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RSS Just Better

Displays a list of RSS/Atom feed items given the feed URL and other parameters (optionals). Highly customizable.

= 1.4 * Change: Change reference website which is now http://stefonthenet.com.

= 1.3 * New Feature: Possible to disable the reverse chronological order established by default. Normally, this results in a chronological order but not always. I.e. Google news will not be chronological. * New Feature: Added "Serbia" to the list of Google News countries * New Feature: Added "More Top News" to the list of Google News topics * Change: Added more comments to code * Change: Google News attributes for shortcode are now the same as for widget variables (to avoid confusion) * Bug Fix: Non-latin alphabeths and non-standard chars (Google news locations) are now displayed properly * Bug Fix: Image URL for rss icon in shortcode is now correct * Bug Fix: Standard Google News feed URL has been changed (by Google) * Bug Fix: Location as null string does not deafult to usa (??) (Google news) * Bug Fix: urlencoding text for Google News searches

1.2 (never released)

  • Change: If no feed item is returned, a message specifying how many items were requested is displayed
  • Bug Fix: double quote works but do not show up
  • Bug Fix: Local field/attribute (for Us and Ca only in English) did not work (var geo was local instead)
  • Bug Fix: Feed linked to title did not work when feed was Google News feed.


  • Bug Fix: Readme file was empty
  • Bug Fix: plugin version in footer was 0.9 instead of 1.0 (now is 1.1)


  • New Feature/Bug Fix: Date (weekdays & months) are now "localized" (=displayed in the language your wordpress is installed)
  • New Feature: Given the possibility of displaying only items published by a given amount of hours (for infrequently updated feeds, * New Feature: Given the possibility of displaying Google News feeds given the new param: localization, topic or search keyword(s), local (for Us & Ca news only) it avoids showing always the same old items for a long time).
  • Change: the preview of the excerpt on mouse-over is disabled if the excerpt is ticked-off (widget)/set to TRUE (shortcode)
  • Change: improved documentation about n. of items to be displayed: reminded that setting a value of 0 will return the total number of items in the feed.
  • Bug Fix: fixed path to rss image from '../RSS-just-better/..' to '../rss-just-better/..' (thanks Mike)


  • New Feature/Bug Fix: Date (weekdays & months) are now "localized" (=displayed in the language your wordpress is installed)


  • New Feature: Being able to truncate/limit the title to (given) chars
  • New Feature: Being able to choose the date format
  • New Feature: Being able to choose the time format
  • New Feature: Being able to sort the feed items by title (instead of the default date/time)
  • Change: "Link to author" in widget form becomes "Link to the Plugin Homepage"
  • Change: the popup window showing on mouseover title is limited to 400 char
  • Change: optimized function to retrieve feed and format list
  • Change: Changed error message when feed URL is not right: its more likely a temp fault of the hosting server (especially if it has already worked before than not a malformed feed
  • Bug Fix: fixed the plugin homepage URI in readme.txt file


  • Bug Fix: The [...] in the excerpt linked to the description and not to the URL of the linked item/article [Thx ]
  • Bug Fix: "Num. of News" in widget form becomes "No. of Items"
  • Bug Fix: Fixed the shortcode example in readme.txt as contained syntax errors [Thx Wayne]
  • Bug Fix: The strings for titles and excerpts were not properly formatted for display on screen [Thanks Mary Ann]
  • Change: Improved documentation for page Other Notes


  • New feature: the user is able to set the cache refresh time both in the widget form and the shortcode
  • Change: Replaced old email address (mywizardwebs@) with new (stefonthenet@)
  • Change: Added the plugin version number in the "Powered from" line at the botton
  • Change: Author URI, Plugin URI added to readme.txt file
  • Change: Improved description of sample shortcode
  • Fixed bug: Boolean variables were not properly tested and caused some inconsistent views when the plugin was used as a shortcode


  • Added attribute "filter" to include or exclude given words
  • Changed footer's author link to the plugin homepage
  • Set attribute Charex default value to 150 so that if excerpt is true, an excerpt is automatically displayed (for 150 chars).
  • Changed attribute num default value to 5
  • Enclosed shortcode in a class (it seems attribute feed collided with wordpress since 3.2)


  • Made Date & Time formats (when selected) as those defined in wordpress settings page
  • Made linkable title opening in new/same window according to widget selection
  • Added attributed "title" and "link" to shortcodes too
  • Made link for title as an image to an RSS cube
  • Used fetch_feed as feed farser function (the other was not compatible with all the PHP server installations)
  • Made code DHTML compatible (hopefully)


  • Made it fully compatible with Atom 1.0
  • Added proper error messages for: empty, non-existing URLs and invalid/misformatted feeds content
  • Added defaults for target and list (widget fields)
  • Added instruction to hide Warnings from the xmlsimple_load_file function
  • Fixed a bug which prevented proper display of description/summary with tags


  • Fixed a bug which prevented the shortcode to show feeds from URLs containing & and =
  • Made it fully compatible with RSS version 0.92, 2.0, 2.0.1 where link and title might be omitted
  • Made the widget title linkable to the feed URL
  • Used the native PHP class simpleXML instead of the WordPress feed parser (Magpie)


  • First release. Originating from google-news-widget plugin

Requires: 2.8 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.3.7
Last Updated: 1 year ago
Active Installs: 5,000+


4.3 out of 5 stars


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