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WordPress-to-lead for Salesforce CRM

WordPress-to-Lead for Salesforce CRM creates a solid integration between your WordPress install(s) and your Salesforce.com account!

I'm not seeing any errors, but the entry didn't get added to Salesforce!

To turn on in browser debugging, add a hidden field (enabled) named debug and set the value to 1.

To turn on debugging via email, add a hidden field (enabled) named debugEmail and set the value to you@yourdomain.com (your email address).

Also check for debug logs at SalesForce to see if a validation rule is the culprit: Administration Setup | Monitoring | Debug Logs.

What are the built in field names? Not all the fields are working when I use the Field Label in the lead edit screen?

SalesForce is inconsistent in naming built in fields, and even misreports the names of some fields (like MobilePhone, which is actually mobile) in the customize fields screen. Generating a Web to Lead form gets you the real names, but the list below should help as well.

Built in fields

First Name   first_name
Last Name   last_name

Title       title
Website     URL

Phone       phone
Mobile      mobile
Fax         fax
Email       email

Address     street
City        city
State/Prov. state
Zip         zip
Country     country

Description     description
Industry        industry
Rating          rating
Annual Rev.     revenue
Employees       employees

Other Fields

Lead Source     lead_source
Email Opt Out   emailOptOut
Fax Opt Out     faxOptOut
Do Not Call     doNotCall

Lead Record Type recordType

Campaign    Campaign_ID

Campaign Member Status  member_status

Name may vary (these are lookup fields), generate a Web-to-Lead form with these fields included for the actual value

SIC Code
Product Interest
Current Generator(s)
Number of Locations

How do I setup Web to Lead/Case for my SalesForce Account?

Setting Up Web-to-Lead

Setting Up Web-to-Case

How do I setup a Web to Case form?

Choose Web to Case in the Form Settings (bottom of the form editor page).

Where do I find my Salesforce organization ID?

To find your Organization ID, do the following steps:

  1. Log in to your SalesForce.com account
  2. Go to Setup » Company Profile » Company Information
  3. You'll find the Organization ID in the lower right hand corner of your screen

How do I use a SalesForce custom field?

  1. Go to Setup » Customize » Leads » Fields
  2. If your custom field does not exist yet, create it now.
  3. Find the API Name for your field (e.g. Custom_Field_Example__c). If it doesn't end in "__c" it's not the API name and will not work.
  4. Add a new field to your form using the form editor on the plugin admin screen
  5. Enter the API Name as the field name (left most box), then fill out the other fields normally (make sure to enable the field!).
  6. Save your changes -- new submissions will now post that custom field to SalesForce.

How do I use the checkbox field?

Like any other field. Note that it is a single checkbox, not a checkbox list (yet).

Checkbox lists and radio buttons will be in a future update.

How do I use the select (picklist) field?

Hint: Use the form importer!

Use it like any other field -- however you'll need to specify the options (and optional values) for each field using the options box (far right). You'll also need to use the "internal name" from Salesforce as your field name (see next FAQ).

The value box for a select list is the default value (the one selected on a fresh form).

/* Preferred format: */

// Use same data for display and value passed to SF

// Use different data for display and value passed to SF, require user to select something (assuming field is required)
Select One|

// Use different data for display and value passed to SF

/* Legacy Format (does not allow the use of colons in names or values): */

//Use same data for display and value passed to SF

//Use different data for display and value passed to SF, require user to select something (assuming field is required)
Select One: | name1:value1 | name2:value2

//Use different data for display and value passed to SF
name1:value1 | name2:value2

Note: Leading & trailing whitespace is trimmed when names and values are displayed, so feel free to use spaces to make things more readable.

How do I use the Date field?

Choose it from the dropdown, that's all you have to do.

If you want to customize the date format or display/functionality of the datepicker UI, you can set the options by entering a list of options in the Options box of the field editor, one per line. Note that you must end each option with a comma, or you'll end up with a javascript error instead of a datepicker.


Default date format - Year, Month, Day

dateFormat : 'yy-mm-dd',

Month, Day, Year

dateFormat : 'mm-dd-yy',

Day, Month, Year

dateFormat : 'dd-mm-yy',

Day, Month, Year + Show the button panel

dateFormat : 'dd-mm-yy',
showButtonPanel: true,

More information about the datepicker options can be found here:

Requires: 3.5.2 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.0.5
Last Updated: 2015-4-20
Active Installs: 7,000+


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