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Rich Reviews

Embed user reviews and Google Rich Snippet ratings anywhere on your site.


  • hotfix: removed obsolete support for 1.0 - 1.2 version updates
  • Added Rich Markup options for author and subject fallbacks
  • Fixed minor overlooked bugs


  • hotfix: global post for snippet query
  • hotfix: Fixed non-categorized item reviewed schema, and itemreviewed and author defaults
  • hotfix: Widget dependency on deprecated code.
  • Added "all" value for both snippet and show shortcodes
  • Altered and fixed aggregate category query
  • Uppdated Rich Snippet output for Schema.org markup
  • Fixed random order bug
  • Added dynamic response message for name field dependency and approval requirement.
  • Refactored file structure and option handling
  • Refactored i18n string formatting


  • hotfix: fixing longstanding global reviews show issue
  • added option for email notifications, and accompanying field for admin emaail
  • added option for scroll back to form after submission


  • hotfix: scroll after submission
  • updated rich formatting


  • Updated layout of user opttions
  • Made form fields editable
  • Added Rounding for Aggregate Rating


  • Updated rich snippet format to microdata
  • Added option to display reviews at full width
  • Added option to display date along with reviews


  • Correcting star display issue.


  • Fixing issue with stars not displaying.


  • Fixing issue with extra div creation.
  • Adding link to new plugins website on dashboard.


  • Hot fix: Correcting the correspondence with Google Rich Snippets.


  • Hotfix


  • Added options admin page.
  • Option to edit the color of stars.
  • Option to edit form input title of previous "Review Title" input.
  • Option to allow various user roles to manage reviews.
  • Option to display stars in snippet instead of numerical value.
  • Option controlling the order in which reviews are displayed.
  • Option to skip the pending process for reviews.
  • Adding the ability to add and edit reviews from the WordPress dashboard.
  • Fixed minor css issues.


  • Removing a debug dump function that was accidentally left it.


  • Correcting admin page errors.


  • Removing foxytech links


  • Bug fix: correcting popular display issue


  • Introducing new dashboard styles


  • Database bug fix correcting possible site crashes
  • Added option for credit line


  • Big update! Complete rewrite of plugin to make it easier to update in the future, and to add more features
  • We are now branching to add Nuanced Media as a developer of this plugin
  • Everything about the plugin should function better, and with the rewrite and addition of Nuanced Media as a contributer, the updates should come much faster


  • Hotfix: vertical-align: top on the review submission form


  • Changed display order so that reviews are displayed newest-first
  • Changed version numbering, and changed version checking function to compensate


  • Some much needed tweaks, such as better displaying data from the database (no more "rnrn"!)
  • VASTLY improved admin menus - now the tried and true WordPress menus you know and love are in Rich Reviews! This means that now you can approve/delete bulk items with much greater ease!
  • Added scss files for easier css maintenance
  • Much better css! I am no longer providing the majority of the styles - instead I will allow whatever theme you currently have installed to do the leg work (as it should be!)
  • Much better javascript!


  • Added the much-requested feature of per-page/per-product reviews, as well as adding optional review categories to go along with it
  • Revamped the backend instructions page to be more pretty and to be much more informative, and to give detailed examples and explanations for each shortcode
  • Cleaned up the CSS pretty much everywhere
  • The stars in ratings are now orange/yellow when reviews are displayed


  • Fixed a large bug where the MySQL database was not created properly if plugin was installed fresh, and hence no reviews could be sent, stored, approved, nor displayed! (Thanks, Mik!)


  • Altered CSS to make the reviews and the review form more pretty (Thanks, Andrew!)
  • New, altered CSS allows reviews to properly be displayed and stacked vertically (for example, in a sidebar)
  • Integrated/fixed support for non-English characters (Thanks, IvicaD!)
  • Split menu up into three parts: instructions, pending reviews, and approved reviews
  • New "Approved Reviews" admin menu allows you to view every review you have ever previously approved, and change its status (to pending, or mark it for deletion) at will


  • Initial release

Requires: 3.4 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.2.5
Last Updated: 4 months ago
Active Installs: 8,000+


4.1 out of 5 stars


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