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RS EVENT multiday

"RS EVENT multiday" is an easy to use and highly flexible tool to manage and print events in your blog by adding the sidebar-widget "RS

Update History by Florian Meier for RS EVENT multiday

1.3.2 (24th Dezember 2012)

  • bugfix of function rs_event_post() (line 914)
    If there is now endtime (at events edited with versions older than 1.3), it will no longer be printed as e.g. 00:00 (similar to rs_event_list)
  • bugfix of function rs_event_list() (line 693)
    "$fulltext_active == 0" changed to "$fulltext_active == 1"
  • Serbian translation added (thanks to Borisa Djuraskovic http://www.webhostinghub.com )

1.3.1 (17th Dezember 2012)

  • bugfix of function rs_event_post() (lines 941, 952, 962)
    ts_l_location replaced by ts_p_location in order to show %LOCATION% with function rs_event_post()

1.3 (04th December 2012)

  • major changes
    • group by date
      completely new code: now grouping by year, month and/or day is possible
    • introduction of the function rs_event_list_return() in order to offer direct access to $output_array
      possibility to add an endtime to an event
      • %TIME% shows the starttime or, if an endtime is entered, the start and endtime with the variable 'time-connector' (default value: " - ") in between.
      • %STARTTIME% shows just the entered %STARTTIME%
      • %ENDTIME% shows just the entered %ENDTIME%
    • widget
      code for widget control is completely new: now, more than one widget of RS EVENT multiday can be added to a sidebar; furthermore, different categories can be entered.
    • parameter "loggedin" added
      if you want to show the widget/function only to logged in users
    • wildcard %FULLTEXT%
      possibilty added to disable %FULLTEXT% in order to improve performance if not needed
  • fixes and minor improvements

    • function rs_event_sidebar controls
      id-tags added to div-tags in order to customize input area via css
    • fix of function rs_event_list()
      argument "$event->id" added to %TITLE% (thanks to Christian Sander)
    • fix of function rs_event_list()
      addition to force observance of Role Scoper-imposed restrictions (thanks to kevinB)
    • fix of widget input
      " changed to ', so html-code using " can be entered as further info without any problem

1.2.1 (10th July 2010)

  • bugfix of functions rs_event_list() (line 526) and rs_event_id() (line 897)
    JOIN changed from INNER to LEFT, so pages are found as well
    (Category must be set to '0' [=default], if pages should be includes, too!)

1.2 (26th May 2010)

  • major changes
    • $query_string completely renewed in functions rs_event_list() and rs_event_id() in order to improve performance
    • Javasript removed in widget control panel (did not really work anyway)
  • Norwegian translation added (thanks to Barbara)

1.1beta (22nd April 2010)

  • some major changes
    • intruduction of the function rs_event_post_return()
      in order to make it compatible to Thematic themes
      (thanks to Michelle McGinnis, http://www.thefriendlywebconsultant.com)
    • the possibility to mark pages as events is added
      i.e. the RS EVENT multiday custom box is now visible on the edit-pages page
    • the possibility to add a location to the event is added
    • a tiny facelift to the custom box
  • Russian translation added
  • Romanian translation added (thanks to Horia)

1.0.1 (26th May 2009)

  • bugfixes
    • bugfix of function rs_event_save()
    • bugfix of function rs_event_list(); ORDER BY-clause added at $query_string1

1.0 (20th April 2009)

  • initial release of RS EVENT multiday

    • function rs-event-delete() removed
    • option "remove from list with start- or end-date" added
    • meta_keys _rs_event_ts and _rs_event_start added with option "remove from list"
    • event data is put in an array and stored with the meta-key _rs_event_array
      (data stored with RS EVENT <= v.0.9.8 is still recognized)
    • meta_keys are no longer visible in "edit post"-panel

0.9.8 (14th April 2009)

  • first beta release of RS EVENT multiday

    • function rs-event-post() added
    • function rs-event-id() added
    • option "multiday" added

Requires: 2.8 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.5.2
Last Updated: 2 years ago
Active Installs: 1,000+


4.8 out of 5 stars


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