RSVPMaker for Toastmasters


This plugin adds Toastmasters-specific functions to your WordPress website. Once you activate RSVPMaker for Toastmasters, a series of prompts guide you through the process of installing and activating the other required and recommended software and setting up your home page and meetings schedule. See this video for a preview.

This demo of the hosted version at covers the key features.

As an alternative to other club web software options that include a custom content management system, this WordPress-based solution allows website operators to take advantage of the same technology that powers major publishing websites ( and, for example) and countless blogs, small business websites, and online marketing campaigns. That makes it a more powerful tool for recruiting new members and showcasing what makes your club special.

Part of a broader WordPress for Toastmasters solution, this plugin lets members sign up for roles on the website. Meeting organizers can also assign members to roles. In addition, club leaders can track member participation and performance through the administrator’s dashboard.

Dues collection and dues tracking are enabled through integration with the Stripe and PayPal online payment services.

The related Lectern WordPress theme makes it easy to meet Toastmasters International branding guidelines with your WordPress website, adding the logo and the required legal disclaimers.

For documentation and tips on more effective Toastmasters web and social media marketing, see Managed hosting for the WordPress for Toastmasters solution is available at Join the Toastmost and WordPress for Toastmasters Users group on Facebook.

RSVPMaker for Toastmasters is an extension of RSVPMaker, a general purpose event scheduling and RSVP tracking plugin. This means you can also use your website to manage other types of events, beyond club meetings, such as open house or training events. RSVPMaker can be configured to allow you to accept online payments via PayPal. Documentation at

Developers who would like to contribute to this project can find the code on GitHub


RSVPMaker for WordPress

Toastmost branded themes – customized versions of the latest full site editing block themes


  • Role signup on the online agenda.

  • Data collected through the plugin feeds performance reports, such as this one showing progress toward Competent Communicator.


This plugin provides 8 blocks.

  • Toastmasters Help Show help tips and links
  • Toastmasters Logo Add the Toastmasters logo (choice of size)
  • Toastmasters Dynamic Agenda Add to the top of an agenda template for the new role signup experience
  • Agenda Main (Toastmasters) Main agenda for layout
  • Toastmasters Officers List Officers list for agenda layout.
  • Meeting Date (Toastmasters agenda layout) Meeting date for agenda layout.
  • Memberoptions Access to login and sign up for roles.
  • Speaker Evaluator Displays speaker/evaluator table


  1. Upload the RSVPMaker for Toastmasters plugin folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory

  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress

  3. Follow the on-screen prompts to also add the RSVPMaker plugin (required) and other recommended software, such as the Lectern theme for Toastmasters branding. You will also be prompted to set up your meeting schedule and create event posts for your website’s calendar.


Why is RSVPMaker required?

RSVPMaker provides the basic functionality for creating, editing, and displaying event posts. By default, it collects a yes/no response to an event (and, optionally, a PayPal payment). This Toastmasters extension allows the software to collect signups for specific roles.

RSVPMaker includes many features you will not use in the course of a regular Toastmasters meeting, but you may have open house events or seminars you might want to advertise as events on your website.

How is the version hosted at different?

Toastmasters clubs can get websites hosted as subdomains of, a service of project project sponsor Carr Communications Inc. based on the free, open source software from the WordPress for Toastmasters project. uses the WordPress Multisite version of WordPress, meaning that all sites hosted in this fashion run on the same instance of the software, with the network administrator controlling what plugins and themes are available. This is similar to the way, the service provided by the company behind WordPress, functions.

The software will run on any WordPress web hosting service.

When you install this software on your own website, you have greater freedom to install other plugins or themes, including those of your own design. However, you must also take more responsibility for providing your own technical support and solving problems such as spam filters blocking email notifications.

The service is supported by subscriptions from member clubs.


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I received a message, that someone has tried to access my cpanel and they send me a trackback saying that the Ip was from this plugin.check the screenshot below: screenshot
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Contributors & Developers

“RSVPMaker for Toastmasters” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




  • Show / hide for agenda view controls (Signup vs Edit vs Suggest etc.)


  • Fix for agenda notes, compatability with WP editor changes


  • Updates to contest tool, including option for judge to submit vote by email as a backup.


  • Fixes to suggestions function and payment for member application


  • Misc bugfixes, including one with officer forwarding addresses not being updated


  • Copy-paste evaluation form URLs on signup page


  • Sort option for Member Signups and Suggestions screen


  • Member signups and suggestions screen shows upcoming roles the member has signed up for, suggested roles if the member has not taken a role, plus contact info. Includes one-click signup links for the open roles.


  • Refinements to one-click signup method

  • Improved data model for roles

  • Improved logging of assignments, signups, and withdrawls


  • Updated How to Edit the Agenda block


  • Validation for application form


  • Suggestion mode improvements


  • Suggest all

  • Fix missing directory in svn


  • Enhancements to the meeting minutes tools


  • Fix to date lookups on update role history and minutes screens


  • Backend for mobile app


  • Removed an integration with the Mailster plugin


  • Added filter ‘wpt_filter_members_for_dropdown’


  • Fix glitch with Organize screen changes to an event template


  • Improved YouTube video sharing tool


  • Fixed digital evaluation URL in evaluation reminder message

  • RSVP form now displayed for logged in members, even when digital agenda is active.


  • Restored prompts for speaking in a second language

  • Simplified switching from event to template on Organize screen


  • Re-enabled autoresponder for Find-a-Club email notifications

  • Fixed alignment issue on Assign screen of dynamic agenda


  • Option to request an evaluation by sharing a link — can be shared with nonmembers as well as members


  • If React version of agenda doesn’t load properly, shows an error message and links to the old version

  • Potential security issues with create-react-block addressed

  • Fixed evaluation form link on edit agenda screen


  • Fix glitch with loading of dynamic agenda


  • Improvements to evaluation tool


  • Simplified Agenda Layout controls

  • End time shown at bottom of Organize screen


  • Agenda Template Editor added to dashboard

  • Tweaks to React and API functions


  • Improved error handling

  • React UI now active by default


  • Simplification of Organize screen (React front end)

  • More choices for the level of detail to view on the agenda UI


  • Evaluation screen added to React front end


  • Option to keep number of speakers and evaluators in sync (React/REST UI)


  • React/REST UI incorporates backup speaker promoted to open role

  • Speech details reset when speaker removed or changed


  • React UI added Planned Absences, edit and suggest buttons in signup mode


  • React UI improvements


  • Incorporates new React frontend signup form and template editor.


  • Additional APIs to support new signup form (beta)

5.4.7 Nov. 13, 2022

  • Updates for compatibility with WordPress 6.1, block themes, and dark background themes

5.4.6 Sept. 13, 2022

  • Update editable note by REST, no page reload


  • Tweaks to save memory


  • Easy Online Meeting Signup screen


  • Improved YouTube email and blog creation tool


  • Fixed issue with speech intro field


  • Overhaul of Former Members screen

  • Fix for toastmasters_id usermeta


  • Optional evaluation questions for those speaking a second language

  • Option to send a reminder to evaluation team after meetings if a speaker’s evaluation has not been completed online


  • Cleanup of functions for updating role and speech history table


  • Better creation of minutes documents based on meeting records.


  • Improved Update History function

  • Dropped separate Record Attendance screen


  • Option to assign additional security privledges to all officers

  • Option in setup wizard to create test user accounts


  • Updating system of displaying help articles, consistent with RSVPMaker.


  • Option to send minutes by email to members or officers, similar to how meeting leaders can send out the agenda.

5.1.3, 5.1.4, 5.1.5

  • Tweaks and documentation for the email functions.


  • Adding email forwarding functions previously only available on Toastmost

  • Custom post type for meeting minutes


  • Base Camp tracker utility / report.


  • Utility functions for full site editing


  • Updated for WP 5.9


  • Added TM Help menu item. Put Todo List there.

  • Block for tracking hybrid attendance


  • Correct date lookup and format functions


  • Form spam defense for member application form


  • Privacy prompt questions added to online member application

  • Members who have not previously set privacy preferences will be prompted to do so

  • Separate permissions for sending email and sharing contact info in the member directory


  • New functionality for compliance with privacy regulations such as the EU’s GDPR.

  • New member accounts now default to ‘permission pending’ status meaning broadcast email messages and role reminders are blocked until the member give permission. Password resets and prompts to set privacy permissions can still be sent.

  • Website administrators can see who has and has not given permission on the new Privacy Preferences screen (a submenu under Users). If members were addded before this requirement was in place, you can send them an email prompt to set their preference, and other routine website emails will be blocked until they grant permission.


  • YouTube Replay tool enhancements

  • UI changes to Add Members screen for clarity


  • Added evaluation forms for new Level 1 Pathways projects, Level 3 version of Researching and Presenting


  • Update for new Level 1 Pathways projects


  • Improved support for translations

  • Updates to notification templates for role reminders. Added Vote Counter template with link to Vote Counter’s tool

  • Admin can now view Vote Counter’s Tool as if they were the vote counter without taking over the role.


  • Fix for custom meeting roles. Tweak to the Gutenberg block.


  • Contest tool tweaks

  • Allow members to undo “unsubscribed” status. Alert to blocked email.


  • Contest tools updated to handle more than 2 contests.


  • Vote counter’s tool tweaks. Automated polling for new volunteers

  • Editing controls and evaluation links remain active on meeting events an hour after neeting ends.


  • Better agenda export to Word

  • Update to default agenda layout document


  • Refinements to vote counter’s tool


  • Vote counter’s tool for online and hybrid meetings


  • Option to turn off display of times on agenda

  • Notifications settings for role updates


  • New contest templates


  • Filter function for get_member_name

  • Agenda Context wrapper block can exclude arbitrary content from print view, email view, agenda view, etc.


  • Updated dues collection / online payment functions


  • French translation – early stage

  • Date routine fixes


  • Translation files


  • Made admin notices less intrusive.


  • Retooling historical records and reporting system.


  • Fix to issue with role block


  • Refinements to suggest a role, one click signup


  • More enhancements to the role suggestion feature.


  • Send me a copy option for suggesting roles. Copy to sender includes member mobile # if available


  • Better display of agenda timing inside editor


  • Logging of one click signup suggestions

  • Moved role setting to sidebar/inspector in Gutenberg


Suggest with One-Click Signup


  • Agenda Layout options. One click signup option.


  • Fix to add members screen


  • Removed support for MailMan mailing lists


  • Security improvements

  • New default agenda layout. Sidebar managed through Gutenberg editor as a column.


  • Tweaks to agenda time planner


  • Editable agenda notes can now be edited from the Agenda Time Planner screen

  • Contest ballot input switched from drop down to input type=”number”


  • New default Toastmasters meeting agenda, takes advantage of time allowed attribute on editable notes.


  • Avoid redundand API calls for agenda timing


  • Better timing summary in Gutenberg sidebar


  • Improvements to functions for setting time allowed per role or agenda note.


  • Adjust Agenda Timing screen on front end. Allows meeting organizers to make basic schedule adjustments, even if they don’t have editing rights

  • Removed most inline JavaScript

  • Tweaks to contest scripts


  • Better method for adding “start” attribute to meeting role blocks when the same block is included multiple times within the same event (for example, to make the count start at 4 if you add a second block of 3 speakers)

  • Improved utility for emailing digital ballot links and timer’s report link to contest functionaries.

  • Email links utility and backup forms (for voting if judge is unable to cast their own vote) moved to separate tabs of the contest daashboard.


  • Bug fix (last held role)


  • Fix for issue with editing roles


  • More efficient lookup for member role history (last filled role)


  • Updated instructions

  • Links to key documents like welcome message, RSVP Confirmation message in the admin dashboard widget


  • Rewrite of the module for sending reminder emails.


  • Fix for redundant reminder emails (excess looping)


  • Select 2 javascript library for better member dropdown list. See

  • Nonce checks added for a role signup / edit and dues payment


  • Support for event sync between websites and across timezones. Used by the service if you give permission


  • Dues tracker enhancements. Now a more complete solution for tracking online payments, sending reminders.


  • Support for custom timer background images


  • A few more tweaks to timer. Words Green, Yellow, Red appear in main screen, not just popup.

  • Checking that Jitsi integration still works.


  • Tweaks for timer javascript and layout


  • Updates to the contest and timer tools.


  • Multiple contest tool enhancements. Feature for emailing contest links to judges and timer.

  • More glitch free implementation of automatic count for multiple role blocks for the same role. On post updated, rather than on post view.


  • Synchronization of judges between related contests

  • Practice contest links for judges and timer


  • Enhancements to contest functions. Clearer display of when a tie exists / tiebreaker vote is required.

  • Better handling of multiple blocks representing the same role (no longer necessary to manually set the Start From field). Example: Speakers 1-3, then a break or another activity, followed by Speakers 4-6.


  • Enhancements to contest functions. Help links. Sample ballot link.


  • Contest functions: create a second contest associated with a meeting; judges type name to “sign” ballot


  • Enhancements to setup wizard, including option for password reset with strength meter.


  • Setup wizard added to simplify configuration, particularly for those who are new to WordPress.


  • Agenda layout change

  • Fix project timing for Deliver Social Speeches


  • Improvements to contest functions


  • Evaluation forms correction: Introduction to Toastmasters Mentoring

  • Updated welcome screen for new members


  • Added evaluation forms for speeches from the Toastmasters Mentor program

  • Option to upload member roster CSV file from rather than using copy-and-paste import from Excel


  • Filter on output for WordPress menus adds member login / role signup / edit profile options to menu, replacing any custom menu item with #tmlogin as the URL field.


  • Remote download of evaluation forms now only used if no local copy or if administrator requests an update.


  • Simplification of contest dashboard UI

  • Fix to multi-week signup function


  • A few more timer options

  • Small change in widget code.


  • Timer fix


  • Ajax loading of reports

  • Fixed issue with edit history screen


  • Role planner tool now allows you to specify speech planner details.

  • Inline editing of roles on the signup form (without clicking Edit Signups on the menu) now allows you to specify a guest speaker.


  • Fix to formatting on the YouTube Toastmasters screen.

  • Added “Other” category to list of Path / Manual types


  • Speaker selection defaults show Pathways options more prominently

  • JavaScript for picking manuals list by path or list of old manuals

  • When an editor changes assignments, path and level (or manual) are set based on what member did last

  • Better security for JavaScript actions


  • More updates to YouTube tool.


  • Update to YouTube tool – simplifies creating blog posts and emails with embedded speech (or online meeting replay) videos.


  • Another timing bug fix.


  • Fix agenda timing UI bug


  • Timing for segments of the meeting now displayed in the inspector sidebar for roles and agenda notes. Timing summary updates as “time allowed” and “padding time” are changed.


  • Adding Start to the options available in editor for role blocks. Corrects a potential issue with role enumeration.


  • Redisigned online timer displays synchronized timing lights without putting as much strain on the web server or network bandwith. In the view used by a speaker, it checks the server for updates every 15 seconds. If it detects that the Timer has started timing, it calculates the difference between the timestamp shared by the server and the speaker’s own computer clock. Green, yellow, and red are then displayed on a syncrhonized schedule.


  • It is now possible to have multiple blocks of roles with the same name — for example, 2 Speaker blocks separated by Table Topics or a break in the agenda — without messing up the Speaker counts and data. So the first block might be Speaker 1, 2, and 3 while the second is 4, 5, and 6 (assuming both have the count parameter set to 3).

  • Items from the agenda menu now mirrored on the dashboard (more complete access to agenda functions)


  • Disabled speaker monitoring of timer because of security issues.


  • Correcting issues with timer JavaScript polling server.

3.7.7 and 3.7.8

  • Timer tweaks


  • Making Timer implementation consistent across versions with embedded Jitsi and Zoom


  • Integration with Jitsi online meetings and preliminary support for Zoom.

  • Cleanup of WP Cron jobs on plugin deactivate.

  • Addressed a potential XSS issue.


  • Updates to the contest voting / vote counting tools.


  • Fixes to project list. Adding speeches for HPL (Advanced Leadership Silver version) and fixing glitch with display of Engaging Humor projects.

  • Minor tweaks to contest tool


  • Updates to reflect the addition of Group Email functions in RSVPMaker as an alternative to Mailman or WP Mailster.


  • Updates to contest tools, based on experience of what can go wrong.

  • Contest setup can import settings from another event.


  • Improvements to contest scoring dashboard.


  • Multiple updates to the scoring dashboard for contests (particularly contests conducted online)

  • Added the ability to open a separate browser window displaying only the green/yellow/red colors. Can be used in combination with a virtual webcam to show timing colors in a Zoom meeting without sharing other information.


  • Added “To Be Announced” as a placeholder for role assignments, in addition to “Open” and “Not available”

  • Editable text blocks no longer display “No set” when no content has been set for them.


Avoid issues with document save JSON confirmation by checking that wp_is_json_request is false before init of shortcodes / dynamic blocks


  • Option to have speech introductions appear on the agenda by default. If not set to default, a Show with Introductions item appears on the agenda menu.

  • Updated Agenda Layout document to use Gutenberg blocks for layout with or without sidebar.


  • Documentation tips for editing the agenda

  • Fix to scheduling functions


  • Tweaks to some timing functions.

  • Improvement to Online Timer speech timer tool. Now also tracks Evaluators.


  • Fix to member application form (prevent user editing of club name / number)

  • Edit signups for individual roles

  • Edit editable fields without switching to edit signups mode


  • Adding a missing project that wasn’t showing up on all paths (Deliver Social Speeches – Second Speech)

  • Optimizations


  • Added integration with the WP Mailster for email discussion lists (alternative to integration with Mailman)


  • Multi-meeting signup editor now shows list of members without a role

  • New API endpoint for determining which members do not have a meeting role – /wp-json/rsvptm/v1/norole/331 where 331 is the post ID


  • Dashboard shows current assignment (or planned absence) for next several dates.

  • Bug fixes related to away messages, contest tool


  • Overhaul of the performance reports screen, with less emphasis on the traditional program vs. Pathways, more on measuring active participation (6-month snapshot report)


  • Added a setting for an editor or administrator to be notified when a Contributor submits a blog post for review.


  • Split the Toastmasters menu on the dashboard in two, with basic functions and reports in the Toastmasters and administrative functions on a separate TM Administration menu.

  • Cleaned up the Toastmasters-specific widgets on the main Dashboard screen.

  • Refined the functions for adding a default home page (rather than a blog listing on front) and/or adding default pages for calendar, member listing etc.

  • Improved the Member Access widget, making it easier to view any of the upcoming events listed with the option of logging in on your way to that page. Previously, the link was always to a login page, which some users found confusing when they were trying to view the event listing without necessarily signing up for a role.


  • Added a web form version of the Toastmasters International application, with workflow for digital signature by applicant and officer, online payment, and creation of website account for new member.


  • Updates to the online evaluation form screen.

  • Member listing on dashboard can be sorted to show newest members first.


  • Optional rules for managing the agenda, including a points system for tracking members who sign up to speak but don’t regularly fill other supporting roles.


  • Rules tab under Settings allows for setting optional rules. First optional rule makes it possible to set meeting roles that confer the ability to edit agenda signups, in addition to security roles. For example, if you limit the edit signups capability to the Administrator and Manager roles, you can specify that a regular member serving as Toastmaster of the Day should still be able to edit the agenda.


  • Evaluation forms updated to include additional Pathways project, incliuding Engaging Humor path

  • Better system for fetching evaluation forms from a centralized repository.


  • Downloading for branded Toastmasters images such as agenda banners.


  • Most reports consolidated under a Reports Dashboard screen.

  • New reports: Pathways Progress, Members without an Assignment


  • Tweaks to automated role reminders. More time options on dropdown, addition of [[officers]] shortcode.


  • Fix to automated reminders


  • Fix for random assignments feature


  • Added Role Report on admin dashboard

  • Tested with WordPress 5.0 beta


  • Import / export tweaks

  • Planned absences displayed on signup sheet


  • Import / export tab now includes a utility for transferring data between websites.


  • Making Agenda with Contacts screen work with Gutenberg

  • Limiting output of JavaScript on admin screens to avoid conflicts with other plugins


  • Tweak Timing feature added to edit signups mode — allows you to tweak the time allowed for each role or agenda note without going into the editor.


  • Added Look Ahead Editor as a submenu under Signup Sheet – an editable form arranged in a table, with 3-6 weeks worth of assignments showing

  • Agenda editor refinements

  • Fixed Planning screen so it works with new agenda format


  • [[wpt_embed_agenda]] shortcode can be used to embed the print view of the agenda in any blog post or page. Optional attributes are id and style. By default, the agenda for the next upcoming meeting is displayed in an iframe with a height of 1000px and width of 100%.


  • Agenda Note and Signup Note blocks support rich text

  • Fix for spacing on agenda


  • Updated the YouTube video publishing / email distribution tool, which you find under Media -> YouTube Toastmasters


  • More work on the agenda editor and simplifying the conversion of existing agenda templates.


  • Updates to allow the agenda editor to work with the new Gutenberg editor.


  • Fixed / improved functions for reactivating former members.


  • Export Personal Data includes the user archive for members with no active user account.


  • Integration with the new Export Personal Data and Erase Personal Data tools WordPress 4.9.6 added to simplify compliance with privacy regulations such as the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)


  • Tweaks to Agenda Timing tool.


  • New JavaScript animation for Take Role

  • As members sign up for roles, they are prompted to also sign up for future meetings.


  • Ajax data post for Take Role function – saves agenda data without reloading page when individual member is signing up for a role.

  • Tweaked import / sync process for updating member records based on the spreadsheet downloaded from Tried to make the process clearer. Should work better on a multisite instance like

  • Fixed bug in the process for adding speeches or roles on the administrative dashboard (added roles weren’t showing up with the specified date)

  • In addition to background colors, added green/yellow/red color labels for the online timer tool.


  • Improvements to the online Toastmasters contest voting / vote counting setup, now integrated with Timer tool.


  • Contest scoring tool


  • Planned absences shortcode, [tm_absence], that can be added to an agenda. Allows members to record when they expect to miss a specific meeting

  • Attendance report now allows display of dates attended for a specific member (based on roles served or member recorded as attending)

  • RSVP to Guest screen now allows you to record Toastmasters ID#.


  • Suggest Assignments is the new menu label for the agenda editing mode that semi-randomly selects members to fill open roles.


  • Assign mode for – editing the agenda with semi-random suggestions for members to fill open roles – now disabled by default. Must be specifically enabled on the settings screen.

  • When enabled, Assign mode now requires and “Are you sure?” confirmation from the member before random assignments will be inserted on the form.

  • The link from the agenda to the member role planner tool can now be shown or hidden, depending on your choice on the Toastmasters settings screen. By default, it is displayed.


  • Clearer notification when email-sending functions are disabled.

  • Updates for compatibility with new sponsorship program.


  • Clearer notifications / instructions for editing modes and randomly suggested assignments.

  • Added Switch Template as an option on the Agenda Setup menu.


  • Fixing check that RSVPMaker is installed before calling any RSVPMaker functions (better error message for plugin install)


  • Updates to Multi-Meeting Role Planner tool.


  • Added autocomplete on member name to the timing tool.


  • Tweaks to timing tool.


  • New Role Planner for signing up for roles several weeks in advance, with suggestions based on past history.

  • Online Timing tool on Agenda menu for displaying timing lights on a computer screen. Pulls time requirements for projects from the agenda. In addition to showing green/yellow/red, it can sound a chime as each milestone is passed. Particularly intended for use by online clubs, in combination with webcam software. See blog post


  • Improvements to email reminders function, including the ability to preview messages and an option to send a meeting reminder to members without a role (in addition to reminders for members who have taken a role).


  • Added Request Evaluation tab to the Evaluations page.


  • Redesign of online evaluations screen with Evaluations Received and Evaluations Given tabs. Tracking of evaluations given added.


Changed how assignments and recommendations are logged and displayed to the person editing the agenda.


  • Fixes for data sync function, stoplight timing html/css


  • Dates now displayed on Competent Leader report.


  • More tweaks for recommended roles


  • Fixes for recommended role feature, online evaluation forms


  • Improved the random member selection tool, particularly for use by clubs that tend to assign members to roles more than asking for volunteers. This is enabled when you choose Assign or Recommend from the menu. In the Recommend mode, members must confirm before they are added to the agenda. The software attempts to filter out 1) members who have filled the same role at one of the last few meetings, 2) members who have been absent recently, and 3) junior members who have completed less than 3 speeches in the case of senior roles like evaluator and Toastmaster of the Day.

  • Changed the coding for red-yellow-green stoplight indicators. Now works better with download to Word and should print more clearly in black and white.

  • A shortcode in the format [signup_sheet limit=”3″] is now available for displaying a multi-week view of upcoming roles on your website. This is essentially the same as the paper signup sheet. The limit value must be specified and determines the number of columns for the table.


  • fix to admin css / js

  • tweak to recommend role function


  • Factored out a dependency on the intdiv function introduced in PHP 7


Fixing a couple of agenda and agenda timing bugs


  • Overhaul of the agenda HTML and the custom agenda layout option

  • Option to display green/yellow/red timing indicators on the agenda


  • Fixes to user/member import and sync routine


  • Improvements to Agenda Timing tool

  • Ability to edit the display text for project time


  • Improved agenda time planning tool


  • Added tracking for a guests Mailman email list, in addition to members and officers lists. Activate on the Toastmasters settings screen.

  • New admin screen for Mailman makes it possible to add addresses to the list and remove them. You can also manage pending messages that have been held for moderation from this screen, rather than logging into Mailman directly. Located in the submenu under Users, along with the Guests/Former Members screen.

  • Guests/Former Members screen also allows you to add addresses to the Mailman guest email list.


  • Fix to the reorder function

  • YouTube tool now handles playlists as well as individual video links (can be used to share unlisted playlists in a members-only blog post)


  • Reorder function allows you to change …