Ad Injection

Injects any adverts (e.g. AdSense) into the WordPress posts or widget area. Restrict who sees ads by post length/age/referrer or IP.

reviewmylife 30,000+ active installations Tested with 4.3.15 Updated 2 years ago


Block visitors based on the country they are visiting from.

It can be very useful for websites targeting a specific country or region to block visito …

Played Interactive 30+ active installations Tested with 3.5.2 Updated 5 years ago

Authorize by IP

Authorize by IP allows access to a wordpress website behind an existing website based on the visitor's IP. This is especially useful during the d …

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Nokia Maps & Places

With Nokia Maps & Places plugin you can easily add places and addresses into your WordPress posts or pages.

Nokia Corporation 60+ active installations Tested with 3.5.2 Updated 3 years ago