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Event scheduling and RSVP tracking.

  • 3.3.8, 3.3.9 *

Revisiting fix to widget code. Not as fixed as I thought.

  • 3.3.7 =

Updated widget code to use the newer style of PHP object constructor, replacing code deprecated under WordPress 4.3.


Bug fix: display of multiday events in calendar view


  • Event templates modified to support multiple choices on frequency and day of the week. For example, "Every week on Monday and Wednesday" or "First and Third Monday"
  • Add to Google Calendar / Download to Outlook (iCal) icons now shown by default (can be disabled on settings screen)
  • Added rsvpmaker_calendar shortcode for displaying the calendar independently of the rsvpmaker_upcoming event listing.


  • Updated for WordPress 4.2.2.
  • Translation files updated.
  • Duration and category set in event templates now copied to events based on that template.
  • Fix to date display when duration is set (timezone adjustment)


Fixed next post / previous post links to reflect chronological order of events, rather than post_date


Added option to include timestamp when RSVP was recorded in RSVP Report or download to Excel.


  • Bug fix - projected dates for event templates
  • Email attendees option added to RSVP Report (a mailto: link with the addresses of all attendees)


Fixes a CSS bug with the display of multiple prices


  • Bug fixe: wp_title filter was missing defaults for optional values
  • Print format option for RSVP Report when displayed as a table


  • More responsive calendar display, works better in themes with a narrow content area (including Twenty Fifteen) or on mobile devices.
  • Option to display RSVP Report in a table, similar to the excel export format
  • Fixed a bug in event template projected dates


  • Adjusts for timezones if set in the WordPress Settings > General screen
  • Invoice tracking can be disabled for PayPal payments


  • Updating for WordPress 4.0
  • Fixed a bug with form templates (support for hidden fields)
  • Event Template screen now includes an option to apply a template to an existing event.


  • Clearer prompt to update existing events based on a template, or add new events on the schedule set in the template, after a template is created or updated.
  • Fix for bug with setting to display or hide the count of people who have RSVP'ed for an event.


  • Tweak to PayPal success/error messages, logging of messages
  • Fixing bug related to rsvpmaker_upcoming shortcode display (unset variable)


Fix to calendar display


Bug fix: correct handing of "More Events" link. The "events page" field on the RSVPMaker settings screen should be set to a full url like http://rsvpmaker.com/events/


Additional rsvpmaker_upcoming attribute of one="next" or one="slug-here" or one="123" (post id) to highlight a single event in a page or blog post.


Fix to handle password protected posts properly (previously was showing RSVP form even if content was supposed to be protected).


  • Updated Spanish translation
  • Fix to dashboard widget


  • Tweaked code to avoid overwriting event post slugs that have been set manually.
  • Updated translation for Norwegian


  • Optional dashboard widget
  • Updated admin screen for better control of custom menus (display for only authors, only editors, or only admins)
  • Updated Norwegian translation (thank you Thomas Nybø)


Bug fixes for additional editors function (very tricky)


Bug fixes, primarily in the event template functions.


Bug fixes. Checkbox settings on editing screen weren't being recorded properly.


Bug fix for incorrect rounding of ticket prices.


More complete Spanish translation


  • Spanish language translation
  • Option to allow event authors to designate other users who can edit an event or, more importantly, an event template -- and all events derived from that template. This allows users who do not have full editing rights to be granted rights to edit specific events or series of events. Useful on community websites where several representatives of a group or club may wish to share editing rights, without the site owner having to make them editors of the entire site or of all events.


Additional form customization shortcodes for checkbox and radio buttons. See form customization


Bug fix - trying to address issue some users report with permalinks. Switched to get_post_permalink() instead of get_permalink() (according to Codex, may be better at handling custom post types)

2.8.1 and 2.8.2

Improvements to template function.


  • Event template function - more flexible way of handling recurring events
  • Update of translation files, more admin functions included


  • Bug fix: recurring events utility was broken, now it's not
  • Bug fix: calendar navigation from month to month fixed for sites without pretty permalinks (?page_id=123 format)


Removed a spam check that created more problems than it solved.


  • Fixes to paypal code
  • Better handling of query string post addresses (question mark format rather than pretty permalinks)
  • Sort by chronological option for RSVPMaker posts in admin screen
  • RSVP Report option to show members who have not responded (for membership sites where users log in to a WordPress account before responding, tracks user IDs). Must be activated on settings screen.


  • Fixed a glitch with display of CAPTCHA image
  • Added option to hide yes/no radio boxes (assume the answer is yes) and

Bug fixes


You can now specify an SMTP account to be used for more reliable delivery of notification emails (less likely to be flagged as spam if they're coming from a real account).


Another bug fix related to JavaScript output.


Bug fix. RSVPMaker-specific JavaScript was being output on other post types. Oops.


  • Improved functionality for attendees updating their RSVPs. Previous data loaded from email address coded in link (from confirmation message) or from profile of a logged in user.
  • Fixed JavaScript error that was interfering with display attendees function.
  • Fixed error in More Events link for an event listing.


  • Added the option to require a login prior to RSVP for membership-oriented sites where event attendees have a user name and password in WordPress. Name and email can automatically be filled in on the form. It's possible to read in other profile data by customizing the rsvpmaker_profile_lookup function (see the documentation on RSVPMaker customization at rsvpmaker.com).


Incremental update to translation files.


  • Norwegian translation (thank you: Thomas Nybø) and update of translation source file.

  • Added checkbox to let you specify whether the count of people who have RSVPed should always be shown (or only when a maximum number of participants is specified).




  • Form customization now includes the ability to set fields as required, with both client and server-side validation. This works with the new shortcode-style method of specifying form fields and form layout. Example: [rsvpfield textfield="phone" required="1"]. By default, the required fields are first, last, and email.

  • The filter used to add RSVP form fields has also been updated with a lower priority index to make it execute before other filters on the_content. This is in response to a user complaint about interaction with a related posts plugin that also operates on the_content, where the related posts widget was appearing above rather than below the form. New call is add_filter('the_content','event_content',5)


Fixes bug fix with some checkbox options not being set / cleared correctly in the event editor.


  • The date editing section of the event editor now uses drop-downs controls for both adding dates and editing dates.

  • rsvpmaker_upcoming shortcode now accepts limit="x" (show x number of events) as an attribute. Example [rsvpmaker_upcoming limit="3"] would retrieve a maximum of 3 posts. You can also use add_to_query="myquerystring" to modify the query using query_posts() syntax. Example: [rsvpmaker_upcoming add_to_query="p=99"] would retrieve a single rsvpmaker post with the ID of 99.

  • Code changes to prevent a potential security risk with user submitted data in RSVP Reports, use of esc_attr() on variables to prevent script injection.


  • Moved functions for downloading RSVP results to Excel to a separate plugin, RSVPMaker Excel.

  • Several bugfixes were released following version 2.5, and a few more are included in this release.


Introduced a new method for customizing the RSVP form, either on the settings screen or on a per-event basis. NOTE THAT PREVIOUS CUSTOMIZATIONS WILL NOT BE AUTOMATICALLY BE PRESERVED. The new method provides greater design freedom, allowing you to change the form layout, the order in which fields appear, and whether you want to include the guest section or a note field. A series of shortcodes are provide to generate the fields in the correct format for RSVPMaker.

This release also includes some code cleanup and a fix to the JavaScript function for adding guest fields (thanks to soaringthor for the code shared on the support forum).


Fix to PayPal code for handling currency other than USD.


Fix to calendar grid display, navigation between months.


Number format options on settings screen for non-U.S. currencies. For example, PLN 1.000,00 (Polish currency, European separation for thousands and decimal) instead of $1,000.00


  • Updates to Polish translation by Jaroslaw Zelinski
  • Fix for multi-currency support (display of currency code rather than $ for currencies other than USD)


  • Introducing Polish translation by Jaroslaw Zelinski
  • Corrections to translation file setup


  • Improvements to automated reminders. Ability to set timing for reminders cron job
  • Even more tweaks for UTF-8 email (coding for From and Subject headers)


  • Automated event reminders to people on RSVP list for an event (experimental)
  • Email and confirmation messages set to UTF-8


Bug fix - rsvp report


  • Fixing character encoding issue with database table for RSVP responses (setting to utf-8 for better multi-language compatibility).
  • Fixed typographical error on calendar display (comma between month and year)


More changes for use with ChimpBlast


  • Currency for use with PayPal payments can now be customized on Settings screen
  • Minor changes for use with ChimpBlast


Added option to require people to decode the secret message in a CAPTCHA image when completing the RSVP form. Useful if you're getting spam bot submissions.


  • Fields for RSVP form can now be edited from the settings panel. Previously modifying the form required some PHP hacking.
  • You can now get a listing of past events with some attributes for the event_listings shortcode. Suggesting past="1" format="headline" date_format="F jS, Y"


Fixed code for downloading reports to Excel (again), this time based on the PHPExcel library


  • Fix to code for downloading reports to Excel (bundling of PEAR libraries)
  • Changed loading of translation domain.


  • Tweak to handing of the loop within rsvpmaker_upcoming shortcode
  • Update to plugin url references using plugins_url() instead of constant


  • Integrated ability to download reports to Excel (still based on PEAR Spreadsheet Writer, but you no longer have to download it separately).
  • Bug fixes and code cleanup.


Fixing translation files that were missing from svn


Bug fixes: display glitch, form spam filtering


Added by request: support for custom-fields and post_tag in the rsvpmaker content type. I understand this helps with WooThemes integratiton?

1.3, 1.4, 1.5

Bug fixes. Sorry


  • Update to pluggable function rsvpmaker_profile_lookup - will now look up profile details of users who are logged in. Override to retrieve profile details from a member database or any other source.
  • Customizable security settings for RSVP Report.


  • Bug fix for uninstall.php file.
  • Fixed display of events with no RSVP set.


  • Added a basic_form function that you can override to change the basic fields of the RSVP form. For example, you can change it to omit the section that asks for the names of guests. This is in addition to the rsvp_profile function, which is used to collect additional contact details such as phone # or mailing address. See the instructions for adding custom functions.
  • You have the option of allowing the names of attendees and the contents of the notes field to be displayed publicly. To avoid encouraging spam entries, this content is loaded via AJAX and only when the user clicks the Show Attendees button
  • Moved most of the default formatting into a CSS file that is queued up on pages that show event content. There is in option on the settings page for specifying your own css file to use instead. Most inline styles have been replaced by class selectors. However, the styling of the RSVP Now button is still set on the RSVPMaker settings screen. Works better for email distribution of events.
  • RSVP Report now lists timestamp on reply and lets you sort by either alphabetical order or most recent.
  • If you're signing up employees or workers for specific timeslots, you can now set that to half-hour increments
  • Tweaked redirection code to handle confirmation and error messages on sites that don't have permalinks enabled
  • Changed label for RSVPMaker widget as it shows up on the administrator's screen under Appearance.
  • Added an uninstall script for removing custom tables and database entries.


Bug fix


Added debug checkbox in options. When this is turned on, it creates an additional admin screen for checking that RSVPs are recorded properly, displaying system variables.


  • Made it easier to edit dates for events previously entered in system.
  • Widget and headlines listing shortcode output now include a link to your event listing page.
  • Cleanup on options handling.


  • Added type parameter for shortcode so you can display only events tagged with "featured" or another event type using [rsvpmaker_upcoming type="featured"]
  • Added ability to set RSVP start date as well as deadline for RSVPs
  • If signing up workers or volunteers for specific timeslots, you can now specify the duration of the timeslots in one-hour increments
  • Cleaned up Event Dates, RSVP Options box in editor, moving less commonly used parameters to the bottom.
  • Added a Tweak Permalinks setting (a hack for a few users who have reported "page not found" errors, possibly because some other plugin is overwriting the RSVPMaker rewrite rules).
  • Tested with WP 3.1 release candidate


Fixed issue with setting default options.


Improved ability to add a series of recuring events, including ability for software to calculate the dates based on a schedule like "Second Tuesday of the month"


Bug fix to prevent customizations from being overwritten. Custom functions should be placed in rsvpmaker-custom.php and the file must be installed in the plugins directory above the rsvpmaker folder: wp-content/plugins/ instead of wp-content/plugins/rsvpmaker/


  • Updated code for displaying RSVP Reports. Added functionality for deleting entries.
  • Beginning to introduce translation support. See translations directory for rsvp.pot file to be used by translators.


Bug fix, RSVP Reports


Bug fix, tweak to register post type configuration


  • Custom post type slug changed from 'event' to 'rsvpmaker' in an attempt to avoid name conflicts, permalink issues.
  • Widget now lets you set the # of posts to display and date format string


  • Updated to WP 3.03
  • Addition of event type taxonomy


  • Fixed errors in database code for recording guests and payments
  • Added option to switch between 12-hour and 24-hour time formats
  • Added ability to set maximum participants per event.


  • First public release November 2010.

Requires: 3.0 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.3.1
Last Updated: 3 weeks ago
Active Installs: 1,000+


5 out of 5 stars


2 of 4 support threads in the last two months have been resolved.

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