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RPS Image Gallery

RPS Image Gallery takes over where the WordPress gallery leaves off by adding responsive galleries, slideshow and advanced linking capabilities.

Where is the Settings page?

You must have the Redux Framework plugin installed in order to edit the default options. Once activated you will see an Image Gallery link show under the WordPress admin Settings tab.

Can I override default settings per gallery?

Yes. Any shortcode attribute will override the gallery default settings.

Where can I find a comprehensive list of shortcode attributes?

Have a look at the "Other Notes" tab.

How do I add a gallery?

You can refer to the gallery instructions posted at WordPress.com support.

What happens if I deactivate the plugin after having setup galleries with it active?

Nothing bad. The default WordPress Gallery behavior will take over and any shortcode attributes that are specific to RPS Image Gallery are ignored. However, if you have chosen to use the alternate shortcode [[rps-gallery]] instead, those instances of the shortcode will not process and will simply be displayed within the body of the post.

How do I use the responsive gallery columns feature?

You will need to make sure the Redux Framework is installed and active. Then go to the RPS Image Gallery settings page located in the WordPress admin under Settings > RPS Image Gallery and select the Gallery tab. Locate the switch labeled "Responsive Columns" and set it to "On". You will notice additional settings appear below the Columns slider, one for each column count. Adjust the sliders for each to specify the minimum viewport width in pixels at which that number of gallery columns is supported. The viewport widths do not need to be in ascending order so feel free to assign any combination that works bet with your theme.

Please note: Any shortcode featuring the "columns" attribute will not be affected by the responsive gallery columns settings.

Is the responsive gallery columns feature multisite compatible?

Yes. As of version 2.1.1, unique stylesheets are generated for each site using RPS Image Gallery responsive gallery columns in the multisite network.

How do I define the sizes of the images in the gallery and the slideshow?

You may use any of the standard image sizes including "thumbnail", "medium", "large", "full" and any other additional image size registered by the active theme.

[gallery size="thumbnail" size_large="large"]

Where do I set the link and target for each image?

The fields "Gallery Link URL" and "Gallery Link Target" on the Edit Media screen allow you to specify the settings for each image (see screenshots).

What attributes of the WordPress Gallery shortcode have been modified?

  • link - By default the only two options are "file" and "permalink". We have added an option of "none" in order to prevent gallery thumbnail images from linking anywhere if slideshow is also set to "false" (since version 1.2.2). An example of this approach is:
[gallery link="none" slideshow="false"]
  • id - By default you can use the id to display a gallery that exists on another post/page. We have added the option to pass along a comma delimited list of ids so that a single gallery can be created from multiple galleries. The 'orderby' and 'order' arguments are applied after the attachments are combined. The following example will combine the image attachments from post 321 and 455 into a single gallery sorted alphabetically by title:
[gallery id="321,455" orderby="title" order="asc"]

Notice for WordPress 3.5+ Users: When the "ids" attribute and "id" attribute are present in the same shortcode, the "ids" attribute will be used to determine which images should be included and what order they will be in.

What will display if I set caption_source to 'caption' or 'description' but some of my images don't have either?

The plugin will fall back to the image title if a caption or description is not defined for the image.

Can I use the caption or the description?

Yes. You will need to select which one you want to use, but the approach is simple:

[gallery caption="true" caption_source="caption"]
[gallery caption="true" caption_source="description"]

How do I preserve line breaks in the caption/description?

The 'caption_auto_format' attribute will automatically add paragraph tags where double line breaks are found and break tags for every single line break.

[gallery caption_auto_format="true"]

How do I add multiple galleries to the same page?

Though the WordPress Gallery editor only allows you to manage a single gallery, you can combine galleries from multiple post/pages onto a single page. To do this, create a post/page for each gallery that you want to include. Record the post IDs for the gallery pages, then add a gallery shortcode for each of them on the post/page that will contain them. For example:

[gallery id="134" group_name="group1"]
[gallery id="159" group_name="group2"]

This code will pull the gallery from post 134 and 159 and display them one after the other. The group name attribute allows for each gallery to display in a separate slideshow. Excluding the group name or making it the same will cause the slideshow to be contiguous between the galleries.

Alternatively, you can create multiple galleries from the attached images on a post/page. To do so, get a list of the image (attachment) IDs that you want for each gallery, then pass them to the gallery shortcode in the "include" attribute like so:

[gallery include="10,11,24,87"]
[gallery include="7,16,23,45"]

Keep in mind that all of the included images must be attached to the post/page to be successfully added to the gallery.

How do I combine multiple galleries?

Since version 2.0.9, all you need to do to combine multiple galleries is pass along a comma delimited list of ids like so:

[gallery id="134,159" orderby="title"]

This code will take all of the images from the two galleries, merge and order them by the image title.

What versions of fancyBox are being used?

fancyBox version 1.3.4 and 2.1.5 are included with this plugin. However, the use of fancyBox2 is contingent upon your site meeting license requirements.

How do I display EXIF data in the gallery and/or slideshow?

You can make the EXIF data show by adding the exif_locations argument to the shortcode like so.

[gallery exif="true" exif_locations="slideshow"]

How do I control which EXIF fields display?

The EXIF fields that can be displayed are "camera", "aperture", "focal_length", "iso", "shutter_speed", "title", "caption", "credit", "copyright" and "created_timestamp". The order you enter the fields is reflected in the output.

[gallery exif="true" exif_locations="slideshow" exif_fields="aperture,focal_length,iso,shutter_speed"]

Requires: 3.6 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.7.3
Last Updated: 2 months ago
Active Installs: 6,000+


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