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Role Scoper

CMS-like permissions for reading and editing. Content-specific restrictions and roles supplement/override WordPress roles. User groups optional.

1.4 - 18 Apr 2016

  • Compat : PHP 7 - Eliminated notices for function constructors and static calls

1.3.67 - 29 Oct 2015

  • Fixed : XSS vulnerability in wp-admin for logged administrators

1.3.66 - 1 Oct 2015

  • Fixed : Fatal error when Nav Menu Management is filtered on WP > 4.0
  • Fixed : Category Roles bulk edit screen did not display current assignments (since 1.3.65)
  • Fixed : Group names and descriptions were incorrectly stored on new group creation (since 1.3.65)
  • Fixed : Group names search on Edit User screen failed in some cases (since 1.3.65)
  • Fixed : Groups CSV entry was not handled correctly (since 1.3.65)

1.3.65 - 26 Aug 2015

  • Change: Improved query sanitization

1.3.64 - 9 Jan 2015

  • License : Replaced Creative Commons code with GPL-compatible equivalent

1.3.63 - 15 Oct 2013

  • Compat : Eyes Only User Access Shortcode (requires v 1.6)

1.3.62 - 20 Sep 2013

  • Fixed : File Filtering did not work on new Multisite installations or those with ms-files.php usage disabled (since WP 3.5.1)
  • Fixed : With File Filtering enabled, direct url access to some filenames with hyphens was improperly blocked
  • Fixed : Multisite - Users with no role on a site could not read public posts
  • Fixed : Multisite - Network-wide groups setting available in individual site admin when not activated network-wide
  • Fixed : Default Private option forced drafts into private publishing
  • Fixed : Comment notification emails were blocked in some situations
  • Fixed : Fatal error on Edit User / Edit Group screen in some situations
  • Fixed : Hidden Content Teaser caused posts to be shown as uncategorized
  • Fixed : Disabling "Include Private Pages in listing" option did not suppress them from get_pages() results for Administrators
  • Fixed : On network installations, Network Groups setting was improperly applied if RS was not activated network-wide
  • Fixed : PHP Warning for missing index 'plugin_page'
  • Fixed : PHP Warnings on bulk role edit screens in some situations
  • Fixed? : RS Role Defintions could not be modified on some installations
  • Change : Allow private posts could not be added to nav menus
  • Compat : WP 3.6 - Nav Menu Manager role assignments
  • Compat : Revisionary - fatal error for undefined class RevisionaryAdminHardway under some configurations
  • Compat : Relevanssi - user pages and category pages were blocked from search results
  • API : Support required_operation argument in query_posts(). Pass post_type and required_operation=read for front end admin-ajax queries.
  • Perf : Slow post queries due to content date limits clause, even if Role Content Date Limits were disabled
  • Change : Notice about RS development and support winding down; availability of RS Migration Advisor and Press Permit Core plugins
  • Feature : Support installation of RS Migration Advisor plugin
  • Change : About screen content
  • Change : Eliminated remote call to agapetry.net for consulting status
  • Change : Eliminated agapetry.net version update check
  • Change : RS Options screen - popup plugin info box for Revisionary

1.3.61 - 26 Apr 2013

  • Fixed : If a custom post type is hierarchical, non-Administrators could not create new post if "Lock Top Pages" enabled for any roles
  • Fixed : RS roles were ineffective in some situations
  • Fixed : Assignment of term to a Media item did not cause it to be included in get_terms query results
  • Fixed : Multisite - Database error under some configurations when deleting or removing a user
  • Fixed : Multisite - Database error under some configurations when viewing user profile
  • Fixed? : PHP warning "mysql_real_escape_string() expects parameter 1 to be string" on post creation / update, under some configurations
  • Fixed : PHP warnings on activation
  • Lang : Dropped Italian translation due to reported inaccuracy

1.3.60 - 23 Jan 2013

  • Fixed : Non-Administrators could not edit posts unless create_posts capability is defined for post type and included in their role (since 1.3.58)

1.3.59 - 14 Dec 2012

  • Fixed : Could not add/edit media library items on WP 3.5 (since 1.3.58)

1.3.58 - 12 Dec 2012

  • Compat : WP 3.5 - Custom posts could not be created or edited when post type enabled for RS filtering
  • Compat : WP 3.5 - edit_posts capability was required to access Edit menu for any post type
  • Compat : WP 3.5 - Support usage of the new create_posts capability (new checkbox in Roles > Options > Features > Content Maintenance)
  • Fixed : Posts were unreadable if associated with a taxonomy which has no terms, under some configurations
  • Fixed : RS Roles assigned to [Anonymous] group were ineffective
  • Fixed : XML-RPC post editing by users who are not sitewide Editors failed or caused categories to be dropped
  • Fixed : Multisite: when activated on a single site but not network activated, some RS options could not be edited

1.3.57 - 10 Oct 2012

  • Fixed : Fatal error on first-time installation (Call to undefined function cr_role_caps)
  • Fixed : XML-RPC publishing error with Windows Live Writer, under some configurations
  • Fixed : XML-RPC connection failure with some external apps (including Lightbox NGG Exporter)
  • Fixed : RS Roles and Restrictions were not effective for post types or taxonomies with long names (>13 characters for Private Reader role, 20 to 24 for others)
  • Fixed : Default Roles were not assigned when post was created by a non-Editor
  • Fixed : Incorrect comment counts for non-Editors
  • Fixed : PHP 5.4 - warning "Creating default object from empty value" on front end access (sporadically or when internal cache not enabled)
  • Fixed : PHP warning for improper is_404() call
  • Fixed : Various PHP warnings
  • Change : If constant SCOPER_NO_HTACCESS is defined, eliminate all .htaccess file manipulations and rewrite rules insertions
  • Change : When deactivating or turning off file filtering, don't alter the .htaccess file if it does not contain a Role Scoper block
  • Compat : Relevanssi - teaser text always displayed for all search results (when Hidden Content Teaser enabled)
  • Compat : NextGen Gallery - Flash Uploader failure for non-Administrators
  • Compat : Revisionary - "Edit Pages" search results were displayed as uneditable under some configurations
  • Compat : Revisionary and other plugins which call users_who_can() - invalid empty array response under some configurations

1.3.56 - 3 Aug 2012

WP 3.4 / PHP 5.4

  • Fixed : PHP 5.4 - warnings "Creating default object from empty value" (various symptoms including failed installations)
  • Fixed : WP 3.4 - stop using deprecated functions

Front End

  • Feature : Filter post terms listing (function get_the_terms)
  • Fixed : Posts of inappropriate type were included in front-end posts listing under some configurations
  • Fixed : Calendar widget was not filtered

Category Roles / Media Upload

  • Fixed : Files could not be uploaded when editing roles are category-specific
  • Fixed : When post authoring capabilities are from category role, files could not be uploaded to a new post prior to saving it
  • Fixed : Quick Press did not work when posting capabilities are via Category Role

Other Fixes

  • Fixed : Other user's unattached uploads were always available in Media Library, regardless of RS option setting
  • Fixed : XML-RPC (ScribeFire) posting failure in some configurations, due to PHP warning
  • Fixed : SCOPER_NO_ATTACHMENT_COMMENTS constant definition was ineffective for Administrators
  • Fixed : If "Users CSV Entry" option enabled, Group Members could not be added via rs_group_members > edit
  • Fixed : Categories / terms were filtered even if removed from Realm > Taxonomy Usage
  • Fixed : Multisite - Database errors (usually non-displayed and harmless PHP warnings) on first access of any site following creation or RS install
  • Fixed : Database errors (usually non-displayed and harmless PHP warnings) on first-time RS installation

Links / Link Categories

  • Fixed : Link Editor restrictions did not limit category selection
  • Fixed : Link Editor role did not permit viewing widget on front end
  • Fixed : Non-Editors could not see newly added link in link-manager.php until RS cache is flushed

Page Editing

  • Feature : New option Roles > Options > Advanced > Page Structure > "no Page Parent filter", means anyone who can edit submit or publish a page can select any parent

Obscure Changes

  • Feature : SCOPER_PUBLIC_ATTACHMENT_COMMENTS constant definition forces get_comments() inclusion of all comments on attachments to public posts (but not private posts)
  • Feature : SCOPER_AUTHORS_ASSIGN_ANY_ROLE constant definition allows authors to assign Editor role for their own posts
  • Fixed : Improper filtering of manually constructed post queries that have multiple WHERE clause criteria with one of the criteria "post_status ="

Plugin Compatibility

  • Compat : Relevanssi - filtering failed due to modified plugin filter API in Relevanssi Free 2.9.15 and Premium 1.8
  • Compat : Relevanssi - PHP Warning for non-array under some conditions
  • Compat : WPML - improper comment filtering in wp-admin when WPML activated
  • Compat : CMS Page Tree View - could not create subpages based on propagating object roles
  • Advanced Custom Fields : ACF custom fields were not displed on term edit screen, RS roles and restrictions display wasted space
  • Subscribe2 : Subscription category selection checklist was not filtered

1.3.55 - 22 Feb 2012

  • Feature : If jQuery is loaded on front end, hide titles of menus which have no readable items
  • Fixed : With Internal Cache enabled, manual calls to ScoperAdminLib::add_group_user() do not fully clear applicable caches
  • Fixed : SCOPER_NO_ATTACHMENT_COMMENTS constant definition was ineffective for Administrators
  • Compat : Relevanssi - long delay (and site downtime) during post update (since 1.3.53)

1.3.54 - 8 Feb 2012

  • Compat : Events Manager - "Add Recurring Event" button was hidden if Event type not enabled for RS filtering
  • Compat : Contact Form 7 - post categories reset to Uncategorized under some configurations
  • Compat : Relevanssi - reduce queries by memcaching post data (requires new Relevanassi filter 'relevanssi_results' on $doc_weight)
  • Compat : Revisionary - Fatal Error on revision submission for Posts and other types that have related taxonomies (since 1.3.52)
  • Compat : Subscribe2 - Subscription categories were not filtered for read access with s2 version 7+

1.3.53 - 27 Jan 2012

  • Compat : Relevanssi - Readable Private pages were not included in search results until Relevanssi re-indexed
  • Compat : Relevanssi - RS Reader Restrictions were not applied to search results unless posts also have Private Visibility
  • Compat : Relevanssi - When Hidden Content Teaser enabled and set to "fixed teaser", teased posts had a portion of their content displayed in search results
  • Fixed : PHP Warnings on WP 3.3 Front End when logged in as a non-Administrator

1.3.52 - 18 Jan 2012

  • Fixed : Editors could not see other user's Media uploads unless "non-editors see" options were enabled
  • Change : Simplify function of SCOPER_NO_ATTACHMENT_COMMENTS constant (For performance, disable filtering for attachment comments. This filtering normally enables a logged user to see comments on files which are attached to a post he can access based on an RS role assignment.)
  • Compat : Revisionary - RS Roles were not applied, under some configurations (related fix in Revisionary to 1.1.9)
  • Compat : Revisionary - members of Pending Revision Monitors group do not receive email notifications even though they can publish the post (since 1.3.47)

1.3.51 - 20 Dec 2011

  • Compat : NextGEN Gallery - non-Administrators could not upload images with NGG 1.9.x
  • Fixed : Default category is always stored when Category Restrictions prevent user from selecting some categories
  • Fixed : "Add New" buttons in wp-admin were not removed under some configurations
  • Perf : When Role Date Limits or Content Date Limits enabled, supplemental query caused full scan of roles table

1.3.50 - 15 Nov 2011

  • Fixed : Fatal error in wp-admin when Revisionary active but not initializes after Role Scoper

1.3.49 - 15 Nov 2011

  • Fixed : Fatal error in wp-admin when activated alongside an old version of Revisionary

1.3.48 - 13 Nov 2011

  • Fixed : Fatal error "Call to undefined function rvy_get_option" when updating a page under some conditions

1.3.47 - 11 Nov 2011

Front End

  • Fixed : Tag filtering did not support hide_empty=0 argument in get_tags()
  • Fixed : Don't block access to attachment templates (?attachment_id=) for unattached uploads unless SCOPER_BLOCK_UNATTACHED_UPLOADS is defined

Admin - Misc.

  • Fixed : Nav Menu editing based on Nav Menu Manager role cleared theme locations menu selections for uneditable menus
  • Fixed : Media Library items could not be deleted based on a Page-specific role assignment
  • Fixed : Bulk Role Editor only deleted roles for one selected user/group on each update
  • Fixed : Invalid edit link for "DEFAULTS for new" in bulk Roles / Restrictions admin form
  • Fixed : Non-Administrators can't access /wp-admin/, under some configurations


  • Fixed : Appearance menu items hidden from super administrator on Multisite installations
  • Fixed : On Multisite installations with enabled, removal of a user from a site also removed them from network-wide groups

Post Edit Form

  • Fixed : Javascript on "Edit Posts" / "Edit Pages" was broken for non-Administrators under some configurations
  • Fixed : Default Object Roles (as specified in Roles > Pages, etc.) were not retained upon saving a new post
  • Fixed : Page Associate role for specific pages did not allow Page Authors to save a new post with specified parent
  • Fixed : Unfiltered html capability could not be granted via content role

Edit Posts Listing

  • Fixed : Posts/Pages could not be bulk-edited or bulk-trashed by non-Administrator when access is based on a Post-assigned editing role
  • Fixed : Pages and custom post types could not be Quick-edited by non-Administrator when user relies on a Page-assigned editing role

User Groups

  • Fixed : When creating or editing a Role Group, user search always returned all users
  • Fixed : Group membership cache was not cleared after removal of user from group
  • Fixed : Group membership requests and recommendations could not be removed by non-Administrators
  • Fixed : Group-specific Managers could not add/remove Group Moderators

PHP Warnings

  • Fixed : PHP Warning for DB error on User Profile
  • Fixed : PHP Warning when saving a post with non-hierarchical terms
  • Fixed : PHP Notices in Dashboard QuickPress, Quick Edit and Revisionary "Publishers to Notify" metabox

Plugin Compat

  • BuddyPress - Filter Activity Stream for Reader-restricted posts
  • Revisionary 1.1.7 compatibility
  • Revisionary - Support option to prevent Revisors from editing other users' revisions
  • Revisionary - better error message when a Revisor attempts to Quick-Edit a page which they cannot fully edit
  • Role Scoping for NextGEN Gallery : non-Editors could change Gallery Author
  • Role Scoping for NextGEN Gallery : DB error when a non-Administrator adds new gallery, if Revisionary also active

1.3.46 - 18 Aug 2011

  • Fixed : Non-Administrators could not edit/delete attached uploads (since 1.3.43)
  • Fixed : Non-Administrators could not edit Navigation Menus based on Nav Menu Manager role assignment
  • Fixed : Add New Post link not displayed if all editing Post Roles default-restricted and user has a qualifying Default Post Role assignment
  • Fixed : If Media Library filtering is disabled via SCOPER_ALL_UPLOADS_EDITABLE constant, listing in Post Edit Form popup was still filtered
  • Fixed : Various PHP Warnings / Notices
  • Compat : WPML 2.3.x - Post Edit Form showed duplicate and/or foreign checkboxes in some situations (for non-Administrator)
  • Feature : Support 'required_operation' argument in get_terms(), forces term filtering to require 'read' or 'edit' meta capability on one or more related posts
  • Feature : Support 'is_term_admin' argument in get_terms(), forces requirement / non-requirement of $taxonomy->manage_terms capability for term filtering
  • Feature : Support 'rs_no_filter' argument in get_terms()

1.3.45 - 10 Aug 2011

  • Fixed : Propagated object roles were lost on autosave
  • Fixed : Propagated roles were not deleted when parent role assignment changed from "for page and subpages" to "for page"
  • Fixed : Propagated restrictions were not deleted when parent restriction changed from "for page and subpages" to "for page"
  • Fixed : Comments were editable / approvable by any user who could edit the associated post, regardless of moderate_comments capability
  • Fixed : Terms could not be managed based on term-assigned Manager role.
  • Fixed : Dashboard "Right Now" category count was not filtered
  • Fixed : Image / attachment access fails due to corrupted uploads/.htaccess file, under unusual editing conditions
  • Change: Further safeguard against corruption of main .htaccess
  • Perf : Avoid redundant regeneration of uploads/.htaccess when attaching a file in Post Edit Form
  • Perf : Now fully utilizing WP_Comment_Query hooks introduced in WP 3.1
  • Perf : Now fully utilizing WP_Term_Query hooks introduced in WP 3.1. To revert to previous filtering, define('SCOPER_LEGACY_TERMS_FILTER');
  • Perf : Eliminated several redundant DB queries
  • Perf : Removed some extra wp-admin query filtering which is no longer necessary with WP > 3.1. To revert to previous filtering, define('SCOPER_LEGACY_HW_FILTERS');

1.3.44 - 22 July 2011

  • Fixed : Template calls to get_comments() were not filtered to match post visibility (since 1.3.43)
  • Fixed : Hidden Content Teaser triggered a PHP Notice

1.3.43 - 19 July 2011

  • Compat : WP 3.2 - Recent Comments widget was not filtered based on RS Restrictions / Roles
  • Fixed : "Add New" menu links were not displayed for Subscribers with Category-assigned Contributor/Author/Editor roles (since 1.3.42)
  • Fixed : Dashboard Screen Options were not applied (since 1.3.41)
  • Fixed : Default term selection was forced for hierarchical custom taxonomies even if taxonomy not enabled for RS filtering
  • Fixed : Default term selection was not forced for hierarchical custom taxonomies, when taxonomy enabled for RS filtering and post edited by logged Administrator
  • Fixed : Hierchical custom taxonomy terms unselectable for non-Administrator when taxonomy is not enabled for RS filtering
  • Fixed : Users could not add/edit Nav Menus based on custom addition of edit_theme_options capability into WP role definition
  • Fixed : File Attachments Utility non-functional on Multisite
  • Fixed : In Multisite Role Options, bad link to Attachments Utility
  • Fixed : Bad links to General Roles from Realm tab in Multisite Network Role Options
  • Fixed : Hidden Content Teaser options form forced focus to different textbox on Firefox
  • Compat : Revisionary - Revisors could not upload images

1.3.42 - 29 June 2011

  • Compat : WP 3.2 - Current comments not displayed for single custom post on front end
  • Fixed : If a file or image is attached to more than one protected post, File Filtering may prevent qualified users from viewing it
  • Fixed : "Add New" menu item was displayed even if Default Restrictions prevent logged user from editing new post following creation (to restore previous behavior, define constant 'SCOPER_LEGACY_MENU_FILTERING'
  • Fixed : Long delay / timeout when adding a new post/page, under some configurations
  • Fixed : When a custom post has attachments, Gallery tab is not displayed in "Add Media" popup
  • Fixed : On Multisite, site Administrator role does not enable Nav Menu creation
  • Fixed : Attachment editing failed when logged user is not a sitewide Editor or Administrator (since 1.3.41)

1.3.41 - 23 June 2011

  • Fixed : Editors could not edit/attach other users' unattached uploads
  • Fixed : Custom Posts not editable by Editors if RS filtering disabled in Roles > Options > Realm
  • Fixed : Script recursion and timeout on post creation by non-Administrator under some configurations
  • Compat : WP 3.2 - Work around permissions issue when Posts/Pages menu contains only one submenu item
  • Compat : WP 3.2 - "Add New" buttons were not hidden when appropriate
  • Compat : NextGen Gallery - Flash uploader did not work when RS activated (since 1.3.35)
  • Compat : Advanced Custom Fields - metaboxes not visible in post edit forms
  • Compat : Revisionary - private pages could be directly edited by users with a Page Revisor role assigned directly for the page
  • Change : some changes to jQuery syntax (for forward compat), for disabling category checkboxes in the Edit Post when user can't remove a currently stored category

1.3.40 - 6 June 2011

Category / Tag Editing

  • Fixed : Non-Administrators could not edit categories or tags (since 1.3.35)
  • Fixed : Tags were not displayed in Edit Posts listing for non-Administrators
  • Fixed : New child terms in custom taxonomies were excluded from terms listing until RS re-activation, in some situations

Plugin Compatibility

  • Compat : W3 Total Cache: .htaccess corruption (and 500 Error) when "HTTP Authentication Request in RSS Feed Links" option enabled
  • Compat : Mingle plugin (and others which force setting of user object before all plugins are loaded) made RS inoperative
  • Compat : WPML - category selection checkboxes from other languages included in Post Edit form for non-Administrators

File Filtering

  • Fixed : File Filtering - on Multisite, adding a new site created a security loophole to protected files, until plugin reactivated or File Filtering toggled off/on
  • Fixed : Invalid .htaccess contents (and 500 Error) when "HTTP Authentication Request in RSS Feed Links" option enabled and default .htaccess has statement above default WP block

Page / Post Editing

  • Fixed : When Page Editor and Author roles are Restricted by default, new pages saved by non-Administrator set to "Pending Review" on first Publish attempt
  • Fixed : When all Page editing roles are Restricted by default, new pages are not editable by non-Administrator creator
  • Fixed : Could not create a new post based on an editing role assigned for a non-hierarchical custom taxonomy

Role Groups

  • Fixed : Default Groups could not be defined on Multisite installations
  • Fixed : Default Groups Edit Form did not refresh following update
  • Fixed : Bad link to Role Groups edit form from group selection checklist when Sitewide Groups enabled on a Multisite Installation
  • Fixed : "Eligible Groups" count above groups checklists wrong under some configurations


  • Fixed : Fatal Error "undefined method stdClass::merge_scoped_blogcaps()" under some configurations
  • Fixed : Needless ALTER TABLE statements, PHP warnings on plugin activation
  • Fixed : PHP Warning "Invalid argument supplied for foreach()" with some custom taxonomy configurations
  • Change : Change all require and include statements to absolute path to work around oddball servers that can't handle relative paths

1.3.39 - 16 May 2011

  • Fixed : Another one-line change to eliminate a Fatal Error on WP 3.2 Beta

1.3.38 - 13 May 2011

  • Fixed : One-line change to eliminate a Fatal Error on WP 3.2 Beta

1.3.37 - 11 May 2011

  • Fixed : Fatal Error on front end access when a Post Tag is present in displayed Nav Menu
  • Change : Force version update to correct erroneous directory structure in 1.3.36 zip archive

1.3.36 - 11 May 2011

  • Compat : Role Scoping for NextGEN Gallery and custom template code using $current_user->groups, $current_user->blog_roles or $current_user->term_roles was broken by 1.3.35

1.3.35 - 11 May 2011

  • Fixed : Empty Categories/Terms were hidden from Nav Manus for non-Administrators (unless they had a non-empty sub-term)
  • Fixed : Non-Administrators could not edit Navigation Menus based on Nav Menu Manger role assignment
  • Feature : Navigation Menus option "List only user-editable content as available items" also filters editing/deletion/ordering of existing menu items
  • Fixed : Role Duration Limits were not applied to General Roles or Term Roles if Internal Cache enabled
  • Compat : Don't define pluggable function set_current_user(), to avoid conflict with other plugins that define it
  • Compat : Don't cast global $current_user as a custom subclass, to avoid conflict with other plugins that do so
  • Compat : Put RS menu links in Users menu if OZH Admin Menus plugin active or SCOPER_FORCE_USERS_MENU constant defined

1.3.34 - 28 Apr 2011

  • Compat : Edit Flow - if 'post_status' taxonomy enabled for RS Filtering (Roles > Options > Realm), editing a Private post forced it to Public visibility
  • Fixed : Non-Administrators could not edit categories if Post Tags enabled for RS filtering
  • Fixed : Links were not displayed to non-Administrators if multiple sort fields specified in get_bookmarks() call

1.3.33 - 26 Apr 2011

  • Fixed : Links Widgets and other get_bookmarks() output was hidden from non-Administrators on the front end (since 1.3.30)

1.3.32 - 26 Apr 2011

  • Fixed : Filtering could not be disabled for some Custom Post Types / Taxonomies (via Roles > Options > Realm)

1.3.31 - 25 Apr 2011

  • Fixed : Custom taxonomies could not be fully disabled, causing various access failures (including non-display of Edit Flow post status in Publish metabox)
  • Change : Default to late initialization, for compatibility with plugins/themes which register post types / taxonomies without specifying early execution priority.
  • Change : When a custom type/taxonomy is auto-enabled for RS filtering, display a dashboard warning to Administrator, explaining the need to assign type-specific roles.

1.3.30 - 25 Apr 2011

  • Compat : Fatal error when another plugin defines pluggable function 'set_current_user' (call to undefined function plural_name_from_cap_rs)

1.3.29 - 21 Apr 2011

Misc. Fixedes

  • Fixed : non-Administrators cannot modify moderate/edit comments with WP 3.1
  • Fixed : Role Groups edit form unavailable from WP 3.0 Multisite "Super Admin" menu (since 1.3.28)
  • Fixed : Grammatically customized capability names were not mirrored in RS Role Definitions
  • Fixed : Internal Cache was unavailable for new WP 3.1 installations
  • Fixed : Nav Menu Managers could not add new menu items if they lacked a site-wide edit_posts capability
  • Fixed : Bulk Admin forms for Taxonomy Roles / Restrictions did not include roles for associated post types if association is defined by both register_taxonomy() and register_taxonomy_for_object_type()
  • Fixed : PHP Warnings on admin dashboard (since 1.3.28)
  • Change : Convert all RS database tables to utf8 collation to eliminate query errors on some servers
  • Lang : Translation string for Assigner roles

File Attachment Filtering

  • Fixed : File Attachment Filtering rules were not updated for new attachments, under some configurations
  • Fixed : Manually resized images were not protected by File Filtering

Media Library

  • Fixed : Disabling Media Library filtering via SCOPER_ALL_UPLOADS_EDITABLE constant definition broke Media Library paging for Contributors
  • Fixed : Media Library filtering was not totally disabled by SCOPER_ALL_UPLOADS_EDITABLE constant definition

Link Access

  • Feature : Front-end visibility of Links can be restricted or assigned per-category
  • Fixed : When creating or editing a link, no selectable link categories for non-administrators (since 1.3.28)
  • Fixed : Link Category Manager role assignments were ineffective
  • Fixed : Link Category listing in edit-tags.php did not refresh after editing a name / description

Plugin Compatibility

  • Compat : Relevanssi - Fatal Error on tag search under some configurations
  • Compat : CMS Tree Page View (and other plugins which create posts) - propagating role assignments were not applied to new pages
  • Compat : WP-SNAP (and other plugins which apply the posts_request filter without passing wp_query object) - PHP Warning for missing argument 2
  • Compat : Revisionary - users who can edit pages but not posts were not available for membership in Pending Revision Monitors group
  • Compat : Role Scoping for NGG - Nuisance error message when installing / updating any plugin

1.3.28 - 18 Mar 2011

WP 3.1

  • Fixed : Role Options, Role Defaults menu items were not available on 3.1 multisite
  • Feature : Filter "Add New" links out of WP Admin bar if user lacks site-wide capability

Navigation Menus

  • Feature : Nav Menu Manager role can be assigned to users who do not have edit_theme_options capability
  • Feature : Nav Menu Manager role can be assigned site-wide
  • Feature : For Nav Menu Management, option to list only user-editable content as available items
  • Fixed : Nav Menus displayed categories even if no posts readable

Miscellaneous Fixedes

  • Fixed : When editing is based on category, could not upload files into edit form prior to saving post
  • Fixed : Non-administrators could not add a non-hierarchical custom term to post if taxonomy is included in post type registration
  • Fixed : Internal Cache (and therefore permissions) did not refresh when an existing user's role is changed
  • Fixed : Default roles were not applied at Page / Post creation
  • Fixed : In wp-admin, Page menu not visible while editing a post if page editing access is not site-wide
  • Fixed : Duplicate entries in Author dropdown if RS editing roles have been assigned to WP role groups
  • Fixed : Did not support meta_key without meta_value in get_pages call (or vice versa)

Category Listing (front end)

  • Fixed : New categories were not listed until Role Scoper re-activation, under some configurations
  • Change : Support post_type argument in get_terms / wp_list_terms function call

Category Management

  • Feature : Category Assigner role does not grant post creation/editing capabilities but specifies categories which are assignable to any user-editable post regardless of post ownership or status
  • Fixed : Term-specific management roles did not grant editing access
  • Change : Term-specific management role also grants ability to create child terms
  • Fixed : Non-administrators could not delete categories

Plugin Compatibility

  • Compat : NextGEN Gallery - with versions 1.7+, error when uploading images as a non-Administrator
  • Compat : Grand Flash Gallery - error when uploading images as a non-Administrator
  • Compat : More Types: support late registration of post types by automatically forcing RS to initalize later
  • Compat : Simple Fields plugin - non-Administrators could not use custom field file uploader
  • Compat : Quick Post Widget - categories were not filtered
  • Compat : When plugin or theme code forces autologin, RS filtering does not reflect it until the next http request

1.3.27 - 19 Jan 2011

  • Fixed : Hidden Content Teaser - private pages were not included for teasing to anonymous reader
  • Fixed : Hidden Content Teaser - pages with Reader restriction were not flagged in page listing

1.3.26 - 17 Jan 2011

  • Fixed : User Search on Role Group creation/edit form did not work (since 1.3.23)
  • Fixed : Group Search on User Profile form did not work (since 1.3.23)

1.3.25 - 14 Jan 2011

  • Fixed : Hidden Content Teaser did not include private posts or pages, regardless of "hide private" setting (since 1.3.2)

1.3.24 - 14 Jan 2011

  • Fixed : On Page Edit form, invalid blank item in Page Parent dropdown for Non-Editors with a General Role of Page Contributor / Author, caused new pages to be saved as top level

1.3.23 - 12 Jan 2011

  • Fixed : Under some configurations, Database Error when attempting to update a subpage
  • Fixed : Find Posts results in Media Library were not filtered
  • Fixed : Media Library count was not filtered
  • Fixed : Various PHP warnings/notices (visible in wp-admin when running with WP_DEBUG enabled)
  • Compat : Replace function calls deprecated by WP 3.1

1.3.22 - 7 Jan 2011

  • Fixed : Under some configurations, Database Error when attempting to update a subpage
  • Compat : Simple:Press - PHP warning (database error) on forum page for logged non-Editors
  • Fixed : Private pages were still accessible by direct URL (with teaser imposed) if Hidden Content Teaser enabled with "hide private posts" option enabled
  • Fixed : PHP Notice "Undefined property: stdClass::$src_name" under some configurations
  • Lang : Revised Italian Translation (Alberto Ramacciotti - http://obertfsp.com)

1.3.21 - 23 Dec 2010

  • Fixed : Role assignment metaboxes in post edit form did not indicate implicit role assignments based on Category Roles

1.3.20 - 18 Dec 2010

  • Fixed : Bulk assignment of Category or Taxonomy Retrictions failed when specified "for selected and sub-categories" or "for sub-categories"

1.3.19 - 17 Dec 2010

  • Compat : NextGEN Gallery - fatal error on file upload attempt

1.3.18 - 15 Dec 2010

  • Fixed : Users designated as Group Administrator for a specific group could not edit the group
  • Fixed : Currently assigned Group Administrators did were not indicated by checkbox
  • Fixed : Custom post types were included in front-end Pages listing under some configurations

1.3.17 - 11 Dec 2010

  • Fixed : Template functions is_teaser_rs() and is_restricted_rs() caused fatal error
  • Fixed : Comments on teased posts were included in Recent Comments widget

1.3.16 - 8 Dec 2010

  • Fixed : Roles, Restrictions menus not visible on Plugins page

1.3.15 - 8 Dec 2010

  • Fixed : Spam-tagged comments were linked in Recent Comments widget

1.3.14 - 6 Dec 2010

  • Fixed : Page Associate role assignments failed to make pages available for selection as Page Parent
  • Fixed : Trashed posts were included in Post/Page Restrictions bulk editor
  • Change : Include Role Scoper help links within wp-admin for Users, Media and RS Options pages

1.3.13 - 3 Dec 2010

  • Fixed : Activation of "Sync WP Editor" option in RS Role Defs caused capabilites of other post types to be stripped out of WP Editor role definition
  • Compat : Revisionary - If another plugin (Events Manager) triggers a secondary edit_posts cap check when a Revisor attempts to edit another user's unpublished post, a pending revision is generated instead of just updating the unpublished post

1.3.12 - 3 Dec 2010

  • Fixed : Page Parent automatically changed (possibly to an invalid selection) when a page is edited by a limited user who cannot fully edit current parent
  • Fixed : Category Manager restrictions were not applied for WP Editors
  • Fixed : "Navigation Menus" checkbox displayed inappropriately in Roles > Options > Realm > Taxonomy Usage
  • Fixed : Invalid filtering results after other template/plugin code manually changed current user via call to wp_set_current_user
  • Change : Default to requiring site-wide Editor or Administrator role for role/restriction assignment
  • Compat : Revisionary - Was causing duplicate checkboxes for Pending Revision Notification in some cases
  • Compat : Revisionary - Some qualifying users were not included in Pending Revision Notification checkboxes if internal cache was disabled
  • Compat : Revisionary - All authors to see and edit revisions submitted on their posts (unless HIDE_REVISIONS_FROM_AUTHOR is defined)

1.3.11 - 26 Nov 2010

  • Fixed : Page editing by user lacking site-wide Page Editor role caused page parent to revert to Main (since 1.2.9)
  • Fixed : Non-administrators could not modify or request group membership via Ajax UI (since 1.2.9)

1.3.10 - 25 Nov 2010

  • Compat : More Taxonomies - Category Roles could not be managed because of bug in More Taxonomies (and possibly other plugins) where category taxonomy is overriden without setting it public

1.3.9 - 24 Nov 2010

  • Fixed : Non-administrators could delete users with a higher role level
  • Fixed : When viewing a page, hidden categories are listed
  • Fixed : Site-wide edit_theme_options capability was not honored for Nav Menu management by non-Administrators
  • Feature: Support menu-specific restrictions for Nav Menus
  • Feature: Constant definition 'SCOPER_NO_COMMENT_FILTERING' honored in backend for users lacking site-wide moderate_comments capability
  • Fixed : Scheduled posts included in front-end listing for logged Administrators, Editors
  • Fixed : "Add New" button was displayed on Edit Posts form even for users lacking a qualifying WP / General role
  • Fixed : Category Restrictions were not applied to a post if it also had a tag in a non-hierarchical (tag-type) taxonomy

1.3.8 - 19 Nov 2010

  • Fixed : Improper blocking of content for custom post types not selected for RS filtering (Roles > Options > Realm > Post Type Usage)

1.3.7 - 18 Nov 2010

  • Fixed : On PHP 4 sites, logged non-administrators had no read/edit access based on WP role
  • Fixed : Various PHP Notices / Warnings

1.3.6 - 17 Nov 2010

  • Fixed : Post previews for qualified users failed with "Not Found" error
  • Fixed : For template calls to get_terms() / get_categories() / wp_list_categories(), include argument was not handled correctly (since 1.0)
  • Fixed : Fatal Error for logged Administrators (undefined method merge_scoped_blogcaps) in some cases
  • Fixed : Reader role restrictions not applied in some situations

1.3.5 - 13 Nov 2010

  • Fixed : Post Author dropdown was limited to Editors and Administrators if "Filter Users Dropdown" option enabled
  • Fixed : Category Manager role was not applied to new subcategories when assigned for "parent and sub-categories"
  • Fixed : Invalid posts filtering when template invokes two or more query_posts calls with category_name argument
  • Fixed : Front-end attachment queries returned only attachments authored by logged user
  • Fixed : With "default new posts to private visibility" enabled, existing posts also forced to private when edited
  • Fixed : Link Admin roles / restrictions were not correctly applied per-category
  • Change : If a limited Link Editor submits new link without selecting a category, default to a selectable category
  • Change : Separate role definitions for link editing, link category management for per-category assignment
  • Fixed : Posts / Comments menu sometimes displayed inappropriately for content-specific editors
  • Change : Display user_login for role assignment and group membership administration, even if user has set a different display name
  • Compat : Revisionary - Dashboard Right Now count did not include revisable posts/pages (since 1.3.3)
  • Compat : Revisionary - Revisor role now available by default for direct post/page assignment; allows editing others' revisions

1.3.4 - 5 Nov 2010

  • Compat : Revisionary - Posts were blocked from front-end display if both Role Scoper and Revisionary enabled (since 1.3.3)

1.3.3 - 5 Nov 2010

  • Compat : Smart YouTube (and other plugins that execute a posts query joined to comments table) - database error
  • Compat : Revisionary - Pending count and links were not displayed in Dashboard Right Now or Edit Posts listing if revisor capability is by term or object role assignment
  • Compat : Revisionary - Non-Administrators receive Not Found error for revision preview

1.3.2 - 3 Nov 2010

  • Fixed : Post counts and other dashboard items were not filtered for non-Administrators (since 1.3.1)
  • Compat : Revisionary - users could not submit or edit revisions based on Contributor role direct-assigned for post

1.3.1 - 2 Nov 2010

  • Compat : Role Scoping for NextGEN Gallery - Gallery Authors could not manage a gallery after creating it

1.3 - 2 Nov 2010

File Attachment Filtering

  • Feature : For File Filtering, ability to force regeneration of access keys and rewrite rules via utility URL
  • Fixed : Infinite redirection if file keys in .htaccess (uploads folder) were manually modified


  • Fixed : With Multisite, some Default Site Options could not be modified
  • Fixed : On WP 3.0 Multisite installations, all files in wp-content/cache get deleted, clashing with other plugins such as WP Super Cache
  • Fixed : On Multisite installations, could not save changes to Default Sitewide Options

Post Editing

  • Change : In Post Edit Form, currently assigned categories and other hierarchical terms shown with disabled checkboxes if current cannot edit in the term
  • Fixed : Default Post/Page Roles were assigned to existing posts at post edit (since 1.1.3, now assigned only to new posts)
  • Fixed : Page Parent dropdown filtering hid published pages from Contributors if none editable
  • Fixed : Page Structure option "Page Authors, Editors and Administrators" did not work (prevented all non-Administrators from editing top-level pages)
  • Fixed : Uploaded files could not be edited / deleted in some cases
  • Fixed : With "Users CSV Entry" enabled, checkboxes for existing role assignments were not displayed in some cases
  • Fixed : Display of edit link in Edit Posts/Pages listing did not reflect capability requirements imposed by other plugins

Custom Post Types / Taxonomies

  • Fixed : Previous, Next links on single post page for custom types included unpublished posts (since 1.0.0)
  • Compat : More Taxonomies, More Types now supported by automatically forcing RS to initalize later
  • Compat : Late registration of custom types/taxonomies can be supported by forcing RS to initialize later: define( 'SCOPER_LATE_INIT', true );
  • Change : Dropped support for "WP" Role Type (means scoper-assigned roles and restrictions must be object type-specific)

Performance Enhancement

  • Perf : Eliminate extensive delays on some sites using Page Roles on hundreds of pages (when filtering posts, pre-execute a problematic subquery)
  • Perf : Eliminate superfluous query clauses for better wp-admin/edit.php performance
  • Fixed : Dozens of PHP Notices / Warnings for undeclared variables or missing array indexes
  • Perf : Extensive code refactoring to reduce memory usage

Category / Term Management

  • Fixed : Category-specific assignment of Category Manger role (and management roles for custom terms) was not applied correctly with WP 3.0
  • Fixed : Bulk Administration of Term Roles / Restrictions was too narrowly limited for non-Administrators (since 1.2.?)
  • Fixed : Category Manager restrictions were not enforced against users with site-wide manage_categories capability
  • Fixed : Category creation was not appropriately restricted with WP 3.0
  • Feature : Hide the "Add New Category" UI if logged user does not have term management role site-wide

User Groups

  • Fixed : Administrators could not modify User Group name or description (since 1.2)
  • Change : User search results for group membership show user display name (rather than login)

Plugin Compatibility

  • Compat : Revisionary plugin - Pending Revisions were not included in Edit Posts listing for non-Administrators when editing access to published post is affected by category-specific roles or restrictions (since 1.0)
  • Compat : Store persistent cache to a subdirectory to avoid clashing with other plugin use of wp-cache (Multisite usage was wiping WP Super Cache .htaccess file)
  • Compat : New "scoper_access_name" hook to allow 3rd party plugins to force a custom URI to be treated with wp-admin / front-end filtering


  • Feature : Nav Menu Manager role assignments per-menu
  • Change : For Role Date Limits settings, show / hide the entry boxes if "keep stored setting" checkbox is toggled
  • Change : Auto-flush the persistent cache more aggressively on role / restriction modification
  • Lang : updated .pot file
  • Change : Raise minimum WP version to 3.0

1.2.8 RC9 - 6 Sep 2010

Custom Types / Taxonomies

  • Feature : New simple checklist enables/disables RS usage of each defined post type and taxonomy
  • Fixed : Hidden Content Teaser could not be enabled for custom post types
  • Fixed : Category Role usage was not available for custom post types
  • Fixed : Role assignment metaboxes did not display for custom types
  • Fixed : Custom Post Type menus were not displayed based on Object Role assignment
  • Fixed : Newly enabled custom roles were not handled correctly by RS because initial save following activation de-associated their role capabilities (under RS Role Defs tab)
  • Fixed : Some RS Options (including custom post type / taxonomy role usage) did not store correctly with WP Multisite
  • Fixed : Was not requiring type-specific editing capabilities for term selection in post edit form for custom types
  • Fixed : Post Types and Taxonomies disabled via new option checkboxes were not removed from Roles, Restrictions menus
  • Fixed : Error when using custom post types with WP 2.9
  • Change : Force type-specific capability_type and caps for all custom post types
  • Change : Enable new Post Types and Taxonomies for RS Roles & Restrictions by default
  • Change : Support get_pages / list_pages filtering of hierarchical custom post types
  • Change : Better support for nonstandard capabilities in custom post type definitions

File Attachment Filtering

  • Fixed : File Attachment Filter was inactive for installations upgraded to WP 3.0 multisite and still using wp-content/uploads folder
  • Fixed : On failed direct file access attempt, any page / term listings on 404 page were not filtered for RS restrictions / roles

Front End

  • Fixed : Fatal error when manage_categories capability is checked from the front end by template or plugin code

Post Edit Form

  • Fixed : Post submission categories not filtered when user had category-specific Post Editor role but a General Role of Page Author / Editor (since 1.2)
  • Fixed : Implicit role ownership (indicated by coloring in role metaboxes) was not indicacted correctly under some configurations

Role / Restriction Maintenance

  • Fixed : Category Roles, Category Restrictions bulk admin forms had invalid category edit links
  • Fixed : Roles, Restrictions were not displayed on single term edit form
  • Fixed : Invalid Roles > Roles submenu displayed if logged user has edit_users capability but not manage_settings capability
  • Change : Suppress scroll links in Term Roles / Restrictions bulk admin form if terms total over 300

Admin - Misc.

  • Feature : Media Library option, for non-Editors, to prevent the inclusion of files uploaded by other users (even if logged user can edit the related post)
  • Perf : Unnecessary DB query on post save added needless overhead, caused out of memory error on some configurations (since 1.2)
  • Fixed : In admin menus, "Add New" was not properly suppressed in some configurations
  • Fixed : Comment listing in wp-admin was not filtered to match post editing access
  • Fixed : Custom-defined WP Nav menus were not filtered for RS restrictions / roles
  • Fixed : XML-RPC submissions failed for users lacking blog-wide edit_posts capability
  • Fixed : On version upgrade from RS < 1.2, groups_rs db table update failed under certain conditions
  • Lang : Removed ASCII HTML character codes from Spanish translation (David Gómez Becerril - http://www.desarrollowebdequeretaro.com)

Plugin Compatibility

  • Compat : WPML plugin - category names with @lang suffix did not have suffix filtered off
  • Compat : Verve Metaboxes - Internal server error when Administrator attempted to add a new custom post type
  • Compat : Revisionary - Images attached to published content were not listed in Media Library based on Contributor / Revisor role
  • Compat : Edit Flow plugin (Edit Posts / Pages listing filtered for custom status)
  • Change : (with Revisionary plugin) Revisor role does not satisfy "Roles and Restrictions can be set" requirement of "site-wide Editor"

1.2.7 - 30 June 2010

  • Fixed : Conflict with Tag Cloud (since 1.2.6)

1.2.6 - 30 June 2010

  • Fixed : Multibyte string functions used in Role Scoper admin forms caused fatal errors on servers lacking that PHP module
  • Fixed : Page Parent filtering was broken for new pages with WP 3.0
  • Fixed : If multiple sticky posts exists, all except one were dropped down to non-sticky display position
  • Fixed : Various PHP warnings (harmless to normal installations)
  • Fixed : "Add New" links were included in Posts, Pages menu if user has an object-specific editing role but lacks the sitewide role required for object creation
  • Fixed : Database error when filtering Recent Comments widget (ambiguous reference to post_status)
  • Fixed : Query parsing become confused by queries which included a tab character before or after WHERE instead of a space
  • Fixed : Auto-drafts were listed in Page Roles, Page Restrictions administration forms with WP 3.0
  • Fixed : Category Roles / Restrictions were applied regardless of Realm settings (causing overly restricted read access under some configurations)

1.2.5 - 19 June 2010

  • Fixed : .htaccess file became corrupted on WP-MU versions < 3.0 on plugin re-activation with File Filtering enabled, causing inaccessable site
  • Fixed : On WP 3.0, File Filtering was not automatically re-enabled following plugin de-activation, re-activation

1.2.4 - 18 June 2010

  • Fixed : Category or Page listing with include / exclude argument caused PHP error with WP 3.0
  • Fixed : Limited users could not use the Media Library based on a Post Author Category Role, and could not upload into the Edit Form until after saving the post
  • Compat : My Category Order plugin (and any other plugins or custom queries which pass a child_of argument with nullstring value)
  • Fixed : User group could not be removed via User Profile, using jQuery interface
  • Fixed : Category Roles link on User Profile was invalid
  • Lang : Partial French translation (thanks to Chryjs - http://chryjs.free.fr)
  • Lang : Update English .po file via poEdit, add .pot file as generated by wordpress.org

1.2.3 - 17 June 2010

  • Fixed : Non-administrators could not assign post categories correctly with WP 3.0
  • Fixed : Custom object types and taxonomies were not recognized (for RS roles and restrictions) under some configurations

1.2.2 - 2 June 2010

  • Fixed : Category filtering for some widgets and plugins (Subscribe2) was broken (since 1.2)

1.2.1 - 2 June 2010

  • Fixed : Syntax error when attempting to access RS Options (since 1.2)
  • Fixed : Blank options area when attempting to access General Options (since 1.2)

1.2 - 2 June 2010

WordPress 3.0 Compatibility

  • Compat : WP 3.0 elimination of page.php, edit-pages.php, page-new.php broke many aspects of page filtering
  • Compat : Support RS Roles, Restrictions for Custom Post Types created via WP 2.9 / 3.0 framework
  • Compat : Support RS Roles for Custom Taxonomies created via WP 2.9 / 3.0 framework
  • Compat : WP 3.0 Multisite menu items had invalid link
  • Fixed : File Filtering did not work on WP 3.0 Multisite
  • Fixed : File Filtering did not work on new MU blogs until plugin re-activ

Requires: 3.0 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.6.1
Last Updated: 3 months ago
Active Installs: 10,000+


3.9 out of 5 stars


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