ScaleEngine Virtual Usher


The ScaleEngine Virtual Usher (SE-VU) plugin offers ScaleEngine customers video security on their WordPress Pages.
Our SE-VU system secures your content, guarding your investment in content production.
Monetize your content safely with a real authorization solution for live streamed events and for VoD.
Read more on our [Stream Security]: page.
SE-VU is available for both HLS and RTMP.

Players are available in two ways using the plugin, the sevu_embed shortcode and the sevu_ticket shortcode. The sevu_embed will
generate an html video embed on your page and attach a SE-VU ticket, allowing access to your SE-VU secured video content.
By default the embed uses JavaScript, flash player, and the video content that is hosted by ScaleEngine. However, if you do
not wish to use these external resources that we provide, you can override each resource and provide your own via shortcode attributes
(see plugin home page for further details [SE-VU Plugin]: The sevu_ticket shortcode will order a SE-VU
ticket and return the secure token and password of the ticket as a url param string. This string can then be passed to the video servers
to access the secured content. Both methods order SE-VU tickets through the ScaleEngine API using your ScaleEngine API credentials, which
are required during configuration of the application.



  • changed default app_inst from ‘live’ to ‘play’
  • removed unsupported rtsp links


Added support for jwplayer 7 and videojs
– jwplayer 7 can be accessed by changing jw_version to 7
– videojs can be used by adding player=”videojs” instead of jw_version


Fixed issue with jw5 url parsing of parameters


fixed jw6 smil files using sevu tickets


fixed jw6 streamer/file url not working properly for single videos


fixed jw6 js code


Added support for jwplayer 6


fixed sevu_embed to return the embed code properly

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