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Recent Posts Widget With Thumbnails

Small and fast plugin to display in the sidebar a list of linked titles and thumbnails of the most recent postings

What are the requirements for this plugin?

The WordPress version should be at least 2.9 to use featured images.

The theme should support wp_head() in the HTML header section to print the CSS code for a beautiful alignment of the thumbnails.

Can I set a default thumbnail?


Can I set the width and height of the thumbnail?

Yes. You can enter the desired width and height of the thumbnails or select one of the sizes in 'Settings' > 'Media'.

Can I change the alignment of the thumbnails in the list?

This feature will come in a future version of the plugin. Set the alignment in the CSS of your theme instead.

Where can I set the CSS of the list?

This feature will come in a future version of the plugin. Set the CSS in the style.css of your theme instead.

I want to style the list with my own CSS. What is the CSS selector of the list?

The list is set in a container with the class attribut with the value 'recent-posts-widget-with-thumbnails'. So your CSS code can catch the list using .recent-posts-widget-with-thumbnails ul.

Can the plugin take the first image of a post as thumbnail image?

Yes. And you can select to prefer the first image to the featured image or to use the first image only.

Which languages does the plugin support?

Actually these languages are supported:

  • English
  • German

Further translations are welcome. If you want to give in your translation please leave a notice in the plugin's support forum.

Where is the *.pot file for translating the plugin in any language?

If you want to contribute a translation of the plugin in your language it would be great! You would find the *.pot file in the 'languages' directory of this plugin. If you would send the *.po file to me I would include it in the next release of the plugin.

Requires: 2.9 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.2.2
Last Updated: 2015-7-6
Active Installs: 10,000+


4.6 out of 5 stars


2 of 3 support threads in the last two months have been resolved.

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