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Roost Web Push

Push notifications for your website. Available in Chrome (Android and desktop) and Safari (desktop).


  • MAJOR - Bugfix - Chrome files not being regenerated after plugin upgrade


  • Changed messaging for HTTPS check to a notice not warning (Was throwing false negatives)
  • Added saftey net for accidental Advanced Settings checkboxes


  • Chrome Push Notifications Now Available!!! (#Boom! So much win... This feels good.)
  • Small UI tweaks
  • Corrected calculation for current subscribers in dashboard
  • Remove deprecated settings
  • Removes SSO option (May come back...)
  • Switched to use permalink in url instead of post ID (We know... Should have been awhile ago.)
  • Palm to face fixes


  • Ability to exclude posts published in specified categories from automatically sending notifications
  • Send notifications when updating a post
  • Can automatically use WordPress categories to target notifications based on Roost segments (You must be assigning users segments to send notifications.)
  • Use custom script instead of standard Roost JavaScript (Custom script provided by Roost.)
  • Code Cleanup
  • Bugfixes


  • Fixed (encoded) URL that was causing W3C validation error
  • Removed outdated metrics from the Roost dashboard inside WP Admin


  • Major updates to roost.js (Includes performance boost and new APIs)
  • Custom headline field in post screen moved to a meta box instead of injected textfield


  • Added 30-day to Roost stats on graph (Yay for history!)
  • Bugfix - Fixed bug that prevented notifications for Scheduled Posts
  • Bugfix - Show custom headline only when logged into Roost
  • 'roost' prefixed some classes / ids
  • Hid custom post meta fields on post pages
  • Code Cleanup


  • Control for Prompt - auto prompt, after number of visits, off, on button / link click
  • Added custom headline option for notification when publishing a post
  • Cleared for takeoff with WordPress v4.0
  • Bugfix - Roost JS now only loaded if logged into plugin.
  • Bugfix - Total notifications sent in dashboard now really total notifications Palm to Face
  • Code Cleanup


  • Bugfix - Fixed bug that prevented stats from displaying when WordPress admin accessed via HTTPS
  • Bugfix - Fixed bug that showed blank stats / setting screen on invalid login attempt
  • Code Cleanup


  • RoostJS now served from CDN (BAM! Blazing fast! You didn't see that one did you?)
  • Removed mobile app setting
  • Updated API URLs and references to goroost.com (Go Go Gadget Roosters... Or something like that.)
  • Fixed bug when manual sending notification to eliminate multiple messages.


  • Fixed bug that may have prevented new sites to Roost from being able to send manual notifications from the dashboard
  • Fixed bug with charts not loading correct data on tab click


  • Fixed bug that prevented Roost admin screen from showing in PHP versions older than 5.3.0
  • Some more code cleanup


  • Added special support for bbPress subscriptions
  • Charts!!! Lots of Charts...
  • Plugin redesign - Uses tabs to organize sections
  • Changed how the Roost JS script is loaded - Now loading asynchronously
  • Included option to send push notifications when publishing posts without using the "Auto Push" feature
  • Simplified account creation (in the plugin and on Roost website) and included uploading a logo and naming your site - Auto-login on return
  • Added support for signing into the plugin with Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ (SSO)
  • Removed upgrade path from v1.0 - Should not impact anyone at this point
  • Changed logo and username by log out (in the top right corner) to account email - Context makes more sense with multi-config accounts
  • Fixed bug that removed Notification Override setting when doing a Quick Edit
  • Put in null check when sending notifications - Prevents sending null alert with can cause errors
  • Code cleanup


  • Now supports Auto Push when posting from the WordPress mobile app and by email via Jetpack by WordPress.com
  • New first time login screen
  • Roost API check on activation to see if URL is reachable
  • Code cleanup


  • Changed hard limit to soft character limit on manual notifications
  • Restricted notifications to a "post" post type only
  • Added settings link on plugin page
  • Roost stats now cached to improve admin page performance
  • Fixed bug that caused resending notifications when using "Quick Edit" to modify posts
  • Removed shortcodes
  • Code cleanup


  • Scheduled Notifications can now Trigger Alerts
  • Fixed Stats Error on First Login
  • Character Count on Manual Notifications


  • Corrected Total Time On Site calculation
  • Fixed additional bug with character encoding
  • Adjusted styling on admin pages


  • Fixed bug that prevented notifications from sending


  • Automatically activate Safari Web Push with plugin
  • Simplified interface
  • Pulling All-Time stats for your Roost account into WordPress Dashboard
  • Added a Roost Push override on post pages to prevent notification
  • Simplified install process - Plugin no longer creates it's own table
  • Added support for featured images from posts (For new Roost app - Soon in Apple App Store and Google Play)
  • Settings now all controlled from server
  • Added Roost Bar shortcode
  • Fixed character encoding issue on auto push notifications


  • Added support for Safari Web Push (Desktop Push Notifications) on OS X Mavericks
  • Prefixed functions to avoid conflicts
  • Updated settings to be removed on uninstall instead of deactivation
  • Included Roost JS on every page via wp_footer() - (Needed for Roost analytics such as page views and time on site)


  • Initial Release

Requires: 3.8 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.2.2
Last Updated: 2015-4-27
Active Installs: 2,000+


4.2 out of 5 stars


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