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Rezgo Online Booking (OLD)

This version of the plugin has been discontinued. Please update to the latest version.

Read this first: When you encounter a problem with the Rezgo WordPress plugin...

... before you do anything else, first check your Rezgo white label site to make sure everything works there. If your white label website is working correctly and all your information is updated, then there might be an issue with your specific WordPress install. If so, refer to the following common scenarios:

I have added the shortcode to a page but Rezgo is not displaying

The most common reason is a problem connecting to your Rezgo API. Try removing and replacing your CID and API Key in the WordPress Rezgo settings page. Check to make sure that, if the API Key you created is IP restricted, that the IP address of your website has not changed.

Why am I seeing PHP errors or PHP code when displaying the tours?

There are certain server requirements for the plugin to operate correctly. In particular, the following PHP directives need to be set accordingly. Your hosting provider can help you properly configure these directives.

When I click on the details link I get a page not found error or nothing happens

This could be because you are using the default link structure in WordPress. The Rezgo plug-in requires that you use permalinks in order to show the Rezgo content correctly.

When I click on the book now button I get a page not found or server error?

This could be because you do not have a secure certificate installed correctly on your site. If this is the case, or if you are just not sure, we recommend you chose the "Forward secure page to Rezgo" option.

Why are the tabs, calendar or image gallery not working?

This could be due to a conflict between the JavaScript that the Rezgo plugin uses and that of your theme or another plugin. You can often resolve this by going to the Rezgo plugin settings and changing the template to "no-conflict".

Can I use the Rezgo WordPress Plugin without connecting to Rezgo?

The Rezgo WordPress Plugin needs to pull tour and activity data so it needs to connect to your account via the Rezgo XML API. Your Rezgo credentials (specifically your Company Code (CID) and API Key) are used by the Rezgo WordPress Plugin to display your tour and activities on your WordPress site.

Can I manage credit card payments on my WordPress site?

Yes, the Rezgo WordPress plugin has the ability to handle credit card payments. Make sure to configure your Rezgo account to connect to your payment gateway. Rezgo supports a growing list of Global payment processors including Authorize.net, PayTrace, Chase Paymentech, Beanstream, Ogone, Eway, and many others. In order for your site to handle payments, you will need to install a secure certificate. Check with your web host if you need help installing a secure certificate. If you do not wish to set-up a secure certificate, you can have the secure booking complete on your Rezgo hosted booking engine.

I have updated my pricing or tour details, but my WordPress site doesn't show the new information

Check to see if you are using a caching plugin like WPCache. These caching plugins are great for speeding up your site but will also cache old details and pricing information. You will want to exclude the Rezgo pages from your caching in order to avoid this in the future.

I received an API warning email from Rezgo, what should I do?

The Rezgo API automatically monitors usage and will notify you should your API show unusual activity. If you receive an API warning message, check your web stats or analytics to see if you can find any unusual spikes in traffic. If you are using a content delivery network (CDN) like CloudFlare or you do daily PCI scans from a service like McAfee, make sure to exclude your Rezgo pages. If you continue to receive API warnings from Rezgo, this may be an indication that something is triggering excessive usage on your site. If you do not rectify the problem, your API usage may be restricted.

What if I have a problem not covered here?

Not a problem, you can contact us directly and create a support ticket by emailing support@rezgo.com

Requires: 3.0.0 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.2.12
Last Updated: 4 months ago
Active Installs: 200+


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