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RSVP and Event Management Plugin

The RSVP Plugin was created to be a straightforward event management plugin to handle registrations for a single event.

Why can't this plugin do X?

Good question, maybe I didn't think about having this feature or didn't feel anyone would use it. Contact me at mike AT mde DASH dev.com and I will see if I can get it added for you.

Can I style the plugin?

Yes. Below are the styles for the plugin:

  • rsvpPlugin - ID of the main RSVP Container. Each RSVP step will be wrapped in this container
  • rsvpParagraph - Class name that is used for all paragraph tags on the front end portion of the RSVP
  • rsvpFormField - Class for divs that surround a given form input, which is a combination of a label and at least one form input (could be multiple form inputs)
  • rsvpAdditionalAttendee - Class for the div container that holds each additional RSVP attendee you are associated with
  • additionalRsvpContainer - The container that holds the plus sign that allows for people to add additional attendees
  • rsvpCustomGreeting - ID for the custom greeting div that shows up if that option is enabled
  • rsvpBorderTop - Class for setting a top border on certain divs in the main input form
  • rsvpCheckboxCustomQ - Class for the div that surrounds each custom question checkbox
  • rsvpClear - A class for div elements that we want to use to set clear both. Currently used only next to rsvpCheckboxCustomQs as they are floated
  • rsvpAdditionalAttendeeQuestions - Class name for the div that wraps around all additional attendee questions
  • rsvpCustomQuestions - Class name for the div that wraps around all custom questions for each attendee

I need help

I am here to help, contact me at mike AT mde DASH dev.com

Is there a GitHub Repository?

Yes, that is where the main development is done - https://github.com/SwimOrDieSoftware/Wordpress-RSVP-Plugin

Can I Prefill Attendee Information?

Yes, go to the page associated with the RSVP form and add to the querystring the following parameters.

  • firstName - For the person's first name
  • lastName - For the person's last name
  • passcode - If passcode is enabled and/or required this will need to be added as well

For example if you have a page that is /rsvp for domain example.com your URL might look like - http://www.example.com/rsvp?firstName=test&lastName=test

Requires: 3.0 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.7.3
Last Updated: 3 weeks ago
Active Installs: 5,000+


4.3 out of 5 stars


14 of 14 support threads in the last two months have been marked resolved.

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