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S3 Video Plugin

The S3 Video Plugin video allows the embedding and streaming of video files stored on Amazons's S3 storage service. Either as individual videos w


  • Fixed XSS scripting vulnerability in video preview script


  • Renamed view files to create uniform naming sructure across the plugin views
  • Shortcodes for video and playlist can now be inserted directly into the post / page editor from the media manager
  • Added more too tips explaining the configuration options on the plugin settings page


  • Improved formatting of change log


  • Updated the videoJS swf player file to fix security vulnerabilities (for details see https://github.com/videojs/video.js/issues/435 )
  • Updated VideoJS library and style sheet to V4.0
  • Fixed bug, stopping the successful resizing of videos when the dimensions are added inline to the video embed shortcode
  • Ability to define a custom default player size in the plugin settings page
  • Removed short tag echoes to improve compatability with different installation environments


  • Added support for Amazon S3 prefixes allowing faster traversal of buckets containing alot of files
  • The addition of simple tool tips to help explain plugin functionality
  • Fixed issue with autoplay setting not working correctly with the videoJS player
  • Fixed broken preview functionality in the admin section
  • Fixed issue preventing the embedding of multiple videos or playlists in the same page or post


  • Fixed prefill videos per page setting on plugin settings page
  • Ability to set a still for a video


  • Updated flowplayer to Version 3.2.11
  • Choice of JSplayer or Flowplayer for video embed
  • Fixed invisible error messages on video upload error
  • Added support for wider range of video MIME types on video upload
  • Fixed missing notices on file deletion
  • Autoplay and autobuffer settings now also affect flash direct embed code
  • Added the readonly attribute to input fields display video embed code to avoid text accidentally being type in with the code


  • Fix for missing files from WordPress plugin repository


  • The auto buffering and auto play settings controlling the playback of playlists and videos can now be set in the control panel without requiring manual code changes.


  • Purged the WordPress SVN in hope of retifying issues between GitHub and release code


  • Retagged as 0.9error in first commit didn't update WordPress plugin repository to 0.8


  • Path case changes through the plugin to accomodate the difference between the Github & WordPress subversion plugin names


  • Fixed shorttag issues for added comptability on various installs and lots of miscellanous bug fixes


  • WordPress release


  • Add playlist functionality, playlists of videos can now be created and embedded into WordPress pages and posts.


  • Added hook to delete AWS settings on plugin deactivation. Fixed logic bug stopping configuration of plugin.


  • Table displaying existing S3 media is now sortable.
  • Fixed some spelling mistakes.
  • Added pagination for larger media listings.
  • Ability to define the amount of videos to display per page on the settings page.


  • Ability to get standard embed code for a video allowing S3 videos to be embedded in pages outside of wordpress


  • The initial release, alot of polishing still needs to take place but it works.

Compatible up to: 3.8.3
Last Updated: 2013-12-17
Active Installs: 1,000+


3.4 out of 5 stars


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