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Recent Posts Widget With Thumbnails

List of your site’s most recent posts, with clickable title and thumbnails.


  • Added option to print the post category slugs as class names at LI elements
  • Fixed outdated URL to reviews
  • Updated *.pot file and german translation


  • Added option to ignore the post excerpt field as source of the excerpt
  • Updated *.pot file and german translation


  • Revised uninstall function for WordPress 4.6 due to the introduction of WP_Site_Query class
  • Narrowed down loading of plugin's admin CSS file to Widgets page only
  • Tested successfully with WordPress 4.6


  • Fixed wrong length of excerpts


  • Added chmod after creation of public.css to ensure correct file permissions
  • Revised excerpt creation


  • Fixed old-to-new posts sort order in some installations to force new-to-old sort order
  • Fixed outdated translation
  • Added russian translation. Thank you very much, dmitriynn
  • Tested successfully with WordPress 4.5.2


  • Added polish translation. Thank you very much, Marcin Mikolajczyk
  • Improved: Manual excerpts are taken unchanged ("as is")
  • I18n description in the backend's plugin list
  • Added link to more versatile plugin Ultimate Post List Pro
  • Tested successfully with WordPress 4.5
  • Updated *.pot file and translations


  • Improved integration of 3rd party plugins for effects on the thumbnail


  • Added option: Open post links in new windows
  • Renamed back: Hook 'rpwwt-widget-title' to 'widget-title' to let 3rd party plugins change the title
  • Improved sanitizing of stored variables
  • Updated *.pot file and translations
  • Updated screenshot of widget in the backend


  • Added option: Show post author
  • Updated *.pot file and translations
  • Updated screenshot of widget in the backend


  • Added option: Random order of posts
  • Updated *.pot file and translations
  • Updated screenshot of widget in the backend
  • Tested successfully with WordPress 4.4.2


  • Renamed the hook names to avoid interferences with other functions of plugins and the theme. If you use these hooks for that plugin please change them: just place 'rpwwt_' before the hook names
  • Improved: Last list item has no space anymore to the next widget to keep same spaces between widgets


  • Fixed: widget title. Now if no title is entered no title is displayed (instead of showing the plugin's name)
  • Fixed: commas in categories list. Commas are now internationalized (translated)


  • Added option: Post categories
  • Updated *.pot file and translations
  • Updated screenshot of widget in the backend


  • Moved comment checkbox to position after form fields for the excerpt options
  • Tested successfully with WordPress 4.4


  • Added option: Post title length
  • Updated *.pot file and translations


  • Added option: Show number of comments
  • Updated *.pot file and translations


  • Fixed search stop at more link
  • Deleted visual intend of the linklist in some themes
  • Refactored thumbnail size variable


Improved data sanitization


  • Added widget description based on backend language
  • Corrected text domain name for translate.wordpress.org
  • Renamed translation files


  • Little adaptions for language files, ready for translate.wordpress.org
  • Updated *.pot file and translations


  • Added arabic translation. Thank you very much, Shadi AlZard
  • Tested successfully with WordPress 4.3.1


  • Fixed alignment of text and thumbnail in right-to-left (RTL) languages. Please re-save the widget to get the correct layout in RTL languages.


  • Added persian translation (Farsi). Thank you very much Sajjad Panahi
  • Tested successfully with WordPress 4.3


  • Changed single selection of a category to selection of multiple categories
  • Added DIV with id rpwwt-{widget_id} and class rpwwt-widget around list for available container with ensured attribute for CSS selectors
  • Updated admin CSS
  • Updated *.pot file and german translation
  • Updated screenshot of widget in the backend
  • Revised readme.txt


  • Added category option: widget only lists posts of a selected category, else lists posts of all categories
  • Added sticky posts option: widget shows sticky posts on top of the list, else lists them in normal order
  • Added hide current post option: widget does not list the post where the user is currently on, else lists it
  • Added CSS class names for easy designing of the list and its list items; see Description for details
  • Added style sheet for Widget page in the backend
  • Fixed missing custom image sizes in frontend
  • Formatted the code more readable
  • Updated *.pot file and german translation
  • Updated screenshots
  • Revised readme.txt


  • Added default image sizes dropdown menu
  • Added options to print out excerpts
  • Refactored: HTML output moved into include files
  • Slight improvements for security and performance
  • Updated *.pot file and german translation
  • Revised readme.txt


  • Fixed error message on trial to open the CSS file
  • Tested successfully with WordPress 4.2.2


  • Fixed bug of wrong path to public.css file
  • Changed HTML class names, now they start with 'rpwwt-'


  • Set CSS for the list style to prevent dots in some themes
  • Added span element with class "post-title" around the title
  • Tested successfully with WordPress 4.2


  • Added option to keep aspect ratios of the original images
  • Added option to hide the post title in the list
  • Moved inline CSS to external file
  • Revised *.pot file and german translation


  • Successfully tested with WordPress 4.1
  • Fixed bug which threw a warning in debug mode when accessing options


  • Fixed bug which prevented to find the first content image
  • Slightly revised algorithm for detecting the first image in post content


Revised algorithm to detect the first image in post content.


Successfully tested with WordPress 4.0


  • Improve uninstall routine
  • Tested successfully with WordPress 3.9.2


  • Added option to set width and height of the thumbnails
  • Added option to prefer first content image to featured image
  • Added option to use only first content image as thumbnail
  • Added option to set a default thumbnail
  • Added function to delete plugin's settings in the database if the plugin is deleted
  • Improved code for more robustness
  • Updated *.pot file and german translation


  • The plugin was released.

Requires: 2.9 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.6.1
Last Updated: 4 weeks ago
Active Installs: 50,000+


4.8 out of 5 stars


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