than 10 active installs Tested with 3.0.5 Updated 7 years ago