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S3Bubble Media Streaming (AWS|Elementor|YouTube|Vimeo Functionality)


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  • Desktop App Save Thousands On Your AWS Bill Find Out More
  • DRM Proxy Security
  • Audio Waveform Player
  • AMP – Accelerated Mobile Pages Support
  • Elementor Pro Integration
  • 4K UHD, 1080, 720, 480, 360
  • Live, VOD, SVOD, PPV, TVOD
  • Amazon Web Services
  • YouTube & Vimeo Support
  • VAST/VPAID Advertising Integration
  • Captions, Subtitles & Audio
  • (HLS) Adaptive Bitrate Streaming
  • Netflix style (Trickplay) thumbnails
  • Video Security (DRM)
  • Prevent Browser Extensions
  • Chromecast & Apple Airplay Compatible
  • Bitrate Switcher
  • Picture-in-Picture support
  • Cross Platform Support
  • Saves You Money

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WordPress Hosted Themes Available:

WordPress OTT Example

WordPress OTT Dark Example


  • Dashboard 1
  • Dashboard 2
  • Dashboard 3
  • Dashboard 4
  • Dashboard 5


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Who are S3Bubble?

S3Bubble is made by a small but passionate team based in Cardiff, UK.
We love media and technology, so we decided to make it easier for people to share their content.


November 26, 2021
I am most grateful for your work and how it makes my vision easier to realize. Thank you.
June 5, 2020
We just implemented this solution for selling videos on our Wordpress site using WooCommerce and it works wonderfully. Support is not the fastest but by the look of it they are small company and I am confident that they will beef that up as they grow. The solution is awesome none the less.
December 17, 2019
Their video player has all the features it's competitors have plus more... Fully customizable player; Change color and look of player, add your own branding to player, supports multiple-language subtitles, unlimited playback speed options, supports Google Analytics, you can encode multiple video quality versions so it falls back to lower quality if there's bandwidth issues. It works with Amazon S3 video hosting, meaning there's no streaming bottlenecks, and you can even use Secure DRM so your videos can't be downloaded with a download plugin, that's a big deal! There's a learning curve to start using it, but I'm saving close to $400/month using it versus using Wistia, which charges monthly for *each video* you upload, and Wistia doesn't protect your videos from being downloadable, as far as I know. S3bubble's support has been *very responsive* for me from the get-go, and they've even added features I've requested. Like I said, it's not plug-and-play, but for me it's been well worth it.
December 7, 2018
We use this plugin for our OTT video streaming service it’s the only plugin we could find that allows us to utilise Amazons Media Services with WordPress. Takes a while to get up and running but we are happy with it so far and hope the support continues.
November 21, 2018
I am using this plugin to securely host e-learning videos, and it was first site that combined Wordpress video + Amazon transcoded videos. At the beginning the configuration seems really hard, but when you carefully watch video it's all explained, but you need to focus. There are some problems with customer service. I see there is a live chat now, instead of forum, which is a good direction. Hopefully someone will be answering questions fast. I hope they will make it compatible with older Internet Explorer. But generally a good sollution, and I see how they are growing. Maybe soon they will be able to set up everything as it supposed to. Also the S3 bubble app interface need some testing with users, to make it more intuitive.
November 5, 2018 1 reply
Seriously. Don't even bother. I was using them for nearly a year; and it wasn't great to begin with, but it was reasonable enough. The only reason I stuck around for so long is because it was decent, and at a fair price and after putting the work into it and building my website around it; I didn't want to waste the time going back through and changing, literally, hundreds of elements and items. But I should have. A few months back -technical support stopped responding. They were not answering anybody; for weeks on the support forum. The services weren't working properly so I might as well have just been throwing $30 bucks in the garbage every month. The entire service just started failing and glitching and no help was being offered. Even worse; THEY SAW all the complaints (go look at the now depreciated forums for yourself) and still didn't respond. I know this because they went out of their way to delete the topics and threads I started. I wasn't even complaining. I was just trying to get help for the service I was rightfully paying for. Ignored, deleted, pretended like none of their customers existed after wasting hundreds of dollars between them and Amazon AWS for storage and transcoding. For a broken train-wreck of a service and plugin that worked a fraction of the time, at best. And when it did it was still severely limited. They have now revamped their image because of the utterly horrible reputation they rightfully have now in an attempt to re-invent themselves. But don't let the fancy new logo and plugin update fool you. It's the same crappy service with blanket statement TOS that are meant to protect themselves from ripping you off. I and many others were paying about $30 a month for to use this plugin and service, with their new update - one that came without notice, it is now $250 a month for the same exact services that used to cost only the original $30. Like 4,000 media views an hour max, for instance. Is now $250 instead of $30. Makes sense, yeah? And I repeat. Without notice. Entire websites need to be rebuilt now. Waste of time. Waste of money. Another plugin and service out for themselves. It might look pretty. But trust me, take my word for it. The services on the other side of this membership are ugly as sin.
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Contributors & Developers

“S3Bubble Media Streaming (AWS|Elementor|YouTube|Vimeo Functionality)” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




  • BUG FIX: Audio Waveform Player Bug fix for mobile


  • NEW: We now have a new audio waveform player see an example here:


  • ENHANCEMENT: Skip DRM calls for users not using DRM


  • EXPERIMENTAL: AMP Support added for the official WP AMP Plugin
  • EXPERIMENTAL: In the plugin options you can set iframes to be used throughout the website
  • NEW: Plugin options added
  • BUG FIX: Tinymce button fix
  • CSS FIX: The meta overlay has been fixed and the share and back buttons now work


  • ENHANCEMENT: API updated


  • NEW: Elementor Widget Added
  • BUG FIX: Players spinning for some DRM encoded players


  • BUG FIX: Players spinning wheel
  • NEW: Chromecast now works with S3Bubble DRM encrypted videos


FIX: Legacy elastic transcoder fix


FIX: Cookie workaround to support older hosting environments


BUG FIX: Player not playing in Safari
BUG FIX: Settings menu not opening


INFO: You can role back to a previous version using the Rollback plugin if you have any issues
UPDATES: Player framework
UPDATES: Better error reporting
TWEAKS: CSS fixes and code refactoring


BUG FIX: Captions not showing on multiple players


BUG FIX: Skip buttons not showing


UPDATES: New live streaming ui added
TWEAKS: CSS fixes for the default theme


BUG FIX: some hosting environments are not setting cookies
TWEAK: add support for tags in svn to comply with rollback plugin


Default theme updated if you want to use the old default theme you can still select this through the dashboard under channel brand default legacy


Legacy captions bug fixes
WordPress compatibility version bump


Lazy playlist menu not opening bug fix


Download button not showing bug fix


New settings menu
WordPress 5.5 compatibility check
Framework upgraded


Theme css updated
Now add your own logo to the player
Compact version updated
Waveforms removed


Android DRM bug fix


YouTube duration bug fix


New workflow 2019
DASH support fixes
Clean theme updated


DRM proxy static key security


WordPress 5.0 functionality
HLS plugin updated
Dash plugin updated


Dash functionality added
HLS plugin updated


New Dashboard
Proxy Security
AWS Media Convert (Media encoding)
AWS Media Live (Broadcast level live streaming)
AWS Media Package (Media distribution)
AWS Media Tailor (Ads)
Server-Side Ad Insertion (SSAI)
VAST/VPAID Advertising Integration


AWS Media Convert (Media encoding)
AWS Media Live (Broadcast level live streaming)
AWS Media Package (Media distribution)
AWS Media Tailor (Ads)
Server-Side Ad Insertion (SSAI)
VAST/VPAID Advertising Integration


Full Framework updates
Android Facebook browser fix
New Icons
New Themes


Vimeo fixes
Tinymce updates
Simplified code


Old IE fix


HLS Updated


New theme
New thumbnails
Bug fixes
Refactored code
Default styles added


S3Bubble Multiple Adverts Fix
Playsinline added for iphone
Refactored code


Dailymotion Support Added example
Modal links added example


Vimeo Support Added
Youtube Support Added
Lazy Playlists Added


Mobile download button fix


Google Analytic Tracking Updates


Download option added back for mp4 only


Popit plugin enabled fix


Please watch this video before changing Setting Up
New Self Hosted Switch functionality added
Submitted to WordPress repo