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Search Engine

**This plugin is no longer in development** - A search engine for WordPress that indexes ALL of your site and provides comprehensive search.


  • Security fix for orderby handling


  • Added the search_engine_noindex() function that can be run on any specific page/template you don't want to index, must be placed before wp_head() runs in the theme
  • Lots of bug fixes and performance updates
  • Bug fixes for WP Admin UI

  • Bug fix for default site search (wasn't picking up current site if default site hadn't been set)


  • Added setting (in Search Engine >> Settings) to set default site - This is used for Object Monitoring and the Site Search integration) - Leave blank for current host / scheme to be used, otherwise it'll default to the site of your choice
  • Bug fix for output during Object Monitoring
  • Bug fix for Index Template management screen on 'Site' column - wasn't showing 'scheme' or 'directory'


  • Added Object Monitoring code, this is basic right now - Just WP Posts / Pages / CPT - Pods support coming when Pods 2.0 is released.
  • Lots of bug fixes


  • Now using wp_remote_request to simplify requests and maximize compatibility with multiple server / php configurations
  • Fixed bug where the Spider doesn't detect it's finished (jQuery iframe issue)
  • Fixed bug where the Spider goes into a loop depending on the URL if containing a hash #
  • Fixed bug in detection of completion of Indexing (showed error in both cases)
  • Minor css bug fixes


  • Added option to Reset all data, and added ability to edit the Search Engine Token Key


  • You can now index based off of a directory, when indexing a new site simply type in the path like a normal url at the end of a domain name and you'll start indexing from that page on (previously restricted to the root only)
  • You can now use 'nofollow' as a class to exclude a set of URLs within an HTML tag, or 'noindex' in a class to exclude content on a page from indexing, or use 'onlyindex' in a class to ONLY include that content on the page for indexing (excludes all other data automatically): In all indexing cases, links will be pulled from the entire page even outside designated onlyindex/noindex sections -- The class check can be partial, so you can set your class to be noindexing and 'noindex' being a part of it will trigger that functionality during indexing
  • XML Sitemaps - Download sitemaps containing links to every page of your site
  • You can now continue an index if it did not complete, either via Reindexing based on the same template or from within Wizard (you will get a visual notice alerting you to any failed indexing)
  • Added cross_scheme option, to allow switching between http and https during indexing (default restricts to the originating scheme)
  • Bug fixes + features in Admin.class.php
  • Bug fixes in indexing
  • Bug fixes in search (encoding issues)


  • View Search Logs - View queries recently typed, how long it took them to process, and how many results were returned
  • Bug fixes + features in Admin.class.php
  • Bug fixes in indexing
  • Bug fixes in search


  • Bug fixes in indexing
  • Index Relevancy tweaks


  • Better searching (more than one word works now)
  • Search Term highlighting in Title / Description / URL
  • CSS tweaks
  • No longer looking for links in <style>, <object>, <embed>, <applet>, <noscript>, and <noembed> tags


  • Bug fix for lmao


  • preg_replace fix
  • CSS tweaks


  • Tweaks to CSS to make it work in other themes
  • Added SEARCH_ENGINE_CUSTOM_CSS check to see if it's defined, if so - don't use the CSS provided by the plugin
  • Added 'css' parameter in the shortcode, [search_engine sites='1,3,4' css='0'] which when set to 0, it will not output CSS
  • Description excerpts on results
  • Index exclusion of <script> content
  • No longer looking for links in <pre> and <code> tags


  • Bug fixes for Spider.class.php


  • Bug fixes: Inclusion of SQL :-) and fix in Admin.class.php


  • First official release to the public as a plugin

Requires: 2.9 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.5.2
Last Updated: 2 years ago
Active Installs: 700+


5 out of 5 stars


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