WP Rocket Footer JS


This plugin will do the following:

  • Process all inline and external JS to one file, not multiple, and put at the footer with async on
  • Put all localized scripts together before the primary script above
  • Automatically optimize popular 3rd party services including:
    • Tawk.to
    • WP Rockets lazyload
    • Google Analytics
    • Double Click Google Analytics
    • Avvo.com Tracking
  • Automatically lazy load popular widgets if https://wordpress.org/plugins/lazy-load-xt/ or https://wordpress.org/plugins/a3-lazy-load/ are active. Services include:
    • Google Maps with Avada theme
    • All Facebook social widgets
    • All Twitter social widgets
    • All Google Plus social widgets
    • All Google Adsense advertisements
    • Any iframe

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This section describes how to install the plugin and get it working.

  1. Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/rocket-footer-js directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress
  3. Clear WP-Rocket cache and view HTML source!


Works first time

Installed into wordpress with wp rocket installed, and it instantly did what it needed to do with JS. Caused a minimal pageload speed improvement, but also bumped the scores on Google PageSpeed to an A rating. Which is what we wanted to do.

Also it helped me fix a jquery issue that I was having with wp rocket out of the box and had yet to resolve, so that is even better.


Works perfectly

I have test it and it works great. No errors or breaking anything on the site. Thanks a lot.

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Contributors & Developers

“WP Rocket Footer JS” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




  • Improve facebook pixel support to prevent possible runtime errors


  • Add support for Avvo.com tracking
  • Ensure zxcvbn password meter is not changed on login and signup pages


  • Update Page Links To compatibility


  • Improve UTF-8 character handling
  • Add support for googleanalytics plugin
  • Improve GA regex
  • Add compatibility with N2Extend framework


  • Add support for Sumo Me


  • Improve multi-line comment regex
  • Rebuild cache system without using SQL


  • Extract and minify GA calls


  • Remove comments from js since JSMin doesn’t do it by using a new function rocket_footer_js_minify
  • Run rocket_footer_js_process_remote_script and rocket_footer_js_process_local_script when using cached data as well
  • If rocket_footer_js_process_remote_script/rocket_footer_js_process_local_script return a modified script, then use the original in the cache but minified so it gets processed again properly the next request
  • Inline scripts were not getting cached
  • Removed duplicate minify call for remote scripts
  • Cache the tawk.to script
  • Fix tawk.to minify call


  • Ensure home uses the active URL scheme
  • Pass $tags_ref to rocket_footer_js_process_local_script not $tags
  • Change rocket_footer_js_process_local_script signature to use $tags by reference
  • Add support for Facebook Pixel
  • Add support for Pixel Your Site plugin since it stores the pixel code in its own script
  • Add support for Google Web Fonts JS loader


  • Automatically lazy load iframes if they are not lazy loaded already


  • Ensure async attribute is compatible with XHTML


  • Ensure lazy load comments don’t get stripped by html minify by using tag markers and doing a regex replacement after minification
  • Improve Twitter regex to support another variation
  • Improve Facebook regex to support another variation
  • Add support for DoubleClick GA
  • Add support for Google Adsense lazy loading


  • Add compatibility hack for older libxml
  • Skip text/html scripts


  • Treat google maps as loading async with a typeof timer and load infobox async if it exists
  • Check document.readyState to run map function in case the window load event already ran


  • Move debug code to rocket_footer_js_debug_enabled function
  • Move web fetch code to rocket_footer_js_remote_fetch function
  • Use rocket_add_url_protocol in rocket_footer_js_rewrite_js_loaders


  • Auto optimize Tawk.to, WP Rockets lazyload, and google analytics to use normal tags instead of javascript loaders so they can get minified
  • If minify is enabled due to LazyLoadXT or A3_Lazy_Load support, then lazy load facebook, twitter, google plus widgets, and avada google maps (if Avada_GoogleMap exists and google maps is on)
  • Enqueue LazyLoadXT widget extension if lazyload is enabled since lazy load plugins don’t supply it
  • Improve lazy load regex patterns
  • Split minify to rocket_footer_js_process_remote_script and rocket_footer_js_process_locate_script functions with associated filters to hook into
  • Minify emojione in tawk.to JS
  • Add hook rocket_footer_js_rewrite_js_loaders to allow pre-processing before minification
  • Add support for avada google maps lazy loading
  • Remove duplicate google maps API scripts and prioritize the first one that has an API key
  • Only lazy load google maps if there is any script content
  • Added function rocket_footer_js_lazyload_script to reduce code duplication


  • Ensure url scheme is set correctly when converting from a CDN domain


  • Disable minify on AMP pages


  • Tested on WordPress 4.7
  • Ensure PHP 5.3 compatibility


  • Correct/improve relative URL logic
  • Prevent html from being minified before JS to prevent issues with detection
  • Add new minify cache system to reduce computation time required to minify a page

Notice: This new cache system could cause unknown issues. While it has been tested, not every situation can be accounted for. Contact me if you hit a problem.

Notice: Cache is stored in transients, so only a normal wp-rocket purge will clear everything


  • Fix logic bug in data-no-minify check


  • Check for relative URL’s
  • Add compatibility support for “Page Links To” since it does naughty things with buffering


  • Bugfix fetching JS from filesystem with http\Url
  • Add a newline into the automatic semicolon insertion for the case that the last text is a comment


  • Ensure zxcvbn is loaded normally and not async


  • Exclude js template script tags


  • Check for sourcemaps and add a new line to prevent syntax errors


  • Check for off in display_errors


  • Catch errors if WP_Error is returned or status code is not 200 or 304 or its empty
  • Log errors if debug mode is enabled or PHP display_errors is enabled
  • Disable minify when debug is on regardless of settings
  • Log processed scripts in debug mode
  • Move query string check to only run for local files


  • Web fetch dynamic scripts being defined as not having a JS extension
  • Add regex to remove broken conditional comments out of inline js


  • Add constant DONOTMINIFYJS and function is_rocket_post_excluded_option to minify status check


  • If file is external, we do not want to treat the response as a filesystem path
  • Always set the url domain back to home_url() because it will need to be that even if the original is a CDN or not


  • Use home URL and ABSPATH for the site root and not assume everything is in wp-content


  • Use a http_build_url shim as a fallback instead of deactivating with an error


  • Set main script tag to async


  • Minified wrong JS buffer for inline JS
  • Don’t prepend semicolon since its already conditionally prepended for inline JS


  • Add detection for PHP HTTP PECL extension
  • Update code commentation and PHPDoc blocks


  • Changed logic to disable minify setting on front end and combine all scripts + minify if option is set (excluding localized scripts) to a new file in minify cache folder. File name will have user ID if logged in to be unique.
  • Keep application/ld+json in the header


  • Exclude JS extension from slug name and ensure remote file is saved with a JS extension


  • Check for CDN files in remote tags and convert back to a local filename for minification
  • Do variable cleanup


  • Initial version