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!This plugin hasn't been updated in over 2 years. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.

Reliable Twitter

Adds a sidebar widget to display Twitter updates using the more-reliable Google Ajax API.

My username isn't working. What's wrong?

You need to use your Twitter ID # which is different from your username. Use http://www.idfromuser.com/ to look up your user ID.

I'm getting Feed Loading Errors

See the Troubleshooting FAQ for some tips on fixing this problem.

Why is my feed showing the three oldest entries instead of the three most current?

We've run into this a few times. It seems to have to do with the way that the Google Feedfetcher grabs the feed for the first time. One thing that seems to fix this is to change your show # to 10 or 20, save, load the app, then change it back to the # you want. This somehow seems to refresh Google's caching.

I don't use widgets. Can I just add this to my template directly?

Yup! (And I don't blame you, widgets can be hard to deal with). Just put this code in your template:

if (function_exists(reliabletwitter)) reliabletwitter(11469962);

...and replace '11469962' with your Twitter ID #. This will display the last three tweets on your page. There are some optional fields that you can pass in as well. Here are the available parameters:

if (function_exists('reliabletwitter')) reliabletwitter($accountid, $show, $title, $target, $googleapikey, $hidereplies, $targetid, $loadingurl);
  1. $accountid: Required
  2. $show: Optional - the number of responses to return. Defaults to 3.
  3. $title: Optional - will be wrapped in an H4 tag above your tweets. Defaults to nothing.
  4. $target: Optional - The target placed in your links. Defaults to _blank.
  5. $googleapikey: Optional - Lets you include your Google Api Key if you so desire. (I don't know of any benefits to doing this, though.) Defaults to nothing.
  6. $hidereplies: Optional - Set to 1 if you want to only show your posts and not your replies to others.
  7. $targetid: Optional - If you have multiple calls on the same page, set a unique ID in this field so that the content can be targeted in the right place.
  8. $loadingurl: Optional - Enter the url for your "waiting" icon. If empty, the default will be used. If you don't want a waiting icon, enter "none". This loads in an li with class "reliabletwitter_title_loading" if you want to do extra CSS tweaking.

Here are some examples:

if (function_exists('reliabletwitter')) reliabletwitter(11469962, 5, 'Twitter Updates', '_self');

Shows 5 tweets, with a title of "Twitter Updates", and the links target "_self".

if (function_exists('reliabletwitter')) reliabletwitter(11469962, 1, 'Latest Twitter Update', '', '1', "none");

Shows 1 tweet, with a title of "Latest Twitter Update", and the links don't have a target attribute. Won't show replies or a waiting icon.

if (function_exists('reliabletwitter')) reliabletwitter(11469962, 4, '', '_blank', '123456789');

Shows 4 tweets, with no title. The links have a target of "_blank" and an API key of "123456789" will be passed to Google.

Requires: 2.8 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.4.2
Last Updated: 2012-9-6
Active Installs: 700+


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