Recurring Bookings for WooCommerce


This plugin adds an important but missing feature of WooCommerce’s Bookings extension, the ability to make recurring bookings.

Recurring Bookings for WooCommerce allows you to manually add repeated bookings that take place at the same time every week (more options in the Pro Edition). Ideal for regular customers at anywhere you accept bookings or appointments. Just what you need if you hire a hall to a weekly yoga class, or want to offer a ten-week course of physiotherapy. The possible uses are endless.

Please let me know how you get on with the plugin, and what features you’d like to see added.

How to use the plugin


  • The admin screen to create bookings
  • An example booking list full of recurring bookings


Install the plugin via the ‘Add plugin’ screen, or manually, by downloading the Zip file.

Once activated, please opt-in to the Freemius system so I can provide faster user support, and collect some non-sensitive diagnostic information to help me deal with any bugs.


I can’t see my bookings

In the vast majority of cases, this is because you have tried to make bookings for dates or times the specified product can’t handle. An easy way to check is to see if you can make the same booking on the public side. If you can’t there, you can’t with this plugin either. If you are sure your booking dates and times are correct, let me know on the support forum.

Can my customers create recurring bookings?

At this stage, no. Most people I have spoken to so far do not need this function. They need to put the bookings in, so that the time is blocked out on the calendar, but they tend to have an alternative business structure for charging these recurring customers, such as a monthly check/standing order/direct debit and so on. However, if you think this would be a useful addition, let me know.

I have the following need (enter use case here) in my business. Can your plugin do that?

If you have a particular need within your own business environment, please let me know. If it is likely to be something that I feel might benefit others, I’ll add it to the roadmap. If not, I can let you know other ways I can help.

Contributors & Developers

“Recurring Bookings for WooCommerce” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




  • Upgrade time input method.
  • Rewrite information block.


  • Add support for products with resources