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!This plugin hasn't been updated in over 2 years. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.

Resume Submissions & Job Postings

Allows the admin to create and show job postings. Users can submit their resume in response to a posting or for general purposes.


  • Fixed: Updated querys that was giving the warning by the wpdb::prepare() function when updating to WordPress 3.5
  • Fixed: Took functions out of the shortcodes as they were giving an 'already declared' error
  • Removed: Code to update old database tables as it looks like users have updated past that version


  • Fixed: Attachment security vulnerability
  • Added: jQuery library function call since some themes don't always call it
  • Added: Blank index file
  • Coding: Reformated the way the posting are called
  • Bug Fix: Date would not show in the widget or on some postings


  • Fixed bug where the submit button function was trying to redeclare itself
  • Fixed code that only showed 5 jobs in the drop down box on the submission form


  • Job Postings now use the Custom Post Types feature
  • Added the ability to send the pdf version of the resume submission to an email(s)
  • Added the option to theme and localize the reCaptcha
  • Added the option to enable/disable the wpautop() for the TinyMCE
  • Added code to hide the form on a successful resume submission
  • Replaced the php mail() with wp_mail()
  • Corrected some minor coding errors
  • Removed unused settings
  • Removed Job Search feature since the jobs can now be search through the built in search


  • Added a Dashboard widget that displays the last 5 resume submissions
  • Reversed the TinyMCE wpautop to false, which now shows the p tags and breaks
  • Updated the menu links
  • Validated the html going through the inputs by the admin as well as the user


  • Added the ability to search within job postings
  • Added the stripslashes_deep() to the backend textareas
  • Fixed the display resumes bug
  • Re-coded the form validation to catch the attachment required bug


  • Reformatted the table on the form.php page so that it displays better into site designs


  • Added a new shortcode that gives the ability to display submitted resumes in a page or post
  • Fixed TinyMCE setting bug
  • Added the text "There are no jobs available at this time." to the job postings list


  • Removed the "The following are current job opportunities provided by" text in the Job Postings list
  • Corrected some coding for I18n
  • Updated the .pot file


  • Fixed Quick Tags Enable/Disable bug
  • Added the ability to edit the 'Thank You' text
  • Updated the language .pot file
  • Updated the recaptchalib.php file


  • Fixed Job Postings pagination links


  • Add the ability to download a submission to a PDF
  • Fixed the attachments bug
  • Fixed IE table view on the Submissions and Job Postings pages
  • Fixed Widget bug that would display archived Job Postings
  • Added text to the Widget if there are no jobs to display
  • Fixed Job Postings data transfer to new table
  • Allowed admin to set Quick Tags on the TinyMce
  • Ability to dismiss the notice of old database tables


  • Updated database tables
  • Added the option to allow multiple uploads
  • Admin has the ability to remove any files from submission
  • Added setting to delete all attachments when submission is deleted
  • Plugin creates a folder in wp-contents/uploads for user attachments
  • Added the ability to download submission as a PDF and the submissions list as a CSV
  • Made the state list an option on the Settings page
  • Added the ability to bulk delete submissions and job postings
  • Fixed "Send User Email" bug
  • Cleaned up the page layouts
  • Added jQuery to the Settings page for better layout
  • Staged the code for the Extra Input Fields

  • Fixed Job Postings Widget bug

  • Added output buffering on the shortcodes


  • Added icons to each admin page
  • Corrected a few _e() function bugs where the text was not showing in the correct place
  • Moved the print icon below the submission form on the admin side
  • Attached a stylesheet
  • Moved the widget code to includes/widget.php


  • Fixed some coding errors that were in update 1.9.5
  • Fixed permalink bug on form and widget


  • Fixed bug where wp_editor() was showing an error if it is not present

  • Added Spanish and Dutch .po files


  • Removed htmlentities function from the input
  • Added I18n to the main text


  • Added TinyMce to the Job Posting Description textarea


  • Added the page "Input Fields" to the Admin
  • Improved scripting for error reporting
  • Admin can select which fields to show
  • Admin can select whcih fields are required


  • Fixed the link for the "View/Edit" Submission.


  • Fixed the use of TinyMce.
  • Allows the admin to enable/disable TinyMce on the Resume Form.


  • Changed queries to comply with the WordPress standards.
  • Links grab the dynamic url instead of it being hard-coded.
  • Cleaned up some bugs and typos.

Requires: 3.3 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.5.2
Last Updated: 2012-12-12
Active Installs: 3,000+


3.2 out of 5 stars


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