Trustalyze Verified WooCommerce Reviews Extension


Introducing WooCommerce Reviews for your WooCommerce plugin.

Increase trust, transparency and revenue with real WooCommerce reviews by real customers of your website using WooCommerce and the Trustalyze Confidence System with Blockchain verification built in.

People are searching for your business reviews on your domain name to buy your products or service. Is your company profile page setup? Doing so can increase revenue by 15% or more and our solution is free!

When your customers buy your product or service via WooCommerce using the Trustalyze Confidence System, they have 60 days to leave a 1 through 5-Star review, along with a title and description of the product or service. They can also include a video review with it. Once they save that review, it is immediately ported over to where it becomes searchable. And in an industry first, Trustalyze is proud to add the enhanced ability to store WooCommerce reviews on our blockchain, where they become a permanent record impossible to modify. This increases trust and transparency.

Send email reminders to your WooCommerce customers to ask them to leave a review.

When customers buy your product or services you can showcase those product reviews.


  • Verified Reviews
  • Video Reviews
  • Scammer Protection
  • Unlimited Review Invitations with Email Reminders
  • Rich Snippet Search Results for Google
  • Company Product Display on profile page
  • Reviews posted to blockchain for added trust and transparency
  • Review Analytics for all reviews/replies
  • SEO optimized Company Profile Page
  • Email notification for all reviews/replies
  • Coming soon, the Trustalyze Token (TRSTZ)

Each company that uses the Trustalyze Confidence System (TCS) gets their own SEO optimized company page where all the company details are listed, along with all your verified reviews. These will also appear on Google when people do review searches for your company.

Full Description and Details

We have recently added two new features including video reviews as well as the ability to add product images/links to your company profile page. Now you can showcase your best products right from your company profile page on


  • We are open to your comments and suggestions – Thank you for using the Trustalyze Confidence System!
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  • This is the company profile page at
  • This is the Trustalyze Confidence System Admin area on your WordPress website.
  • This is the review posting section for every transaction from your website.
  • This is your my account area at
  • This is the company product page for adding your products to your company profile page.
  • This is the review email reminder invitation area.
  • This is the new Trustalyze dashboard integration panel.


  1. Install Trustalyze Reviews automatically or by uploading the ZIP file.
  2. Activate the Trustalyze Reviews plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress. Trustalyze TCS is now activated.
  3. You will need to visit and register to get your API Serial Key. Be sure to note the email address you registered with. You will need that as well as your Serial Key.
  4. Once you have gotten your Serial Key from then you will need to enter that Go to the Trustalyze TCS menu and enable the Trustalyze Reviews function.
  5. Enter the Trustalyze Serial Key and Email Address and click Save Changes.
  6. Your company profile will now be setup at where all your customer reviews will show up.
  7. If you wish to install the Trustalyze Confidence System badge on your website to show your potential customs then go to and go to your company profile URL and click on the Badge tab and copy/paste that badge code to your sidebar widget. This will display the badge on your website showing your potential customers all your verified reviews.


Is Trustalyze free?

Yes, Trustalyze is completely free. As a merchant you’re allowed 5000 review transactions per month.

How are the reviews stored on the blockchain?

We store reviews on our own private blockchain. When a review is posted via the Trustalyze Confidence System, that review is then ported to where it becomes a searchable record. The review is then posted to the blockchain as a permanent record.

Is Google indexing Trustalyze Company Profile Pages?

Yes, right now people are performing domain review searches where they type a domain and the word review and company profile pages of merchants are showing up in the top 10 results. People are searching for your reviews so be sure to get your company profile page setup and start promoting your reviews as well as your company products/services.

Should I install the Trustalyze Badge?

While the Trustalyze Badge is a great way to show your potential customers your reviews, it’s best to not show the badge unless you have a few reviews. Get two or three reviews posted to your company profile page then add the Trustalyze Badge to your website via any page or sidebar widget.

How long do reviews take to be posted to the blockchain?

Reviews are posted to our blockchain within just a few seconds.


October 23, 2020
Just picked it up and the idea is pretty cool. We'll see how well it goes.
March 30, 2020
I have been using Trustalyze in conjunction with the Site Reviews plugin for a month or so. Up until a couple of days ago, no problems at all. However, things changed when I received a review which came through to Site Reviews in WordPress, but did not get logged in Trustalyze. I wrote to Trustalyze to query and they told me it was a caching issue. So I cleared all caches and waited 24 hours. This didn't help. I wrote back and they told me they haven't received the review which meant my site is not connected and my settings must be wrong. I checked the settings in WordPress and they were all present and correct. Site Reviews suggested I delete the information from the plugin dashboard, and re-enter. I did this and got the following error when attempting to re-add: "Your Trustalyze account details could not be verified, please try again. ()" I double checked the serial key sent to me by Trustalyze and it tallied with the one I was entering. Same for my email address. I reverted to Trustalyze who then said that all the reviews on my site are coming from the same IP address and that their system does not allow that. I queried this because the previous 9 reviews had gone through without issue, so how could they possibly be coming from the same IP address? Their response was: "The system doesn't remove the previous ones once detected. The bigger question is why are you posting your own reviews? Because of this your account is slated for removal." Without any possibility of entertaining the idea that there may be a glitch in their system or that my reviews are legitimate, they jumped straight in to accuse me of falsifying reviews. All of my reviews are legitimate (I could write to all the customers for affidavits if needed), and I would happily give sworn testament to the fact. I mentioned this and asked for help to troubleshoot this and they offered zero. I can't believe how unhelpful they were from the get go, and how quickly they leapt to the assumption that I am lying and fabricating my own reviews. If I could give a 0 star review I would.
June 5, 2019
Pretty cool plugin, it would be cool if they could link it to products instead of just businesses, but still interesting
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Contributors & Developers

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1.4.2 February 5, 2021
Change: Resolved Text Error

1.4.1 February 5, 2021
Change: Increased Max Reviews
Change: Updated Assets
Enhancement: Updated Register API

1.4.0 January 4, 2021
Change: Updated Assets
Enhancement: Fixed Theme Bug
Enhancement: Updated Register API

1.3.9 October 23, 2020
Change: Updated Assets
Enhancement: Fixed Theme Bug

1.3.8 June 18, 2020
Change: Updated Scamalyze Function
Enhancement: Changed Block Table

1.3.7 June 18, 2020
Change: Added Scamalyze Function

1.3.6 June 18, 2020
Change: Updated Configuration File

1.3.5 June 18, 2020
Change: Changed Direction of Review Stars

1.3.4 June 16, 2020
Change: Changed Review Order Submit

1.3.3 June 16, 2020
Change: Added Onsite Registration Form

1.3.2 June 12, 2020
Change: Updated Review Invitations

1.3 May 16, 2020
Change: Added Review Invitations
Change: Increased Maximum Review Description to 500
Change: Increased Review Timeframe from 30 to 60 days.
Improvement: Optimized Review Submission.
Improvement: Updated API for Video Reviews.

1.2.5 February 27, 2020
Change: Updated assets

1.2.4 February 27, 2020
Change: Updated assets

1.2.3 February 26, 2020
Change: Updated assets

1.2.2 February 26, 2020
Change: Admin Menu System

1.2.1 February 26, 2020
Change: Menu Name

1.2 February 26, 2020
Change: Moved from to
Improvement: Optimized the speed to blockchain.

1.0.10 November 12, 2019
Change: Updated for version 5.3 of WordPress.
Improvement: Changed charset for foreign languages.

1.0.9 November 5, 2019
Improvement: Updated Review Config.

1.0.8 November 5, 2019
Improvement: Updated Video Review functionality.
Improvement: Updated Company Products functionality to company profile page.
Change: Increased character limit of review.

1.0.7 October 1, 2019
Improvement: Added Video Review functionality.
Improvement: Added Company Products functionality to company profile page.
Change: Enhanced speed to post reviews to company profile page.

1.0.6 June 21, 2019
Change: Changed API and call back function.

1.0.5 May 20, 2019
Change: Changed API link back to Trustalyze for faster posting to blockchain.

1.0.4 May 6, 2019
Change: Changed functions file to modify folder name to fit WP repoz url.

1.0.3 MARCH 25, 2019
Improvement: Changed the Replies table storage feature.
Change: Changed stylesheet issue to reflect review submission.
Fix: Fixed API issue with porting back to Trustalyze.