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“There are several dedicated plugins that you can use. In my opinion, the best is Schema App Structured Data.”
Neil Patel’s Blog on Structured Data

What Markup does Schema App WordPress Plugin Create?

By activating the plugin Schema App WordPress plugin automatically creates markup for the all your pages, posts, author and category content leveraging information that already exists in your WordPress website. Just activate the plugin, adding your logo and name of your business, BAM, your content is optimized to be fully understood by search engines resulting in higher traffic, higher click through rates and more. The plugin also provides all three Google Site Structure features including Breadcrumbs, Sitelinks Searchbox and Your Site Name in Results. Schema App WordPress plugin also integrates with Schema App Tools to automatically deploy custom content (see below).

What type of markup is created with this plugin?

  • Page :
  • Post :
  • Search :
  • Author :
  • Category :
  • Tag :
  • Blog :
  • BreadcrumbList :
  • WebSite :

Schema App WordPress Plugin FAQ

Optimize Website Fully with Schema App Tools

There is a lot of benefit of adding schema markup to fully describe your business including increased organic traffic, higher search rank and rich results. To achieve this you need to optimize your whole website with schema markup. Schema App Tools enable marketers to create custom markup for a website’s Local Business, Organization, Services, Reviews, Contact Page and more. Schema App Tools have the complete vocabulary, requires no JSON-LD coding, and help you do ongoing schema markup maintenance when Google changes their recommendations. Learn more about the Schema App Tools. Schema App Tools subscriptions include support from our experts in schema markup.

Manage multiple sites?

Schema App Tools allow you to easily manage schema markup across multiple domains and provides scalable solutions for sites with large amounts of data. If you want to add schema markup to your WordPress website in the most productive and smart way, it’s Schema App.

Using WooCommerce?

Schema App also offers a WooCommerce plugin to optimize your products and get product rich snippets. Learn more here.


  • Schema App Tools Admin
  • Settings Menu Navigation
  • Page Meta Box
  • Editor UI
  • Link to Validation


Installation is straightforward

  1. Upload hunch-schema to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  3. Configure AMP publisher settings for Plugin in WordPress under Settings>Schema App
  4. For greater organic search results register with Schema App to extend your content structured data.
  5. Add the Account ID to WP Admin > Settings > Schema App from the registration email and found at


You\’ll find the [FAQ on] (

Installation Instructions

Installation is straightforward

  1. Upload hunch-schema to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  3. Configure AMP publisher settings for Plugin in WordPress under Settings>Schema App
  4. For greater organic search results register with Schema App to extend your content structured data.
  5. Add the Account ID to WP Admin > Settings > Schema App from the registration email and found at


Must For SEO!

This plugin is a must if you care about SEO. It has also responsive support. What else you need?

The Worst Plugin Ever

this thing sucks… the markup it outputs is full of errors… i.e. availableLanguage should be one of English, ENG, en, en-US, while your Language Object is not loaded, and the app adds a link instead of a language name, and the same happens for all second degree (or lower) children, so either you fix this in your App, or stop selling it. I bet people giving good reviews have no idea what a markup should be. I even watched your videos, and even there you get a markup with errors, and give it as good, but without showing a result from Google SD Testing Tool (or other tools). Please stop intoxicating the internet with junk (talking about SD with errors)! Fix that App, or take it out of the market, please!

You have to pay (and really a lot) if you want functionalities

After watching 4 or 5 video tutorials I realized that the plugin doesn’t automatically read any of the informations provided in the wordpress database unless you buy the premium version. And it allows you to manage just 10 pages in the free version…. it’s really annoying.

My website’s schema now goes to 9000!

Before this plugin, I used to think Schema markup was a bunch of independent snippets pasted around your website for an added search engine visibility boost.

This plugin takes Schema markup to 11, to a point where I had to re-learn how it’s actually supposed to work. It took me a few hours to get everything setup as their video tutorials suggest, but they were very clear and easy to follow along with. There were some wonky errors on setup (like not being able to define a City as a service area since I already attached it to my business address. I got around this by setting it as an Administrative Area, hope that was correct).

After a bit of troubleshooting on my own, the schema on my homepage (haven’t setup all pages yet) is error-free and chock full of interesting microdata…or metadata, whichever is more correct! Now hoping/waiting for the Knowledge Panel social icons to show up under my business when searched for in Google.

Now, to be fair, I just set everything up on one page. We’ll see how many pages I can work with before the free version blocks me. I don’t think I’d ever pay $37/month for this service, but if they came down in price for an entry level package (something like websites under 50 pages, $5/month), I could see myself subscribing for the convenience. Also, I would like to see a knowledge base in text in addition to the videos. When trying to figure things out, it was a lot harder to sort through 5 videos on one topic and then scrubbing through each rather than searching and finding an article covering my question.

Anyhow, great plugin overall – thanks for all your hard work!

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Contributors & Developers

“Schema App Structured Data” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




  • Feature, AMP structured data support to improve on the WP /amp/ page’s structured data


  • Fix, improve compatibility with Advanced
  • Info, tested on WP 4.8


  • Fix, activation improvements, new hooks


  • Fix, adjust filter ‘hunch_schema_markup’, action ‘hunch_schema_markup_render’


  • Fix, WooCommerce activation


  • Feature, integration point for Schema App Advanced
  • Fix, cannot access property PHP notice


  • Feature, For Page markup add name, url, comment, commentCount
  • Fix, Improve Linked Data output


  • Fix, Server configuration
  • Fix, Missing description, use own method


  • Feature, Microdata filter option
  • Fix, communication with custom Schema App markup. Try Curl first otherwise use file_get_contents
  • Fix, Simplify Activation Sequence
  • Documentation, improve marketing copy, instructions


  • Fix, Server Errors on some web server


  • Feature, Add Linked Data Support
  • Feature, Tag Pages, add CollectionPage schema markup
  • Fix, Errors with Javascript URL, PHP Notices
  • Fix, Publisher details missing from list
  • Fix, Admin notice links


  • Fix, activation sequence


  • Feature, Improve Schema App speed by storing custom data in WP as transient data
  • Feature, Genesis Framework Filtering options
  • Fix, Show Page & Post Description default in admin
  • Fix, Setting page notice for default image


  • Feature, Default Article Image Object option
  • Fix, Improve custom markup form feedback


  • Fix, Publisher details for Article, BlogPosting


  • Feature, provide in post editing for custom schema markup


  • Fix, error with custom post types for WebSite markup


  • Feature, add wordCount, split keyword many properties


  • Fix, Add to BlogPosting default needed switch to HTTPS


  • Fix, BreadcrumbList @id conflicts


  • Feature, Website for Google Site Search Box
  • Feature, Website for Google Site Name
  • Feature, Filter to disable markup from PHP usable in Themes, Templates
  • Fix, BreadcrumbList error on other post types


  • Fix, error with access settings


  • Feature, BreadcrumbList for Page & Posts
  • Feature, Meta Box Layout Improvement
  • Fix, Javascript conflict for admin sections elements


  • Fix, Show Custom Markup for Latest Blog Homepages


  • Fix, Author details on Post edit screen
  • Fix, Loading of assets on plugin settings page for SSL site
  • Fix, jQuery conflict on Post edit screen
  • Feature, Added link in Toolbar to test markup


  • Fix, Javascript version to force reload


  • Fix, Add to Default Markup button


  • Feature, extend posts and page markup
  • Documentation, improve setup page instructions and descriptions


  • Feature, Pages option for more specific types
  • Feature, Disable markup option
  • Feature, Author’s ProfilePage improvement
  • Feature, Add 10 comments, total commentCount to blogPosting, Blog and Category pages
  • Feature, BlogPosting add keywords using tags
  • Feature, Add the Blog page as type


  • Feature, Default markup if no featured image set add first image in content
  • Fix, Publisher logo fallback markup
  • Fix, Canonical URL check with get_permalink


  • Fix, Improve Category (CollectionPage) data
  • Documentation, Improve Quick Guide and Settings instructions


  • Fix, Publisher image dimensions
  • Fix, Author name for Pages
  • Fix, API results filter null


  • Feature, Rename menu item ‘Schema Settings’ as ‘Schema App’
  • Feature, Admin Settings redesign as tabs
  • Feature, Tab for Quick Guide
  • Feature, License Tab for enabling WooCommerce plugin extension


  • Fix, Setting Publisher Image Upload
  • Feature, Add Admin Notices
  • Security, Prevent scripts being accessed directly


  • Fix for Publisher Logo Upload


  • Fix Editor JSON-LD Preview


  • Timeout after 5 seconds
  • Tested up to WP 4.4.1


  • Suppress Warning when no content found


  • Extend Page and Post Markup for Accelerated Mobile Pages


  • Plugin Description Update
  • Fix Meta Box Update (Create) Link


  • Fix Meta Box Update Link


  • Fix Category page error


  • Fix PHP Warning from empty Graph ID


  • Add Author, Category and Search page types
  • Show formatted and default markup in Meta Box
  • Change date formats to ISO8601
  • Code refactoring
  • Add Banner and Icon


  • Fixes to getResource routine


  • Fix PHP warning


  • Fix server file_get_contents warning


  • When no data found in Schema App, add some default page and post structured data


  • Add Post and Page Edit meta box
  • Server does caching, switch from Javascript to PHP API to retrieve data for header


  • First version