Calorie Calculator

The Calorie Calculator can be used to estimate the calories you need to consume each day. It also provides simple guidelines to gain or lose weight.

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Cleverwise FatSecret Basic

Easily integrate the FatSecret Platform JavaScript API into your WordPress powered site.

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Easy Nutrition Facts Label

This plugin creates a 'nutrition-label' custom post type which can be assigned to any page or post.

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OpenMenu – The official plugin for OpenMenu

Easily create posts that are based on your OpenMenu. Fully integrates an OpenMenu or OpenMenu's and a restaurants Deals/Coupons into an existing …

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Nutrition Facts Vitamins

Use this free WordPress plugin to create Nutrition Facts Labels with vitamins.

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Nutritional Value Facts Table

With This Plugin We Can Add The Nutritional Information Of Foods. We Can Add Calories, Carbs, Fats, Protein, Vitamins, Minerals and Omega 3 Omega 6 Ratio. We can write about the benefits of that particular food. This is the most complete nutritional facts label on the plugin market for WordPress.

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Unit Converter

Detects units of measurement in your blog text and automatically displays the metric or US customary equivalent in one of several possible ways.

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Twice Cooked Recipe Cards

Twice Cooked Recipe Cards by helps you turn your recipes into fancy printable recipe cards, complete with SEO-friendly microformats.

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WP Recipe Maker

The easy and user-friendly recipe plugin for everyone. Automatic JSON-LD metadata for better SEO will get you more visitors!

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Kitchenbug is the ultimate tool for food bloggers, providing full recipe nutritional analysis, rich-snippets compliance, unit conversion and more.

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WP Calories

WP Calories shows a beautiful food photo whith calories ( kcal ) description on Your sidebar.

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Use hRecipe for creating Google Rich Snippets, for leveraging SEO results, and for attractively displaying your recipes.

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This plugin provides a WordPress shortcode which generate an FDA-style nutrition label.

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